Tipps & Tricks M bis R

Machine Head
Level 1.2 – SQDZF05TJJ.
Level 2.2 – E94FH0LLKJ.
Level 3.3 – 9F0JG0LZJD.
Level 4.3 – JQNFH0T7BF.
Endsequenz – 6H9DA0QJ2F.

Machine Hunter
Unendlich Power-Ups
Schußkraft erhöhen
Tore öffnen
Unendlich Continues
Neuer Vorspann

Macross Digital Missions VF-X
Debug Mode
At the title screen, select Continue, then choose a
Save Game slot and press Circle and quickly hold
Select. Now press Circle, X, Square, Triangle
repeatedly until a Debug Menu appears.

This will bring up a Debug Menu with all sorts of
things you can change! The first one says „Muteki“ and
in other games in the past, Muteki means that when
turned on, you are invincible! Most of the other ones
are self-explanatory, but some don’t do anything
noticable. When you’re finished, press Start to begin
your game.

Madden 98
Bonus Teams
Enter these names in the create player menu, it doesn’t
matter what kind of player you create, it’s the name that

Team Name
Tiburon Team LOIN CLOTH
All Time Leaders LEADERS
All Time All Madden COACH
All 60’s Team PAC ATTACK
All 80’s Team GOLD RUSH

Cheat Codes
Enter these names in the CREATE PLAYER screen. It
doesn’t matter what kind of player you create, it’s the
name that counts.

Name Description
Leech Better Defensive Backs
Gloves Easier Catches
Bigfoot Better Kicking
Jackhammer Better Stiff Arm

Extra Plays
In the PRO SET select your play, press square for the
audible screen, then press L2. Your play is now FB
(R2) WR QUICK SCREEN. Remember, each
formation has different plays.

Secret Stadiums
Enter these names in the CREATE PLAYER screen. It
doesn’t matter what kind of player you create, it’s the
name that counts.

Stadium Name
Astrodome (Old Oilers) JETSONS
Cleveland Browns Stadium DAWGPOUND
Old Oakland Stadium SNAKE
Old Tampa Bay Stadium BIG SOMBRERO
Old Miami Dolphins Stadium DANDAMAN
RFK Stadium (Old Redskins) OLDDC
Tiburon Sports Complex SHARKSFIN

Madden Football 98
Versteckte Teams:
Haltet im Team Select L2 + R2 gedrückt und bestätigt scnell mit X,
X. Durch Namenseingabe können folgende Teams aktiviert werden.
AFC Pro Bowl: LUAU
All Time Madden: COACH
All Time Leaders: LEADERS
Tiberon Team: LION CLOTH
All 80’s: GOLD RUSH
All 60’s: PAC ATTACK
Versteckte Stadien:
Gebt folgende Namen ein.
Old Tampa Bay Stadium: BIG SOMBRERO
Old Miami Dolphins Stadium: DANDAMAN
Old Oakland Stadium: SNAKE
Cleveland Browns Stadium: DAWGPOUND
Tiburon Sports Complex: SHARKSFIN
Astrodome: JETSONS

Madden NFL 99
Bonus Stadiums
Enter one of the following names at the code entry screen.

Stadium Code
Cleveland DOGPOUND99
Original Miami NOTAFISH
Original Oakland STICKEM
Original Tampa SOMBRERO
Astrodome FOR_RENT

Bonus Teams
Enter one of the following names at the code entry screen.

Team Code
All-Madden BOOM
All-Time Stat Leaders IMTHEMAN
60s Greats PEACELOVE
All-Time Greats TURKEYLEG
75th Anniversary Team THROWBACK
NFL Equipment Team GEARGUYS
1999 Cleveland Browns WELCOMEBACK

Goal Post Glitch
During game play run or throw a touchdown. If you player celebrates and runs toward the goal post like he is going to punch the goal post „pause“ the game right before you get to the goal post and then „unpause“ the game. If you did it right your player should run into the goal post instead of punching it. Loads of laughs.

High Step
To do a High Step, press and hold Up, L2, Triangle, and Right. You must have no one near you to do this move.

Quarterback Pass After Touchdown
First off, you have to have picked a passing play to do this. Any passing play will work. When you run into the endzone for a TD as the QB only, press X to bring up the passing play that you originally called but never went through with. Now press any corresponding button to pass the ball to the corresponding player after the play is done. You must do this before the QB drops the ball and the play stats come up. The chances of the receiver catching the pass are slim to none. If the passing menu does not come up after pressing X once, press it again because the QB may still be speed bursting after the first pres of the X button.

Magic Carpet
Gain All Spells
To gain all the spells, pause the game and press

Level Select
At the options screen press Triangle, Triangle, Circle,
Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square. After a level
number will appear in the bottom. You can choose up
to level 50 in easy and up to 75 in normal.

Level Skip
To skip the current level, pause the game and press

Replenish Mana
To refill your mana, pause the game and press Square.

Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage
Lots o‘ Green Mana
To get lots of green mana to use anyway you like it get
a „Llanowar Elf“ in your deck and cast it.

When you need green mana, select the elf and use his
green mana ability. After you use this ability, quickly
select the elf again and reuse the ability before the
computer registers the usage. Repeat as needed.

March Madness 98
Better Defense
Before the game starts, go to coaching and then to defensive plays and select FULL COURT PRESS. This will put major pressure on the opposing team forcing them to turn over the ball. To go along with this, press SQUARE to try and steal the ball.
Extra Points
After a dunk call a timeout while the ball is in the net. This gives you the two points from the dunk and gives you the ball out of bounds with a chance to score again. This only works in exhibition mode.
Fake Pass Hold the button for ICON passing as you would for a normal pass. Press one button to fake a pass, then QUICKLY press another button to throw it elsewhere. Careful, it’s easy to throw the ball away doing this.
Secret Women’s Team
Start a new season. When the calender appears, select „Division One vs. New Mexico“ then back out and return to the Exhibition Mode screen. Choose Division 1 to access the secret women’s team.

Marvel Super Heroes
Alternate Costumes
On any character hold Up or Down for three seconds. If the character you want is on the top row, hold UP. If they’re on the bottom row, hold DOWN.

Kick Him When He’s Down
After you win the final round, press L + R and you can
now still hit the beaten character.

No Gems in Versus Mode
Hold SELECT before the match starts.

No Mercy
After you win the last round, press SELECT so you can continue to beat your opponent.

Play as Anita
Note: This code may only work on the
Japanese Version of this game.

Finish the game and save to the Memory Card. Load
the Memory Card then do the Thanos code in Arcade
mode. Quit, then do the Dr.Doom code in Arcade
mode. Quit then go to Arcade mode. Make sure the
cursor is on Spiderman then do the following: Up,
Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, press and
hold Up then press and hold Jab, Strong, then Fierce.
This will select Anita.
Submitted by Shuma Gorath, Swordsman Ed and

Play as Dr. Doom
To play as Dr. Doom, do the following:

1.Beat the game on any difficulty level (you can continue as much as you want)
2.Select Arcade Mode
3.Make sure the cursor is on Spiderman (Captain America for Player 2)
4.Press Down twice (holding down the second time), then immediately press and hold weak kick, then (while continuing to hold weak kick) press and hold medium kick, then (while continuing to hold weak kick & medium kick), press and hold strong kick. The code must be done rather quickly so it may take some practice.

Dr. Doom’s special moves are:

Energy Beam: QCF + P
Photon Shot: HCB + P
Rock Shield: HCB + K
Photon Array (Infinity Move): QCF + All Punches

Play as Thanos
To play as Thanos, do the following:

1.Beat the game on any difficulty level (you can continue as much as you want).
2.Select Arcade Mode
3.Make sure the cursor is on Spiderman (Captain America for Player 2)
4.Press Up twice (holding up the second time), then immediately press & hold strong punch, then (while continuing to hold strong punch) press and hold medium punch, then (while continuing to hold strong punch & medium punch) press and hold weak punch.

Thanos’s special moves are:

Charge: HCF + P 9can be done in the air)
Rock Throw: HCB + K
Bubble Throw: HCF + K
Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity Move): QCB, QCB + Any
Button (each button gives a different gem move)

Smashing Pumpkins
When you use a reality gem, press SELECT and your character will throw out pumpkins!

While playing, press Down, Down, Select to taunt your opponent.

Marvel Super Heroes
Neues Outfit
Haltet bei der Charakterauswahl für zirka drei Sekunden oben
gedrückt, und bestätigt mit X (für Kämpfer aus der oberen Reihe).
Für Kämpfer aus der unteren Reihe müßt ihr oben gedrückt halten.

Marvel Super Heroes vs Streetfighter
Cheat Modus aktivieren:
Im Haupt-Menü schnell R1,O,links,/\,/\ drücken.

Andere charaktere spielen:
In der Auswahl auf einen Charakter gehen, Select gedückt
halten und Schlag- oder Tritt-Taste

Charakter vor dem Kampf wechseln:
Wählt euren Charakter aus und haltet L1+L2+R1+R2, bevor
der Bildschirm mit dem Schriftzug „Now Loading“ erscheint.
Ihr startet mit dem 2. Charakter

Abfolge der Gegner im Versus Modus ändern:
WP+MP+HP eingeben

Marvel Super Heroes vs Streetfighter
Alternate Colors
Choose your character by pressing HK or HP.
Bonus Options for the Japanese Version
Beat the game without losing any rounds. Then, additional selections will appear on the options menu, including increasing the speed to eight stars and always having full combo meters.
Cheat Menu
At the main menu press R1, Circle, Left, Triangle, Triangle.
Cheat Menu for the Japanese Version
While on the main menu screen, quickly press L1, X, Left, Square, Square.
Hidden Extra Options Screen
At the main menu, highlight options and press R1, Circle, Left, Triangle,
Triangle to access a hidden extra options screen.
Play as Apocalypse
Beat the game without using any continues. When you select your character:
1)Highlight Akuma 2)Press select 6 times, then press any punch or kick
Play as Apocalypse in the japanese version
After beating the game without losing any round, highlight NORIMARO and press Triangle, X, L1, R2 then hold Circle until the round starts.
Play as Armored Spiderman
Highlight Spiderman at the character selection screen, then hold SELECT and hit any button.
Play as Cyber Akuma
You can play as Cyber Akuma in the American version if you beat the game without any continues. Then the next time you play highlight Akuma and press SELECT 5
times and then any KICK or PUNCH button.
Play as Evil Sakura
Highlight Hulk at the character selection screen, then hold SELECT and hit any button.
Play as Grey Hulk
Enable the „Play as Evil Sakura“ code and choose Hulk as her partner.
Play as Mech Zangief
Highlight Blackheart on the character selection screen, then hold SELECT and hit any button.
Play as Mephisto
Highlight Omega Red at the character selection screen, then hold SELECT and hit any button.
Play as Shadow
Highlight Dhalsim hold SELECT and hit any button.
Play as U.S. Agent
Highlight Bison (Vega) at the character selection screen, then hold SELECT and hit any button.
Play as your Second Character
When playing the Battle Mode, defeat the enemy and your chracter starts to do a winning pose, press the R2 button and in the next game you will fight as your second character.

Mass Destruction
Gebt als Paßwort TTTTTTTTTTTGP ein.

Maximum Force
Arcade Mode
To play the original arcade version of Maximum Force,
go to the Options screen and press Select, Start, Select,
Select, Start, Select, Select, Select, Start, Select,
Select, Select, Select, Start. The words „Arcade Mode
Unlocked“ should appear over the game logo.

Cheats für die US-Version
Pausiert das Spiel und gebt folgende Cheats ein.
Handgranaten: /\, O, [], [], L1, rechts
Mörser: links, L1, /\, [], rechts, O, links, links
Cow Strike: oben, unten, unten, L1, rechts
Köderatrappe: X, L1, rechts, O, X, oben, [] Tornado: unten, L1, [], /\, rechts, oben, X
Luftangriff von Bones: unten, oben, O, unten, oben, unten, L1
Sniper Granate: oben, [], L1, links, O, /\, [] Thumper: unten, oben, links, links, /\, oben, rechts, unten
Homing Sniper: links, oben, X, /\, L1, L1, rechts
Fang-Extra: unten, rechts, O, O, links, oben, [], /\
Super Chain Gun: links, L1, unten, [], /\, oben, unten
God-Mode: unten, L1, oben, [], Start, Start, O, /\, /\, O, rechts,
oben, links, L1, []

Mechwarrior 2
Bonus Chassis
For two additional chassis, enter one of these passwords.
Chassis Password
Elemental Chassis T/XO/AZ<#* Tarantula Chassis #/XO/A4Y+
Continuous Throttle #AXO/A4YYA
Invincibility ##XO/A>TU
Use Any Mech #OXO/A>>O/
Jump Jets (all mechs) #YXO/A>YOL

Trial of Refusal
Mission 1: T#00A0X++0
Mission 2: #/00A04+0#
Mission 3: T/00A0Z+T=
Mission 4: #000A0>4LA
Mission 5: T000/0X4L>
Mission 6: #X00/044LA
Mission 7: TX00/0Z4UT
Mission 8: #Y00/0>U#/
Mission 9: TY00=0XU
Mission 12: #<00*0>=T#
Mission 13: T<00*0X=0= Mission 14: #>00*04=+4
Mission 15: T>00*0Z=Y0

Freebirth Trials
Mission 1: TL00A0XZUZ
Mission 2: #Z00A04Z#*
Mission 3: T*00A0ZLY*

Wolf’s Dragoons
Mission 1: TT00A0XL0/
Mission 2: #*00A04L+X
Mission 3: T*00A0ZLY+

Clan Jade Falcon
Mission 1: T#X0A0X< Mission 3: T/X0A0Z>00
Mission 5: T0X0>0X>Y0
Mission 6: #XX0>04>T#
Mission 7: TXX0>0Z>0=
Mission 8: #YX0>0>Y+Y
Mission 9: TYX0/0XY0Z
Mission 10: #AX0/04Y+*
Mission 11: TAX0/0ZYYY
Mission 12: #AL/
Mission 13: TX0X04AU+
Mission 15: T>X0X0ZACrusader Trials
Mission 1: TTX0A0X0LL
Mission 2: #*XOA040Inner Sphere Trials
Mission 1: TLX0A0XXYU
Mission 2: #ZX0A04X++
Mission 3: TZXOA0ZXOX

cheat menue:
im pausenmodus L2 halten und
unten,oben,quadrat,dreieck,dreieck,O,unten,oben,quadrat,dreieck drücken.

spezial menue:
im pausenmodus L2 halten und
links,dreieck,O,unten,O,O,rechts drücken.

Note: Dummerweise friert alles ein wenn Beenden bei den ersten Arealen gewählt wurde. Zudem auch noch teilweise
während des ladens. Glücklicherweise nicht zwischen den einzelnen Arealen. Also: aufpassen!

Cheat Menü
Spiel pausieren, L2 festhalten und folgende Tasten nacheinander drücken: Runter, Hoch, Quadrat, Dreieck, Dreieck,
O, Runter, Hoch, Quadrat, Dreieck.
Super Cheat Menü
Spiel pausieren, L2 festhalten und folgende Tasten nacheinander drücken: Dreieck, O, Dreieck, O, O, Dreieck, Links,
O, Hoch, Runter, Rechts, O, Links, Links, Dreieck, Rechts, O, Links, Links, Dreieck, O, Runter, O, O, Rechts.

„Loading-fix fuer Level 4“ .off
800DB22C 197A
„Unendlich Geld“
800F8464 270F
„Unendlich Energie“
800F834C 012C
„Seelenkelch voll“
800EEB54 00FF
„Unendlich Lebensflaschen“
800F8350 0960
800F8354 0960
„Besitze kleines Schwert“
800F83CC 0001
„Breites Schwert 100Prozent“
800F83D0 1000
„Besitze Zauberschwert“
800F83D4 0001
„Keule 100Prozent“
800F83D8 1000
„Besitze Hammer“
800F83DC 0001
„Unendlich Wurfdolche“
800F83E0 0064
„Besitze Axt“
800F83E4 0001
„Unendlich Haehnchenkeulen“
800F83E8 0064
„Unendlich Armbrust“
800F83EC 0064
„Unendlich Langbogen“
800F83F0 0064
„Unendlich Brennpfeil-Langbogen“
800F83F4 0064
„Unendlich Magischer Langbogen“
800F83F8 0064
„Unendlich Speere“
800F83FC 00FF
„Unendlich Blitze“
800F8400 1000
„Besitze Gute Blitzstrahlen“
800F8404 0001
800F8424 0001
„Besitze Chaosrune“
800F8408 0001
„Besitze Erdrune“
800F840C 0001
„Besitze Mondrune“
800F8410 0001
„Besitze Sternenrune“
800F8414 0001
„Besitze Zeitrune“
800F8418 0001
„Besitze Notenblatt“
800F841C 0001
„Besitze Schaedelschluessel“
800F8420 0001
„Besitze Schattenartefakt“
800F8434 1000
„Besitze Hexentalisman“
800F843C 1000
„Unendlich Kupferschild“
800F8454 00FF
„Unendlich Silberschild“
800F8458 00FF
„Unendlich Goldschild“
800F846C 00FF
„Besitze Drachenedelstein“
800F8468 0002
„Besitze Drachenruestung“
800F8470 1000
„Besitze Kruzifix“
800F8440 0001
„Besitze Kruzifixform“
800F8444 0001
„Besitze Tresorschluessel“
800F8448 0001
„Besitze Bueste des Schankwirts“
800F844C 0001
„Besitze 7 Bernsteine“
800F842C 0007

Mega Man 8
Extra Health in Stage 1
Do this after you go in the water area in stage 1. If you
have bad health, go backwards and keep going until
you find a group of trees with a health between them.
Destroy the trees to get the health.

Extra Life
At the Clown Man’s level kick a mega ball into the
clown’s mouth for an extra life.

Mega Man Legends
Bad Boy
When you finish beating the big robot in the Old City go to the airship and press CIRCLE on the Television. go to downtown and blow up the red car. pick up the suitcase and go out the door. It will ask you if you want to steal the money. say Yes and you will get 200,000 instead of 20,000.
Become Dark Megaman
To become Dark Megaman all you have to do is kick all the vending machines you see until they blow up and/or kick the can into the Jetlag Bakery at the Apple Market. After a while, Megaman will start to turn darker, but it takes awhile and requires great patience
If you press CIRCLE on the cat in front of the main gate, the game will ask if you want to take it back to Flutter. If you say yes, every time you enter Flutter there will be more and more cats. I currently have about twelve.
Change Color
To change color to dark navy or black you must be a bad boy! Start by kicking all vending machines (many times), kicking animals, kicking the can in Apple Market into the bakery for 1,000 Zenny, not repairing damaged buildings in the City Hall battle, let the bombs explode in the „Bombs in the City“ subquest, and by shooting the police car and keeping the „trunk of cash“ in the sub-quest when the Pirates rob the bank (you get the bank robbery sub-quest by watching TV in the Flutter after defeating Bruno, the Pirates last robot). When you finally
change color (it doesn’t take long) it looks really cool!
Easy Kevlar Omega Jacket
To get easy an easy kevlar omega jacket (reduces 3/4 damage) go to the Yass plains first battlefield. Defeat all the tanks and towers, then go into one of the refuge buildings and come back out. All enemies will revive. Just repeat the process over and over again. The refuge building where the junk store owners is located at the top of the one of the tower platforms. To get there, just go to the far side of the small platform and use the small hill to jump up. You should get all the jackets in a moderate amount of time.
Easy Money
Certain sections of the game contain enemies who drop expensive refracters. By leaving the area and then coming back, you can kill the same enemy over and over to build up your cash supply.
There’s another way, too. You can earn a quick 1,000 Zinny by kicking the soda can behind the counter of the Bakery Shop. As the game progresses the amount you receive for your efforts goes up. This is a great trick if your low on cash.
For more money, find the can in the apple market. If you can kick it into the Jetlag Bakery you’ll receive 10,000 zenny!
For even more, go to Data (the monkey) and tell him „I keep Losing fights“ then he’ll give you money. If he says you want more say No. He’ll give you more money. If he ask again say yes and he’ll give you the last of his money.
Free Drinks

Go to any vending machine and hit Circle, when it asks you if you want to buy a drink say no. Then kick it for a free drink. Do it until you’re thirst is quenched!

Free Energy In Battle
After you have beaten a robot, a servabot will appear. Shoot it three times before it runs off. Walk over to it and use the triangle button to kick it. A piece of health will appear. This can only be done three times on each servabot

Free Energy in Town
Walk up to any vending machine and press CIRCLE. When it asks you to deposit 100z, say „No“ and kick it. You’ll receive a free drink and refill your life.
NOTE: This can only be done once on each vending machine.
Hard Mode
For a greater challenge, beat the game then return to the start screen. A new option will appear.
Hidden Difficulty Menu and Replay Bonuses
If you win Legends, don’t reset the game or turn it off. The game will start over again with one minor difference: a fourth item on the main menu will be there, the difficulty setting. I think the setting reffers mainly to the power gauges of the bosses (Boss Bruno’s bar is the length of the screen in hard mode!), but there might be other things, too.
When starting a new game right after winning, you are given bonuses according to your difficulty setting and the time you took to win. If you win hard mode and then start a new game, you’ll start with the Buster Max, which maxes out EVERY buster stat! Beating the game with a good time will start you off with the dash parts, which will make the game go quicker than before!
Item Combinations
These are the different item combinations you can use to make new Special
Weapons, Buster Parts, or Body Parts.
Special Weapons:
* Powered Buster: Cannon Kit
* Grenade Arm: Grenade Kit
* Grand Grenade: Bomb Schematic
* Active Buster: Guidance Unit
* Drill Arm: Blunted Drill
* Blade Arm: Zetsabre + Pen Light
* Machine Buster: Blumebear Parts
* Spread Buster: Old Launcher + Arm Supporter + Ancient Book
* Vacuum Arm: Broken Motor + Broken Propeller + Broken Cleaner
* Shield Arm: Mystic Orb + Marlwolf Shell
Buster Parts:

* Sniper Scope: Target Sensor + Tele-Lens
* Auto Battery: Autofire Barrel + Generator Part
* Machine Gun: Rapidfire Barrel
* Gatling Gun: Gatling Part + Flower Pearl
* Plastique: Power Blaster L
* Bomb: Power Blaster R
Body Parts:

* Jump Springs (Jump Higher): Spring Set
* Helmet (Better defense): Safety Helmet
* Armor (Better defense): Buy at Junk Shop
* Jet Skates (Move faster): Rollerboard + Old Hoverjets
* Adapter Plug (Allows one more Buster Part): Joint Plug
Shining Laser Special Weapon
Go talk to the Painter in Uptown. Say she needs some red. Go to the Apple Market woman’s clothing store. Talk to the clerk for some Lipstick. Give it to the Painter to reveal she works at the museum. She will open it. Go upstairs. Find the following items and give them to her.

* Old Bone
* Old Doll
* Old Shield
* Old Heater
* Antique Bell
* Giant Horn
* Shiny Object
* Shiny Red Stone
Give them to her. Then, there will be a little girl in a green dress walking around. She will give you a Prism Crystal. Now, go to Yass Fields. Find Jim’s clubhouse. He needs a Pick. Go to the Bank and talk to the guy in the hard hat. He gives you a Pick. Give it to Jim. Kill some time and return. Now, he needs a Saw. Go to the man in the hard hat. He threw it away somewhere downtown. Go look in every garbage pail Downtown and find the Saw. Give it to Jim. Kill some more time. Now, return when his clubhouse is finished. He gives you a Marlwolf Shell (which is used for the Shield Arm weapon, if you combine it with the Mystic Orb). Now, go to the hut in Yass Fields beside the vending machine. Find a Comic Book. Give it to Jim. He will give you the X Buster from the pile.
Now, finally, go back to all the underground ruins with the Drill Arm weapon equipped and look behind all the walls and stuff you can drill through. Look in every hole in the wall and all the treasure chests. Find the Weapons Plans. Now, give the X Buster, Weapon Plans, and Prism Crystal to Roll. She will create the most powerful weapon on the game (if you enhance it) named the Shining Laser. It can go through one enemy and take out the enemy behind it. Kinda like a multiple attack weapon.
Museum Fun:
This will take you some time to accomplish. First, talk to the Painter in the UpTown. Tell her that her painting needs color. Ask the clerk in the clothesstore for her lipstick. Give it to the Painter. This will reveal that she works in the museum. Now you can enter the building. On the second floor, you can place interesting items that you find in the ruins. After you have placed the seven required items, a girl in a green dress will come along and offer to give you the Prizm Crystal. Required items are:
1. Bone
2. Doll
3. Bone
4. Crystal Fossil
5. Reaverbot Eye
6. Antique Bell
7. Giant Horn
Once you have collected these seven items, a girl wearing a green dress will appear. Talk to her to get the prizm crystal.
Hospital Girl:
Ira is a little girl in a wheel chair you’ll meet in the hospital. Talk to her and her nurses to find out that the hospital needs money for technology for her treatmant. Give the money to the Mayor. The total will be 15,000 Zinny. Ira will then give you the Flower Pearl item.
Bomb Scare:Talk to the Inspector in the Police Department to be sent looking for „something mysterious“ in the Downtown area. There are two bombs for you to diffuse. One is on a roof, and the other is on the ground. If you find them, you will get the Plastque and Bomb items
Lost Cash:
The second case the inspector send you on is to find a man’s loast money. Talk to the guy. Then follow the clues to these areas in this order:

1. Electronic Store
2. Bakery
3. Library
4. Downtown Soda machine
5. Talk to a kid with red hair outside the library and check the garbage can to get the Bag item. The inspector will reward you with the Arm supporter item.
The Rescue:
When the grocer’s wife is missing, it is up to you to find her and take her to the hospital. To find her, enter the Cardon Forest area and simply talk to her. This gives you the option to take her to hospital. Talk to her husband to get the Sunlight item

Mega Man X
1) Wählt bei der Charakterauswahl Mega Man an und drückt 2 Mal O und
sechs Mal links. Haltet nun L1 + R2 gedrückt und bestätigt mit X.
2) Wählt bei der Charakterauswahl Zero an und haltet R1 gedrückt.
Bestätigt sechs Mal rechts, laßt R1 wieder los und haltet O
gedrückt. Bestätigt nun mit X.

Mega Man X3
Introduction: 3721, 1282, 3751, 4456
Gravity Beetle: 5623, 4888, 5851, 4221
Blast Hornet: 1745, 5231, 5441, 2486
Neon Tiger: 3621, 4867, 5851, 2227
Tunnel Rhino: 5728, 1263, 5754, 2458
Blizzard Buffalo: 7671, 2857, 2144, 1247
Volt Crawfish: 5718, 1266, 2727, 7458
Dr. Doppler’s Lab: 5718, 1263, 2627, 7458

Metal Gear Solid
Bonus Costumes and More
To wear a tuxedo, beat the game twice on the same memory card slot (play over your last game.) The third time you start up the game Snake will remove his thermal suit in the elevator and be clothed in a tuxedo.
Beat the game at any skill level and look in the Special menu for a compilation of all the cut scenes throughout the game.
When confronting Psycho Mantis, he attempts to read your mind and may mention a certain video game. To have him mention more games (do this before confronting him) save any Konami game onto your memory card.
Briefing Camera Fun During more than a few of the briefing „tapes“, you’ll see the words „camera change“ and „camera free“. This lets you know that you can mess with the camera for a little something to do while you’re watching them. To zoom in or out, use the square and triangle buttons. To switch cameras, use the circle button. Of course, if you have been playing the game all night and are drowsy, you’ll
probably figure out that the X button stops and ejects the „tape“ by accident.
Change Title Screen Colors – Japanese Version
When at the the Title Screen, simply press up/down/left/or right on the d-pad to cycle through the different colors in the background graphics.
Defeating Metal GearTo knock out the radome on Rex, use your stingers, but first throw out a chaff gernade or two be fore he „wakes up“. Use the stingers while rex is trying to find you (but he cant sice you used the chaff gernades.) Don’t wait for the target to come back after you shoot once, just wait for the smoke to clear.
Don’t forget to keep throwing out chaffs. After you talk to Gray Fox, use the stingers, and dont stop. If you put the stinger launcher away, the missiles will knock you down, just keep firing the stingers into the cockpit. Use you rations sparingly. Chaffs won’t do any good this time, since Liquid is controling rex manualy. Remember, if you take it out of the launcher screen, you’ll get knocked over by the missiles, and most likely die. Just remember you don’t need the electronic site to fire.
Defeating Psycho Mantis
Before fighting Psycho Mantis plug your controller into the controller #2 slot and press any button, the screen should turn black and have the word „HIDEO“ in green in the corner. After a few seconds it will go away and you can use the 2nd player controller to fighting against Mantis.
This way he won’t be able to tell where your going to go because he can only read your left brain (left controller), he can’t read your right brain (right cont.).
Defeating Sniper Wolf
To defeat Sniper Wolf, you need to go all the way back to the Armory and go into the room with six mini-rooms inside of it. Go into the top-left room using your recently acquired level 5 key card. Inside is a PSG-1 and some ammo for it.Now go back to Sniper Wolf. You should have picked up some Daizepam by now. This will allow you to aim your PSG-1 without it shaking. Go back to Sniper Wolf and shoot her with your PSG-1.
She may be hard to spot and times because she likes to hide behind things. Look for her breathe, and wait for her to come out. Equipping your thermal goggles will also help.Defeating Sniper Wolf is tricky at first and may take a few times. Trial and error is the key. Like Solid Snake says: „Learn from your mistakes. Let it make you stronger.“
Defeating the Gunner
After Meryl opens the cargo door for you in the first floor of the Tank Hangar, you should go up top and make sure you get the Mine Detector. Now go back down
and through the door.
Turn on your Thermal Goggles so you can see the infrared sensors moving across the room. Make your way across the room carefully so you don’t touch any of them. If you do, the doors will shut and the room will fill up with poisonous gas.
After making it through that room, you’ll have to fight the Gunner. First, turn on the Mine Detector and crawl over all of the Claymore mines so you can pick them up. Then throw out a Chaff Grenade to disable the Gunner’s main weapon. With the main weapon temporarily unfunctionable, all the gunner can hit you with is the regular gun. Try to manuever yourself so that you can get behind the tank, and then throw as many grenades as you can on it.
Be sure to throw a Chaff Grenade out every time the one you previously threw out wears off. Also, there are Rations and more Grenades scattered out over the battle field. These will certainly help you make it through this fight. Destroying the Generator
To blow up the generator, you need a Nikita. Simply fire it and then get in first-person mode to make it easier to aim the missile. First turn right, and go through the door straight ahead, then left and you’ll be in the room with the generator. Now just run into it. The cameras may shoot it down, so you’ll probably have to try this more than once.
Exercising Meryl
While crawling along the duct in the Holding Cells, you may look down to see Meryl in her cell exercising. Should you leave the duct immediately (down the ladder), and re-enter it again. Meryl adopts a series of power workout moves each consecutive time you view her. They are: A) sit- ups, B) single-arm push-ups, C) stretching, D) sit-ups in underwear, E) single-arm push-ups in underwear, F) stretching in underwear, G) sit-ups (same as A, and continuing with these from now on.)
Extra Modes
The regular game is excellent, but the built-in VR Training mode is a definate must.
At first there is only one choice, Practice. Finish all 10 stages, then you gain Time Attack, where the difficulty is heightened a little, but shouldn’t be a problem besides the time limit.
Complete these 10 and you gain Gun Shooting mode, in which the difficulty is at max, and you HAVE to kill ALL the guards to progress within the time limit. You are given a Socom regular gun with supressor silencer and 5 bullets per guard.
If you run out of bullets, you’ll have to choke your way out.
If you can finish these 10 stages, one last stage can be chosen, Survival
Mission, where you rush through all 10 stages one after another, in under 7 minutes. You start with 30 bullets and dead guards drop bullets. Good luck, if you can complete this, you are a true Metal Gear Solid Master.
Fa-Mas Tracer TrickFirst you need to get the bandana. To do this, DO NOT submit to Revolver Ocelots torture. When you complete the game and start over, you will have the bandana.
Now start your second game and play up to the part where you get the level 2 keycard. Go to the Armory Basement Level 2 and get the Fa-Mas and Fa-Mas ammo.
Now on your bullet counter in the lower right hand corner of your screen, you’ll see that the last three shots are colored red. Fire the Fa-Mas until you use up all of the yellow shots and reach the red ones.
These are your tracers, and they trail when you fire them damaging things that they hit as badly as your normal Fa-Mas ammo would. Now put on your bandana. Because the bandana tricks the computer into thinking that you didn’t fire your last shot, you will now fire all tracers. This acts as a „guidance system“ of sorts and allows you to aim the fa-mas just as acurrately as the socom. Fast Travel
To move about through the complex faster, hide inside a cargo truck and use a C.Box. Remain perfectly still and a guard will drive the box to the area noted on the box. (There are three boxes, each to a different location.)
First Person Nikita Missile
You can go into first person mode with the nikita missles by launching the missle, then pressing triangle. However you can only do this for a certain amount of time or else it will blow up. this comes in handy when fighting Sniper Wolf, and also blowing up the electric panel source.
Submitted by Acron Frequency for Meryl
The frequency for Meryl is 140.15. This is helpful if you are renting the game and don’t have the cd case.
Fun Trick
After Getting the stealth suit start a new game. When you find the C4 try to sneak up behind a Genome soldier and plant it but be careful. You need to be close. With any luck you will plant a C4 pak on the Soldier’s back. Get back and detonate it. Sayonara Soldier!!!
Get The Nikita Launcher Early
To get a Nikita Rocket Launcher early in the game, simply go through the first two levels, then, when you reach the third, go back to the second. Where you picked up the Socom pistol, there will now be a Nikita Launcher.
Get the Bandana
To get the Bandana, wich gives you infinite ammomo and no auto re-loads, play up until you get to Ocelots Torture Rack. If you make it out of The Rack without dying or giving up, when you beat the game, you will get the Good ending, where you save Meryl. She will give you the Bandana, and then once the credits a through, you can save your game. Save it and then load it up again. Look into your inventoy and you will see the Bandana.
Get the Camera
To get the camera, when you get a Level 6 keycard go to the first building (Tank Hanger), Then take the Elevator down to Basement 2. Go into the hall before the Room where you fought Ocelot. Then there should be a spot where you can blow a hole in the wall with C4, when you blow it up there are two rooms, The camera is in one of the rooms, and there is ammo and a ration around in there also.
Getting Sick
If you fail in Revolver’s torture room and come into close contact with Sasaki (the guard patrolling outside your prison cell), you can catch the flu. This flu makes you sneeze every minute or so. You can cure this flu with medicine. This medicine is a green box with a red cross on top of it. Another way to catch a cold is as follows: * When you’re being held in the cell between Ocelot’s torture tests, the guard talks loudly to himself about his cold, then runs to
the bathroom. This is the point that most people usually break out of the cell. If you stick around and don’t use the ketchup though, you will be treated to Ocelot’s hospitality yet again. Survive, and you will be in the cell, and the sick guard will get the runs again. NOW you can break out of the cell. Give Snake a little time in the snow, and he will catch a cold, and start sneezing every minute or so. the sound will probably give you away to your enemies, so ask Otacon if there is anything he can do for you.Ghost Images
First, you need to obtain the camera either by [A] Finishing the game with the ending where Meryl dies and starting that newly created save file with the camera automatically in your inventory or …
[B] Getting at least as far as defeating Liquid Snake in the hind helicopter sequence, then going to the room located in Base 1, floor B-2 with a Level 7
cardkey where there are two autoguns you will have to use C4 explosives to the wall below and to the right of the bottom entrance to the room where you fight Revolver Ocelot — in one of the two rooms here, the camera is located in the top one. BTW if you run into a jammed door that you should be able to, try using a C4 explosive on it and trying to it then.In either case, here is how you see „Ghosts“. Make sure you have at least 2 blocks free on a memory card to save at least one picture Take pictures of different things and you may find a „Ghost“ image of different programmers, artists, etc. superimposed on your new snapshot Ive found two by taking pictures of the ravens on the last major elevator and one by snapping a shot of the dead guy in the prison cell.
Here are the locations for all 43 Spirit photos:

1. Kojima: Otacon lab (the picture frame to the right)
2. Matsuhana: Hallway of corpses (outside Otacons lab)
3. Sato: Comm Twr A (roof destroyed by a Hind D missiles)
4. Nakamura: In Meryl’s blood pool (where she is sniped)
5. Shinkawa: Deep in Sniper Wolfs hallway behind the second pillar
6. Uehara: Edge of elevator (the one were the ravens are)
7. Negishi: Sewage waterfall
8. Mizutani: When fighting Metal Gear
9. Korekado: Men’s retroom
10. Sasaki: Picture frames in the Commanders room
11. Sonoyama: Torture machine
12. Toyota: Container in the middle of Raven’s warehouse
13. Kozyou: Behind the watertank-like structure in the Canyon
14. Shimizu: Wolf dog cave (first crawling point)
15. Kaneda: The mirror located in the Women’s restroom
16. Fukushima: Heliport,looking out to sea from cliff
17. Takade: Ninja room,glass atedga
18. Fujimura: Elevator,in the Comm Twr B complex
19. Shikama: Electic floor
20. Kimura: MG underground base,tip of of Metal Gear ’srailgun
21. Kobayashi: Rock in canyon
22. Okajima: Maggots of the real DARPA Chef in cell
23. Nishimura: Next to Baker’s corpse
24. Mukaide: Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle
25. Onoda: Where Baker is tied up
26. Kitao: Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse
27. Yoshimura: Dead end ofair duct
28. Hirano: Elevator (Comm Twr B) deep in the shaft of top level
29. Muraoka: Water in cargo dock
30. Ishiyama: Heliport top of building
31. Ito: Inside elevator to tank hangar
32. Jerem Blaustein: Sniper Wolfs corpse
33. Yoshioka: Bridge on the third floor of the the blast furnace
34. Mori: Lowest point of elevator (Comm Twr B)
35. Kinbara: Darck area of stairs
36. Tougo: End of boiler room (in Blast Furnace where the stemeam is)
37. Makimura: Hidden armory store room behnd the weakened wall)
38. Kutome: Observation room
39. Tanaka: Heliport,sleeping soilder
40. Shigeno: Heliport,security caera by staircase
41. Yamashita: Tip of nuke warhead in nukestorage room
42. Kobayashi: Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief
43. Scott Dolph: Way down in the dark from the walkway between Comm Tower A and B

Jail Break
When you are in your jail sell after being tortured, you can get out with out the help of Otacon. The guard is very sick and has the runs. When he leaves to go to the bathroom crawl under the bed and wait for him to come back. When he sees your gone he will run to the jail cell and open it. When he first gets to the door quickly get out from under the bed and when he comes in you knock him down once, and he will be out for good. Also if you call Otacon he will give you some stuff and one thing he gives you is ketchup. When the guard leaves lay on the ground with the ketchup equiped in your items. It will look like your bleeding when he comes back he will think you are dead when he opens the door
knock him down and your out.
Mad Mei Ling
This is a code to make Mei Ling angry with you. Keep calling her over and over without saving. If you do it enough (8-10 times) she will stop talking to you and the stick her tongue out at you.
Mantis Memory
The Mantis reacts with startlingly correct witticisms depending on the save games of other Konami games you have on your memory card. Try confronting him with a Castlevania, ISS Soccer, Suikoden or Silent Hill save game on your memory card for startling revelations.
Meryl’s Undergarments
In the Women’s Restroom where you meet up with Meryl prior to the Psycho Mantis confrontation, if you follow Meryl straight in and move up to the top stall within five seconds. Meryl will not have time to properly change, and spends the first part of the conversation without her combat pants on.Nice Wolves
Method 1: When you first enter the caves, kill all the wolves. Meet up with Meryl, and kill those dogs there. Leave only the small one. Shoot Meryl with the Socom, then immediately equip a Cardboard Box. The little dog will pee on the box. Now whenever you are in the cave, equip the Box that the dog peed on and the Wolfs will leave you alone.

Method 2: Simply equip Sniper Wolf’s hankerchief.
Policenauts Guest Appearance After you defeat Ninja for the first time, and meet up with Otacon, he tells a story about Japanese Metal Gear prototypes. In the movie, seens from Konami’s japanese game, Policenauts can be seen.
See Through Mantis’s Eyes
When battling Psycho Mantis, hold in the Triangle (1st Person View) button. Instead of seeing through Snake’s eyes, you will see through Mantis’s.Shy Meryl
When walking around with Meryl, if you keep staring at her in first-person mode. Meryl starts blushing, turning embarrassed and tapping her gun to her leg. Keep looking at her, and she turns more and more red, whispering embarrassed little questions.
Silent, Deadly, and Easy Neck Snap
Sneak up, unarmed, behind a guard. When close, tap the square button really quickly ten times. This way you don’t have to risk any ruckus.
Stealth SuitTo get the Stealth, wich makes you invisible to all enemies except for Wolfs and bosses, play up until you get to Ocelots Torture Rack. Submit to Ocelot by pressing SELECT. After the game is beaten, you will get the bad ending where
Meryl dies and you escape with Otacon. He will give you his Stealth suit. Watch the credits, then save your game. After you save, go to the Main Menu and load your game. Look in your inventory, you will find the Stealth Suit. Torture Tips
This tip contains a minor spoiler. You’ve been warned.
As you probably know, there are no continues in the torture event. If you lose, you start at your last save. So this won’t be a huge loss, remember to save
after beating Sniper Wolf. The torture event is coming very soon afterwards. If you want the best ending, don’t submit to the torture. It gets more difficult on the higer difficulty levels, but it never gets impossibly hard.After getting through two tortures, you will have a chance to escape. When the guard runs to the bathroom, hide under the bed. When he says, „He’s gone!“ and runs to the door, hop out and snap his neck.After you get your stuff back, get rid of the „Timer B.“ It’s a time bomb.
Warp to Area 15
You will need the level 100 card gameshark trick to do this but its really worth it. Activate the code, then go to the tank hangar go up the elevator to Basement
1. Right when you get out of the elevator go to the door to the left of the elevator by using your level 100 keycard. The screen will turn black and you will skip all the way to the torture scene.

Metal Slug
Bonus Games
After beating the game a new option will appear called
ANOTHER STORY. Click on it to play three bonus

Cheat Menu
At the Options screen press X, Circle, Square,
Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square.
Submitted by Matthew Katznelson

Metal Slug
Gebt im Optionsmenü X, O, [], /\, /\, X, O, [] ein.

Micro Machines V3
Gebt anstelle der Namen folgendes ein:
GIMMEALL – alle Strecken im Multiplayer-Modus
CATLIVES – neun Leben im 1P-Modus
TANKS4ME – alle Strecken mit Panzern
WINTERY – bei der Pokalübergabe schneit es
CONFETTI – macht WINTERY rückgängig
Gebt folgende Cheats im Pause-Menü ein:
Verändertes Streckendesign
unten, unten, oben, oben, rechts, rechts, links, links
Fahrzeuge springen höher
[], rechts, rechts, unten, oben, unten, links, unten, unten
Schwebende Streckenobjekte
/\, [], [], /\, [], [], /\, X
Langsamere Gegner
O, /\, [], X, O, /\, [], X
links, rechts, [], O, links, rechts, [], O
Doppelte Geschwindigkeit
[], X, O, [], /\, X, X, X, X
[], oben, unten, unten, [], O, O, /\, X
Nun könnt ihr folgende Tastenkombinationen eingeben:
Select + [] – Autopiloten aktivieren/deaktivieren
X + /\ + O + [] – alle Fahrzeuge sprengen
Selctet + X – Rennen abbrechen und gewinnen
Select + beliebige Richtung – Kamera verändern

MLB Pennant Race
Always Hit Home Runs
Go to create a player. Name your guy first name B and
last name B. Then trade him to a team. When he is up
to bat, his name is Mark Meniham and he will always
hit homeruns.

Super Batter
To create a batter that will hit 600 foot home runs with
power every time he connects in fair territory go to
create player and select a pitcher slot. Type in REX in
first name and BACA in last name.

Super Pitcher
To create a pitcher that will throw 140 mph go to create
player and select a pitcher slot. Type in REX in first
name and BACA in last name.

Monkey Hero
Unlimited Spears and Firecrackers
While playing, go to the room that you learned to through the spears and
firecrackers. After you have passed the test, you can go back as many times as you want and start the test but pick up the item and walk out. You will keep the item that you picked up.
Note: This trick can be done with anything that you can get except the Explosive Spears because you don’t have to take a test to get them.

Cheaper Property
If you’re playing against a single computer opponent then this trick will save you some serious cash. When entering an auction, simply bid $1 above your opponent. He’ll give up on the second round.
Easy Win The easier way to win in this game is to buy one of each property, starting from the purple to the orange. This way the computer can’t build houses.Start with $4,500
Start the game as usual but select three players on controller 1. On your turn, make deals with each of your fake players for their money. When it’s your other players‘ turns (the ones with no money) go to „Bankrupt“ and then play the computer as usual. You now have $4,500.

Monster Rancher
Ape Monster
To get the ape you need a magic banana which can be found in an adventure with Karn in the jungle. In the jungle, look for the place where the kings once lived. Have your monster check it out and eventually you’ll find the banana. Once you have it you now need to have two spoiled monsters. The easiest way to spoil them is give them meat each month and let them rest all month. After you’ve spoiled two of them, freeze them both, the combine them with the magic banana. It will say the combination will create an Asfar or a Boxer, but because of the magic banana it will create an ape. Be warned: this monster is extremely lazy.

To get the ultimate monster you must be a master breeder. When you are about to breed a new monster, insert the PSX game „Tecmo’s Deception“ to create a secret character called Ardebaren.

Build Up Loyalty Level
It’s very hard to fight when your monster’s loyalty level is low, but you can easily increase it. Simply take your monster back and forth between the Town and Ranch and check your monster’s data at each stop. Every time you return to the Ranch, your monster’s loyalty should increase by 5!
Note: Your raising style will turn VERY strict if you do this a lot. That may be a good way to „unspoil“ your monster if your style is „GENTLE“ or „SPOIL“.

Committee Permission
To get the committee’s permission to breed a special monster you must first obtain one of the pure monsters that make it up.

Dragon Monster
Work your way up to B class. There is a battle called the Trial Cup in the 4th week of April. There is a dragon at this match. Defeat that dragon and get up to A class as fast as you can. When you get there you should sometime get invited to the August invitational. It is the 4th week of August. Defeat the black dragon in that and recieve the DRAGON TUSK as your prize. Breed the DRAGON TUSK with the DINO-NAGA and NAGA-DINO to get the Dragon Monster.

To get a ghost have to let a monster die. It works best if it has a evil origon (Evil Hare, Monol, ect.) and if it raised crully. Get it to class C and kill it. Get a new monster (If you use a monster that has been frozen it will not work!) Enter the new monster in a FIMBA tornement (save week before.) At the end of the tornement(it donsen’t matter if you win or loose.) If you get lucky after you choose what you want to feed him Holly will freak out. This means he is cursed. Since there is only 1/16 (some people say 1/6) chance of this happening if it diddn’t just reset loaded game and try agian. It will work it is random if it
will be cursed. Once you get a cursed monster combine it with any monster and get a ghost.

Henger Monster
To get HENGER you need to find the 5 DOLL PIECES during the DESERT EXPEDITION. Next, get your monster to A class and you will be invited to the WINTER
INVITATIONAL with the DOLL HEAD as the prize. After you win, Tesca will put the 5 pieces together for you and give you the CLAY DOLL. he explains that you need to take an intelligent creature (550-999), along with the CLAY DOLL, to the previously unreadable STONE TABLET in the DESERT EXPEDITION.
After reading the TABLET, that monster will have a circular mark on his back. combine that creature, along with any other one and use the CLAY DOLL. HENGER has high STR, SKI, SPD, INT and lives for 6-9 years.

Magic Monster
First you must find a pure Gali and a pure Monol then combine the two and add the item Old Mirror (which you can get on an expedition with Karn.)
The lab man will say this is a bad combination, but go ahead with it. After they are combined, you will get the Magic monster.

Milky Way Monster
To get the monster Milky Way you need the computer demo disk from issue #36 of Next Generation magazine. This should give you a monster named Milky Way with its main part Gali and its sub part ???(unknown).

Nya Monster
This is pretty simple to do. You just have to get to about the year 1026,
checking the items shop periodically to get him to reveal his new items to you. The sixth or seventh new item he will get is called the cat doll. buy one for 1000G and use that when breeding any two monsters. You will receive the coveted Nya monster.

Scribble, Sketch and Doodle
* To get a Scribble, breed a pure Monol and get it’s fame above 80. Now enter a lower class tournament and drop your fame below 65. After the tournament your monster will be covered with grafitti.
* To produce a Doodle, breed a Scribble with any other monster.
* To get a Sketch, combine a Scribble with another Monol.

Secret Song
Put the CD in your CD player. Skip to track 2 and play it. You will be rewarded with some extremely bizarre music.

After breeding an ape monster, you can put in a Billy Joel greatest Hits CD and you will get Shades, a monster with excellent stats.

Worm Hatching
To hatch your worm into a random/worm just raise your worm as you normaly would and when its 3 years old make sure it’s very well the week of the official june tournament. If done correctly after Holly tells you about the tournament the screen will go black and then there will be a large cocoon in the center of the screen.
Tips: To get what you want, save on the 3rd week of June and keep hatching until you get what you want. Also work out on the traits that your worm is good at(a rock worm gains power easily so work on that)so your monster is really fast, strong, smart, etc. Have fun, I’ve gotten a lot of good monsters this way.

You can get a zombie from the Spawn soundtrack, but you’ll need the committee’s permission.

Monster Trucks
Gebt folgende Cheats im Hauptmenü ein:
Extra Power: L2, links, rechts, oben, unten, R2
No Damage: links, links, links, oben, unten, L1, R2
Super Grip: L1, L1, R1, R1, L2, L2, R2, R2
All Trucks: L1, R2, L2, R1, oben

Mortal Kombat 3
Kombat Codes
The following cheats will only work in 2 player mode. Kombat Kodes are entered
by using a button to control each of the six boxes.
_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4 Box 5 Box 6
_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________
Player1 Player1 Player1 Player2 Player2 Player2
Low Punch Block Low Kick Low Punch Block Low Kick
Enter these at the Kombat Code Screen:
Code Effect
100100 Throwing Dissabled
020020 Blocking Dissabled
033000 Half Power 1
000033 Half Power 2
688422 Dark Fighting
460460 Quaser Rapender
987666 Jack Pot
707000 Fourth Power
000707 Fourth Power
642468 Space Game
969141 Winner Fights Motora
033564 Winner Fights Shao Kahn
769342 Winner Fights Noob Saibot
205205 Winner Fights Smoke
282282 No Fear
987123 No Visiable Power Bars
688933 No Upper Cut Recovery Time
466466 Unlimited Run
985125 Psycho Kombat
123926 Intro Message

This move gives your opponent a small amount of life so they can continue
fighting. To execute it, hold RUN and press Down, Down, Down, then release RUN. Do this on the third round when the announcer says „Finish him!“ It works best if you stay out of close range.

More Options
At the trademark screen, press Square, X, Circle, Triangle, R1, R1, R2. R2, R1, R1. You should hear Shao Kahn say, „You will never win.“ Press Up when the screen with the spinning MK3 logo on the cube that says: „Kombat“ is on-screen. A question mark appears. Use this option for a plethora of cheats, including playing as Smoke and unlimited credits.
Options Screen
When a „story“ screen appears, press X, L1, L2. Press Start to go to the Kombat Kube screen, then press Up to reveal a question mark. Select this for some special options.
Play as Smoke
To play as Smoke, enter the code „010-696“ on the Kombat Kode screen.

Ultimate Kombat Screen
To get to the Ultimate Kombat Kode screen easily, rotate the controller
counterclockwise twice during Story Mode.

Unlimited Continues
During story mode press Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down.

Mortal Kombat 4
Alternate Costumes
To get alternate costumes, first go to the character select screen. Go to the character you want to select but before selecting him, hold START and press the BLOCK button. When the Ying Yang symbol starts spinning, wait until a voice says „Excellent!“ or something comes out. That means you have the second color.To get the third costume, do it again and the ying yang will spin again but this time you’ll have the third color costume. Example: Scorpion, Red Scorpion, Unmasked Gray Scorpion.

Alternate Weapons
Enter any character’s costume change code twice, and pick that character. That character and any other character you pick will have a different weapon.
Examples: 1) Jax gets Shinnok’s Staff, 2) Sonya gets Kai’s Knife, and 3) Reiko gets Rayden’s Mallet.

Beat Shinnok Easily
At the beginning of the fight, jumpkick Shinnok away from the skull. Now throw the skull (to throw the skull press Down+Run when you are standing on top of it) at Shinnok and keep doing it until he is defeated. The skull takes away more energy than any regular hit so make sure he doesn’t throw it at you first.

Beat the Game in One Match
To beat the game in one round follow these instuctions:
1) Choose a character using the run and block buttons (L1 and R1).
2) Hold until the match begins.
3) When your opponent is dying hit him/her and you will beat the game.

Cheat Menu
1. Start a 2 player game.
2. At the Kombat Kode Screen enter the kode 302 213.
3. After the match starts, quit the game and go back to the „option“ screen.
4. Highlight „versus screen enabled“ & hold „run“ & „block“ for 10 seconds!! You will hear a laugh halfway through, then the cheat menu will appear!

Kombat Kodes
Kombat Kodes are entered at the VS screen using a button to control each of the six boxes. (P1 and P2 refer to player 1 and player 2.)
Box1 Box2 Box3 Box4 Box5 Box6
P1 Low Punch P1 Block P1 Low Kick P2 Low Punch P2 Block P2 Low Kick
Kombat Kodes
* 123 123 – One-Hit Win
* 012 012 – Noob Saibot Mode
* 020 020 – Red Rain (do on the Rain stage)
* 050 050 – Explosive Kombat
* 002 002 – Weapon drawn and can’t be knocked out of your hands
* 100 100 – Disable throws
* 010 010 – Disable Max Damage
* 110 110 – No Throw/ Disable Max Damage
* 111 111 – Free Weapon (Random weapon falls)
* 222 222 – Start With Random Weapon
* 333 333 – Randper Kombat
* 444 444 – Start With Weapons Drawn
* 555 555 – Many Weapons
* 666 666 – Silent Kombat
* 321 321 – Big Heads
Stage Select
* 011 011 – Goro’s Lair (Spike Pit)
* 022 022 – The Well (Scorpion’s Stage)
* 033 033 – Elder God’s (Blue Face)
* 044 044 – The Tomb Stage
* 055 055 – The Rain Stage
* 066 066 – Snake Stage
* 101 101 – Shaolin Temple
* 202 202 – Living Forest
* 303 303 – Prison (Fan Stage)
* 313 313 – Ice Pit

New Weapon for Kai
Beat the game with Kai. Watch his ending and Raiden will give him the lighting staff. Watch the credits and play the game as Kai again. When you use his weapon it will now be the staff.

Noob Saibot’s Boxer/Reaper Costume
Noob Saibot has an alternate costume that sort of a boxer crossed with the Grim Reaper. First, select Hidden on the choose your character screen.Second, move your select box to Reiko. Then, hold start and press block. Finally, press Run+Block to select Noob. You should now have one wacky costume.

Noob’s Other Costumes
To get Noob’s other costumes you must flip Reiko’s icon BEFORE doing the part of the code by pressing and holding Run and Block and stuff like that. One flip of Reiko’s icon will give you an unmasked, no ninja suit, but still black Noob.
Two flips will give you a lighter shade of black.
Three flips will give you a white hooded one.
All of Noob’s costumes use the sickle weapon.

Play as Goro
To play as Goro first you have to beat the game with Shinok. You can then start any kind of game (ex., 2 player mode, etc.) and play with Goro. All you have to do at the character select screen is pick Shinok.

Play as Meat
In order to play as the character MEAT you must go to „GROUP MODE“ which can only be played in a two player mode. Play every character in the game (16 in all) and make sure you win every time. After you play and win with the final character you can pick anyone, your character will then be MEAT. He will have all the moves of the character you selected but he will look ALOT different!
Play as Noob Sailbot
First beat the game with Reiko. Then enter the code for Noob Sailbot Mode
(012-012) at the VS Screen. Then either one can win. Then select Hidden with the Run button then hold it. Move up 2 times the over one so your on Reiko. Then press Block.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies : Sub Zero
Bloopers Reel
Hidden in the game are a series of outakes from the games cinemas that any MK fan would really want to see. Unfortunately, they are extremely difficult to get and only MK MASTERS will be able to see them.
After conquering Shinnok, you’ll need to defeat his alter ego as well. The only move that you have that can hurt the second incarnation of Shinnok is the polar blast. Recharge with an urn and repeat the whole thing until he’s dead. It’ll take five hits to kill him off, so you’ll need at least four urns. After you beat him, exit through the portal and after the credits you will get to see the extra movies.

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes at the password screen.
Password Effect
ZCCHRY Reveal codes
RCKMND View exploding Earth boss
CRVDTS Display credits
GTTBHR Infinite lives
TDFCLT Invincibility
NXCVSZ Start with extra urns

Level 1 Finishing Move
At the end of stage one when you defeat the boss, (Scorpion), it will say FINISH HIM!! To perform the head rip fatality move one step away and motion Forward, Down, Forward, High Punch on the control. Then watch as Subbie tears of Scorpions head sending blood everywhere.

Level Password

Ultimate Cheat
Enter the password ZCHRRY to transport to level 8. If you die before you reach a checkpoint, press L1 to fight Quan Chi or L2 to fight Shinnok.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy
? Menu
At the Options screen hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + UP until the screen shakes. Then go to the green question mark and it will give you new options to choose from. These are the things you can choose from: one button fatalities, health recovery, instant aggressor, normal boss damage, and low damage.
If you choose 1-button fatalities,they are as follows:

Classic Characters
For classic versions of Rayden, Jax, Kung Lao, or Kano, press Select to choose
one of these fighters.

Kombat Codes
Kombat Kodes are entered at the VS screen using a button to control each of the six boxes. (P1 and P2 refer to player 1 and player 2.)
Box1 Box2 Box3 Box4 Box5 Box6
P1 Low Punch P1 Block P1 Low Kick P2 Low Punch P2 Block P2 Low Kick
* P1 1/2 Energy: 033-000
* P2 1/2 Energy: 000-033
* P1 1/4 Energy: 707-000
* P2 1/4 Energy: 000-707
* Super Endurance: 024-689
* P1 Does 1/2 The Damage: 390-000
* P2 Does 1/2 The Damage: 000-390
* No Special Moves: 555-556
* Combos Disabled: 722-722
* Unikkorn Referi-Sans Power: 044-440
* Throwing Disabled: 100-100
* Blocking Disabled: 020-020
Different Kombats
* Dark Kombat: 688-422
* Silent Kombat: 300-300
Winner of the 1st Round Fights
* Classic Smoke: 205-205
* Noob Saibot: 769-342
* Motaro: 969-141
* Shao Khan: 033-564
* Go See The Mk Live Tour: 550-550
* Rain Can Be Found In The Grave Yard: 717-313
* There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power!: 123-926
* Hold Flippers During Casino Run: 987-666
* No Fear, Max Countdown, E B Button,Skydive: 282-282
* Whacha Gun Do? E.B.: 004-400
* Skunky!!: 122-221
Other Codes
* Invisible Energy Bars: 987-123
* Unlimited Run: 466-466
* Hyper Run Jumps: 321-789
* Throwing Encouraged: 001-010
* Uppercut Recovery: 788-322

Level Select
To select your starting level in 1-player or Vs mode, highlight Sonya and
pressing Up + Start.

Play as Chameleon
To play as Chameleon choose any MALE ninja and hold Left + R1 + R2 + Square + Triangle until the match begins.
Random Character Selection To randomly choose your fighter, hold Up + Start on the Character Select screen.

Moto Racer
All Tracks
At the title screen, press Down, Down, Right, Left,
Up, Up, Circle, L2, Triangle, X to unlock all 10
reserved tracks.

Night Races
Press Up, Circle, L1, Down, Triangle, L2, Circle,
Left, R1, X at the title screen.

Pocket Bikes
At the Start/Options menu, press Up, Down, R2, L2,
Down, Up, L1, X.

Reverse Mode
At the Start/Options menu, press Left, Right, Left,
Right, Circle, Circle, R1, L1, Triangle, X.

Slower Opponents
To slow your opponents to 50 km/h, press Down,
Down, Down, Circle, L1, Circle, L2, Down, Down, X
at the title screen.

Turbo Boost
Press Up, Up, Up, Triangle, R1, Triangle, R2, Up,
Up, X at the title screen.

View Credits
To view the credits movie, press Circle, Triangle,
Circle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Up, Right, Left, X at

View Victory Movie
At the title screen, press Circle, Triangle, Circle,
Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L1, Up, R2, X.

Motor Toon Grand Prix
Advanced Options
For greater control, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 while
selecting the Options menu.

Debug Mode (Japanese version)
Choose Goodies from the main menu, then hold any
Shift button and press Select. If you did this right
you’ll see four numbers in the lower right corner of the
screen. To enter a number, hold a combination of
SHIFT buttons (see below), then press SELECT to
enter the digit. When entering numbers, R1=1, R2=2,
L1=4 and L2=8. By combining buttons (eg. R1+L2=9)
it is possible to create any hex (base 16) number. I’ve
included a few codes below. Please let me know if you
discover more.

Extra Characters 4e43
Extra Tracks 4154
Tank Combat 5443
Submarine X 5358
Motor Toon R 4631

The Ghost in the Machine
How’d you like to race against the best players from
Sony? To do so, hold R1 while selecting any memory
card option (i.e., Load). You can now watch or race
against the Sony team’s best times.

All Cars and Tracks
To access all cars and tracks enter the password LASTCODE.
Cool Demo
For a cool demo mode, enter the password INSANITY.
Disable All Cheats To turn off all codes, enter the password NOCHEATS.
Motion Blur To make the game appear to run faster, enter the password SOFTHEAD. Nolby Hills Track
To access the Nolby Hills track enter the password TURBOMOS.
Overhead ViewFor an overhead camera view, enter the password SUPERCAR.

N20 - Nirous Oxide
01) O, X, X, X, [], O, [], X
02) O, X, O, O, [], /\, X, /\
03) O, O, /\, O, /\, O, [], [] 04) [], /\, [], /\, [], /\, /\, O
05) [], [], O, [], /\, X, /\, X
06) X, /\, O, [], X, /\, O, /\
07) [], O, O, /\, /\, [], /\, [] 08) [], O,, X, /\, [], [], X, O
09) X, /\, [], O, /\, X, X, X
10) O, [], /\, [], O, /\, [], /\
11) O, X, X, X, /\, X, X, [] 12) [], /\, /\, O, O, X, O, O
13) [], [], /\, O, O, /\, O, X
14) O, /\, X, [], O, /\, /\, /\
15) O, [], /\, X, O, O, O, [] 16) X, O, /\, X, [], [], [], O
17) O, /\, O, O, /\, [], [], X
18) [], X, O, [], O, X, X, /\
19) O, [], /\, [], [], [], [], [] 20) O, O, O, O, /\, X, /\, O
21) O, X, O, /\, X, O, /\, X
22) [], [], /\, O, /\, X, O, /\
23) O, O, [], /\, [], /\, /\, [] 24) O, X, /\, X, [], /\, X, O
25) [], O, O, O, X, O, X, X
26) [], [], /\, O, X, X, [], /\
27) X, X, O,/\, [], O, X, [] 28) [], [], O, O, O, O, O, O

Namco Museum Vol. 1
1.As the ships fly in formation on the screen, don’t shoot any of them
2.Locate the 2 blue & yellow ships in the first vertical row on the left
3.When all the ships are on the screen you may begin shooting, but don’t shoot the 2 mentioned above
4.Once you have destroyed all but these 2 ships let them fly around, shooting at you for about 15 minutes.
5.At this point they’ll stop shooting
6.Blow them away and from now on no ships will shoot at you for the entire game!

Namco Museum Vol. 2
Dragon Buster – Raise Vitality
At the Dragon Buster title screen press Select 10 times
then start the game. When your vitality drops to 32 or
below, press L1 + R1. Your vitality will rise to 128
and you will lose one credit.

Dragon Buster – Stage Skip
Load the game DRAGON BUSTER and press
TRIANGLE to access the dipswitch #5 in the „SW2“
box and press X to turn it „on.“ Now start the game.
When the map screen appears, hold L1 + R1 +
CIRCLE and advance Clovis to either of the first two
dungeons on the map. Instead of entering the dungeon,
you’ll be warped ahead to Round 2. You can continue
to advance to higher rounds as you hold L1 + R1 +
CIRCLE; when you reach the round you’d like to start
on, just release the buttons and you’ll be able to enter
the dungeons normally.
Extra Credits
In any game, press SELECT while playing to gain an
extra credit.

Gaplus – Stage Skip
Load the game GAPLUS and press TRIANGLE to
access the dipswitch #4 in the „SW3“ box and press X
to turn it „on.“ Now start the game. When the words
„Parsec 1“ appear on the screen, hold L1 + R1 +
CIRCLE and press START; a stage-select number will
appear at the left side of the screen. Press UP or
DOWN to change the number of the stage you’d like to
warp to, then press START to begin at the stage you

Grobda – Level Select
When the Grobda title screen appears, hold L1 + L2
+ R1 + R2 then press Start.

Mappy – Stage Skip
Load the game MAPPY and press TRIANGLE to
access the dipswitch screen. Highlight switch #5 in the
„SW3“ box and press X to turn it „on.“ Now start the
game; you can skip stages at any time by holding L1 +
Ri and pressing X.

Super Pac-Man – Stage Skip
Load the game SUPER-PAC MAN and press
TRIANGLE to access the dipswitch #6 in the „SW3“
box and press X to turn it „on.“ Now start the game.
When the word „Ready!“ appears on the screen just
before the characters start to move at the beggining of
any stage, quickly hold L1 + R1 + CIRCLE and press
START; The screen will flash just like it does when the
stage is cleared and you’ll advance to the next stage.
Repeat the process for each stage to skip to any level.

Namco Museum Vol. 3
Druaga – Hidden Tower
In the Museum, hold L1+R1 and press Up, Right,
Down, Left three times. If done correctly, a pickaxe
icon will appear.

Now, enter the Tower of Druaga exhibit halls. Go
directly forward untill you bump into a wall. Pac-Man
will indicate there’s something there. Press X and he’ll
dig through the wall. You’ll see a 3-D battle between
Gil and Druaga, and a new Tower of Druaga to play.
Submitted by Larcen Tyler

Galaxian – Hard Mode
Play the game GALAXIAN until you clear round 9.
After you’ve done this, press TRIANGLE during the
demo sequence to access the options window. Choose
„Option“ and you’ll find a new option called „Rank“.
This allows you to change the game from „Normal“ to
„Hard“ mode.

Galaxian – Psychadelic Mode
Play the game GALAXIAN until you have a high score
of 30,000 points or more. Once you’ve done this, press
the TRIANGLE button during the demo sequence to
access the options window. Highlight „Test“ and press
X; then, when the test screen appears, press
TRIANGLE to open the test screen options window.
Highlight „Dip SW“ and press X, then highlight swith
#6 and press UP to turn it on. Now start the game and
you’ll be playing in Psychidelic Mode, in which all
moving objects leave trails of colored lights on the

Galaxian – Turbo Mode
Load the game GALAXIAN. When the demo sequence
begins, press SELECT exactly 32 times to add credits.
When the number of credits shown in the lower right
corner of the screen is 32, press the SELECT button
one more time and hold it down while pressing
START. Now you’re playing in Turbo Mode, in which
the game speed is many times faster than the original.

Pole Position II – New Tracks
Go to the Test menu (press TRIANGLE to bring up the
menu, then go to Test) Now press TRIANGLE again to
access the menu, and choose dipswitches. Put
dipswitch #1 on and then return to the main game.
Re-access the menu, and you’ll see a new option called
„Course.“ Click on course and a tone will sound.

Start a game, and although the diagrams of the tracks
look normal, they have drastically changed! (Check out
the Test track!)

Namco Museum Vol. 4
Hidden Game
Go into the museum and from the information booth,
go right and up the stairs. Now, turn to the left and you
will see a room next to the game rooms called the
X-Room. Go into this room and hold
L1+L2+R1+R2+Up simultaneously. With these held,
press triangle. You will hear a sound and the room will
flash white for a second.

To the right of the dark room will be a woman with
green clothes. Stand in front of her and press X. She
wlil then disappear and you will be left with the
pedestal in the middle of the room and the words
„Assault Plus“ flashing above it. Access the pedestal
and the arcade game will be the new Assault Plus game!

Nascar 98
Paintball Mode:
Pausiert das Spiel und drückt R1 + R2 + L1 + L2. Mit /\ könnt ihr
nun schießen.
Turbo Mode:
Geht ins Optionsmenü, haltet O gedrückt und gebt oben, links, unten,
rechts ein.
Wählt die Ansicht, in der ihr alle Fahrer sehen könnt und haltet /\
Geht in den ‚Exhibition‘ Modus und wählt „Race Setup“ an. Wählt den
„Kenny Wallance“ Wagen, haltet X gedrückt und gebt unten, oben ein.

Nascar 99
Dirt Track
Start a race at Charlotte, and go around the finish line five times. A dirt track will appear in the infield area.

First Place Every Race
Press Up, Down, Left, Right Triangle, Square, Circle, X, in that order.

Race as Alan Kulwicki
Race in a championship season with at least a 50% race length and finish in the top five on the Bristol track.

Race as Benny Parsons
Race in a championship season with at least a 50% race length and finish in the top five on the Richmond track.

Race as Bobby Allison
Race in a championship season with at least a 50% race length and finish in the top five on the Charlotte track.

Race as Cale Yarborough
Race in a championship season with at least a 50% race length and finish in the top five on the Darlington track.

Race as Davey Allison
Race in a championship season with at least a 50% race length and finish in the top five on the Talladega track.

Race as Richard Petty
Race in a championship season with at least a 50% race length and finish in the top five on the Martinsville track.

Waving Driver
Select cockpit view, then hold Select until the driver waves.

NBA In The Zone 98
Slam Dunks:
Bewegt euch auf den Korb zu und drückt Turbo + Shoot gleichzeitig.
Alley Oop:
Wenn ein Mitspieler nahe am Korb steht, müßt ihr R2 + X drücken.

NBA Jam Extreme
Happy Team
Pirate Bill – SAL – 2/2
Mr. Happy – MJT – 3/22
Dufus, the Clown – GRR – 6/19
Three Feet Under – TOD – 4/17
Mr. Unhappy – GEM – 11/3
Ooohh – JLH – 1/26
Invisible Team
Who – WHO – 1/1
Brained – BCS – 1/7
Monkey Boy – PJP – 11/2
Howie – BCE – 7/10
im Jung – JKJ – 12/13
Huh – CBR – 6/25
God Code (alle Teams auswählbar): YME – 5/17

NBA Live 99
Fake Out Defense
When you inbound the ball, wait for a defender to come up to you. While you still have your dribble, hold down R2 and press the direction pad as if you were dribbling up court. After you let go of R2, quickly press square, and then dribble up court the opposite way that you did at first. The defender will be faked out, and you will have an open path to the hoop!

Fake Pass
During gameplay press L2+X and you will execute a fake pass.

Sun’s Gorilla
Go to the „Create a Player“ screen and enter BIG BOY as your name. Now enter Charles Barkley’s attributes. You should have Phoenix’s Gorilla mascot as a free agent.

NBA Shoot Out 98
360° Alley-Oop
Plaziert, wenn ihr in Ballbesitzt seid, einen Mitspieler direkt
neben dem Korb und drückt /\, O, [], X.
Kleine Spieler
Geht in das „Create Player“-Menü. Gebt als Vorname MICRO und als
Nachname MAN ein. Startet anschließend ein Exhibition Game mit dem
neuen Spieler.
Perfekter Spieler
Geht auch hier in das „Create-Player“-Menü. Gebt dem Spieler den
Vornamen „NOTHING CAN“ und den Nachnamen „SAVE“. Das College müßt
ihr „YOU“ nennen.

NCAA Football
Announce Real Names
Although college players can’t have their names in a video game because of NCAA regulations, that doesn’t stop the player from naming them. Go to roster management and name the players from your favorite team with the names of the actual players.

During a game, where the announcer would normally say the number of the player, he will say the players last name. For example, on UCLA, name QB #18 „C. MCNOWN“, then play a game and rush with the quarterback. The announcer will say, „Run by McNown for a gain of…“

Bonus Teams in Exhibition Games
To access more teams in Exhibition mode enter these passwords at the USER
PROFILE screen. You will hear „Its in the game“ if entered correctly. You can also access the secret stadiums with any of these passwords.

AJNADS 1973 Alabama
DDPELOP 1978 Alabama
GCRHIUSC 1989 Alabama
CJOEOR 1992 Alabama
BDAORN 1989 Colorado
OMJIER 1996 Florida
JROONB 1993 Florida State
GRUSBL 1996 Florida State
ISTME 1982 Georgia
MDAADND 1983 Miami
HMOEL 1986 Miami
JDALCK 1987 Miami
NJOH 1989 Miami
VSAEN 1991 Miami
SICAH 1992 Miami
LEDIWS 1994 Miami
WRIFA 1965 Michigan State
MFAEN 1991 Michigan
SJCOH 1983 Nebraska
TEWGT 1991 Nebraska
HEREWG 1993 Nebraska
SDWA 1994 Nebraska
CGEO 1973 Notre Dame
CSH 1988 Notre Dame
DAMYNO 1989 Notre Dame
POEWRO 1968 Ohio State
RJOTNH 1979 Ohio State
ZULU1 1985 Oklahoma
TANDGWO 1987 Oklahoma
SDAIL 1994 Oregon
SFAEYT 1978 Penn State
SJOI 1982 Penn State
GNAMS 1985 Penn State
REERM 1986 Penn State
OLUTP 1994 Penn State
TJUO 1991 Washington
GHEOMO 1988 West Virginia
DPUAT 1985 Alabama
CLICK 1975 Arizona State
JGOBE 1969 Arkansas
CURLHB 1946 Army
VSAG 1985 Auburn
DWOUC 1984 Boston College
PZKPI 1981 Clemson
OPLTO 1976 Georgia
FERT 1984 Miami
PSAPM 1973 Michigan
PWARSS 1997 Michigan
SWEEPRT 1966 Michigan State
KEORH 1982 Stanford
DOEFL 1971 Nebraska
FIRELT 1975 Nebraska
QAULI 1997 Nebraska
SEDEF 1981 North Carolina
FOLTA 1946 Notre Dame
KPEAL 1957 Notre Dame
PSAON 1966 Notre Dame
JDEMI 1974 Notre Dame
CAUSE 1970 Ohio State
MDAVI 1973 Ohio State
SLANTG 1957 Oklahoma
ITGSIN 1971 Oklahoma
ZAIDE 1956 Mississippi
MIDJ 1976 Pittsburgh
BSUGUS 1970 Stanford
MAERUN 1997 Tennessee
CHELT 1982 California
RTACE 1969 Texas
GQ 1988 UCLA
XLL 1988 USC
TMERIG 1997 Washington State
XXL 1962 Wisconsin
…and also…
EAFLOR Tiburon

Endzone Celebrations
When you score a touchdown, press and hold L1+L2 with any of the following:

R1 Spin the ball
Triangle Back flip
Square Hulk pose
X Heisman walk
Circle Spike the ball

Great Defense
For a great defense always use field goal block for your play. Use the middle linebacker to blast through the line. You may sometimes give up a 20 to 30 yard pass play, but you will eventually force a punt or a turnover.

Hidden Stadiums
Go to the STADIUM SELECT screen in EXHIBITION MODE. Hold L2 + R2 to make the stadium select screen scroll real fast. When the scrolling stops, check at the bottom for the new stadiums. If they are not there, then repeat this process a few more times. Scroll to the bottom of the stadium list again. The new stadiums should be there. Keep repeating the process until they are.

Random Stadium Selection
To choose a stadium at random, hold L2 and R2 at the STADIUM SELECT screen.

View Opponent’s Selections
To view the computer’s picks, go to user profiles and enter the name „Free Cam“.

NCAA March Madness
Easter Eggs
To enter these codes, create a new player and enter one of the following as
their name.

* OOMPA — Tiny Players
* FATTONY — Enormous players
* ROSWELL — Alien Team
* OLDTIME — 60’s and 70’s teams


These are level codes for Nectaris PSX. You can play through or enter the last code „Final Exam“ style for access to the „Legend Story.“


Need for speed
Add Weight to the Car
First enter ‚TSYBNS‘ at the Password screen, then at
the car selection screen, select „Car Showcase“ and
„Mechanical.“ From here, select „Next Slide.“ You can
now add extra weight to the front of the car you are
viewing by pressing L1 and add weight to the back of
the car by pressing R1. The weight is marked by the
number or red triangles at the end of the car.

Cheat Mode
To enable the cheats below, select Tournament Mode
and enter the password „TSYBNS“.

Note: This code must be entered before any other code
will work.

Desert Springs
To race in the desert, hold L1 + R1 while selecting the
Rusty Springs track.

Lunar Springs
To race on the moon, enter the password „MQKZCL“
or use the cheat code above, then highlight the Rusty
Springs track, hold TRIANGLE and press L1 + R1

Machine Guns
Blow away the competition with the machine gun.
Choose Head to Head mode, then immediately after
choosing your opponent’s car hold Up + Left + L1
+ Square + Circle until the race begins.

Ridge Racer Mode
For a Ridge Racer style of play, hold L1 + R1 while
you select the number of laps you want.

Road Rally Mode
To go offroad, hold L1 + R1 while selecting any track
except Rusty Springs. This code replaces the pavement
with dirt.

Warrior Car
To race in the Warrior Car, enter the Bonus Track code,
then exit tournament mode and hold L1 + R1 when
selecting a car. Prepare yourself for a rough ride, as
this baby accelerates at nearly 2G!

Need for speed 2
Bonus Cars
To access these vehicles, enter one of the following passwords.

Password Vehicle
ARMYME Army truck
BNZME Mercedes Benz
BUGME Volkswagen Bug
CITME Citreon
JEPME Jeep Truck
LCME Toyota Landcruiser
LILZIP Ford Indigo
LIMOME Limosine
OUTHME Outhouse
QUATME Audi Quattro
SEMIME Semitrailer cab
SNOWME Snowplow
STDAME Green souvenier stand
STDBME Blue souvenier stand
STDCME Red souvenier stand
TREXME Tyrannosaurus Rex
VOVME Volvo wagon
WAGOME Horseless wagon
YJME Mid-80’s jeep

Bonus Cars for Player Two
In two player mode the second player can also drive a
secret car. To do this put a U after the code instead of
ME. Example: BUSME for one player and BUSU for
the Second player.

Bonus Track
Enter the password „SHOTME“ to race through the lots
of Monolithic Studios. Remember: not everything is as
it seems.

Faster Engine
To upgrade all vehicles to the Pioneer engine, enter the
password „POWRUP“. For an even faster car, enter
this password again.

More Camera Angles
After you pick a race, the game will load. While it is
loading, press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle,
Square, O, X. Let go when the race starts.

North Country Shortcut
Prior to the 1st switchback right after the grey tunnel,
slow down and take a sharp right just past the fence.
You will bypass the first switchback by doing this.

Offroad in Monolithic Studios
Race in Monolithic Studios until you reach the Jurassic
Park segment. After you pass the first two huts on your
right, drive about 20 feet and you will be able to turn
right and enter the jungle.

Pacific Spirit Shortcuts

1.At the part where you see the parking lot on the
left, enter the parking lot. Now drive on the
grass until you reach the road again.

2.Drive down a logging road, When you reach
the long straightaway by the sea. Slow down
veer right towards the trees, There is enough
room to go in between them, Then you will
have a straight stretch on a logging road that
runs parallel to the road, Beware it ends where
the black mountains start exit the same way,
between the trees and to your left.

Need for Speed 3
Gebt die nachfolgenden Codes als Euren Namen im
Options-Menü ein:
playtm – aktiviert die Geheimstrecke „The Room“. Ein Rennen im
xcav8 – aktiviert die Geheimstrecke „Caverns“. Rennen in einer
xcntry – aktiviert die Geheimstrecke „AutoCross“ für ein Rennen
innerhalb eines Canyons.
mnbeam – aktiviert die Geheimstrecke „SpaceRace“ für ein Rennen auf
einer Weltraumstation.
gldfsh – aktiviert die Geheimstrecke „Scorpio-7“ für ein Rennen in
einer Unterwasser-Kolonie.
mcityz – aktiviert die Geheimstrecke „Empire City“.
spoilt – aktiviert alle Fahrzeuge, inklusive „El Nino“ und alle
normalen Strecken.
1jagx – der Jaguar XJR15 ist Euer.
amgmrc – aktiviert den noblen Mercedes Benz CLK GTR.
rocket – aktiviert den Super-Bonuswagen „El Nino“.

Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
To do an awesome burnout, put your car in neutral and put one of the brakes on and then floor the gas with the brake still applied and shift into first gear with the brake and gas still on.
Submitted by Sam Barker (napredator@aol.com)
Change Cop Voices
After you finish setting up your game and you are at the screen with the RPM meter on it, hit START and press every button in the code at the same time. Hold them all until the Loading screen appears.
Changes the cops speech:
Cops speak German:
Cops speak Spanish:
Cops speak Italian:
Cops speak French:

Cheat Codes
To enter these codes, go to the user name screen in the options menu, then enter
the desired code:
mcityz „Empire City“ bonus track.
Gldfsh „Scorpio-7“ hidden track
Mnbeam „SpaceRace“ hidden track
Xcntry „AutoCross“ hidden track
Xcav8 „Caverns“ hidden track
Playtm „The Room“ hidden track
1jagx Jaguar XJR-15
amgmrc Mercedes Benz CLK GTR
rocket El Nino car
Seeall More camera views
spoilt All cars and all tracks
except the hidden ones

More Codes
Enter these codes after you’ve chosen a race, but before the LOADING screen appears.

Power Horn
Press and Hold (Just until the loading screen comes up)…Start+Select+R1+L2

Slow Motion by 20%

Increase Car Weight
Lets your car run down the traffic without slowing down. Select+Square+X

Never Crash
Press Up, Down, Up, Left, Right on the loading screen.

After the road splits into two side by side at different elevations for the second time, the shortcut is on the right, a little before you take the regular right.

Country Woods:
On the Country Woods track, once you get past two or three 90 degree turns, you should come to a really sharp hairpin, (look for it on the map display) once you come to that, you see a little hill of snow off to the side of the road. Go up the hill, then cut the wheel sharp to realign yourself with the track. This gives you an enormous amount of ground!

After coming out of the second tunnel the track goes uphill, the shortcut is on the uphill and to the right of the tower with the red blinking light.

Empire City:
The first shortcut is almost immediately after you start the race. The shortcut is on the left, right before you see the crane, there is also a street light almost inside the shortcut.
The second shortcut is just past the first left after the crane. You will see boxes on the right with small, blinking barracades between them. Run them over and you are in the shortcut.
After you come out of the second shortcut there is a cement barrier directly ahead of you. Slightly to the left of this there are several flashing barriers, go through these and follow the path. Be sure to turn to the left so that you can head in the right direction on the track.
The fourth shortcut is after you pass through the lighted tunnel and a row of pillars (the second long row of pillars you have come across). Right after you pass all of the pillars go into the lighted area to the right. Stay in this area until the lights end. Right when the lights end there is a miscolored part of the wall with flyers on it. Run through the wall and you are inside the

On the Hometown track, right before the first covered bridge, there’s a stretch of grass before and in the turn. Cut through the grass right before the turn, then let the car slide up to the left side of the track, don’t get too close to the side of the bridge though. This tip should cut off a few seconds from your time, it will also boost your speed for the upcoming jump.

Red Rock Ridge:
In redrock ridge, there is a shortcut through the hairpin, right before it, there is a place to pull over on the right, drive through there, and powerslide left right before the cactus, then go straight forward through the cleared area, and turn left onto the road. This helps when you’re being chased by the cops, they have to take the hairpin, so you can lose them.

For all you Titanic lovers out there go to Aquatica during the daytime and wait by the coast and you just might see the famous luxury liner. The captain might give you horn blow every now and then. She sure is a beauty.

Need for speed High Stakes
Dashboard View
Select any mode,any track, and any car. Press START on the race icon (at the car selection screen) then immediately hold UP+TRIANGLE+X before the loading screen appears. Hold this until the race begins.
Drunk Mode
Pick a car and start a race. Immediately press Up + L2 + R1 and hold through the loading screen. The screen will now be blurred as if you were drunk.
Easier Tickets
Enter Pursuit Mode and choose a cop car. When the game starts, hold L1 and press UP to turn off your sirens. The person running will slow down. When you’ve caught up to him, press L1 + UP to turn your sirens back on, then pull him over.
Easy Money
After buying your first car go to two-player mode and select High Stakes. It will ask you if you want to save; select YES.
After accessing memory slot 1 it will ask for memory card 2. Take the card out of slot #1 and place it in #2. The game will think it’s a different memory card and will duplicate your car. Now all you have to do is beat yourself (easy 🙂
and sell the car you won.
Extra Music Tracks
First, go to the audio options from the main menu. Then go to the cd player and select it. Go all the way to the bottom, and there are two music tracks that are turned off. Just turn them on, and you can listen to them while your driving.
Headlights and Turn Signals
While racing, hold L1 and press LEFT or RIGHT for the blinker. Hold L1 and press UP for the headlights. Hold L1 and press DOWN to turn on your hazard lights.
Heavy Car
Before the loading screen appears to load your next race, press START to load the game and immediatly after, press and hold LEFT + SQUARE + CIRCLE. Continue to hold the buttons until the loading screen disapears. You will now be able to knock over other cars easily when bumping into them.Phantom Car
To get the phantom car, enter your name as FLASH. Note that you cannot save if you use this code.
Police Helicopter
To pilot a police helicopter in test drive mode, enter your name as WHIRLY, then enter test drive. Note that you cannot save the game if you use this code.
Super Cop Cars
To get the Super Cop Cars, You must arrest 10 speeders within the given time limit.
Titan Car
When entering a username, enter „Hotrod“ and you’ll get a beast of a car to play with. This cheat disables game saving.

Need for Speed: V-Rally
Cheat Codes
Watch the game’s loading sequence carefully; when
you see the Infogrames logo begin to appear on a white
background, quickly press UP, Down, then
Immediately hold the Triangle button and press Circle.
you should see the words „LOCK OFF“ in green
letters, right in the middle of the screen; this allows you
to access all of the tracks in Arcade or Championship

As soon as you see the words „LOCK OFF,“ if you
release the Triangle and Circle buttons immediately you
can enter any or all of the additional codes show below;
these buttons must be held down before the Infogrames
logo is colored in and you must continue to hold them
until the memory card message appears:

* Hold L1 and the words „TIME OFF“ will appear;
now the race won’t end if the timer runs out in Arcade

* Hold L2 and the words „NARROW ON“ will appear;
now the tracks will be more narrow in Arcade mode.

* Press Left, then press and continue to hold R2; the
words „RESTART ON“ will appear. This adds a
„Restart“ option to the „Pause“ menu in both Arcade
and Championship modes, allowing you to restart a
race if something goes wrong.

* Press Left, then Right: the words „FULL DEBUG“
will appear. Now you can see the programmers‘
debugging data on the screen and in a new „Pause“
menu option called „Memory.“ Note; you can’t use the
„Restart“ option if you enter this code.

NFL Blitz
Versteckte Spieler
Gebt folgende Codes im „Enter Initials“-Screen ein.
Spieler Name Code
Mark Turmell Turmell 0322
Sal Divita Sal 0201
Jason Skiles Jason 3141
Jennifer Hedrick Jenifr 3333
Dan Thompson Daniel 0604
Jeff Johnson Japple 6660
John Root Root 6000
Luis Mangubat Luis 3333
Mike Lynch Mike 3333
Jim Gentile Gentil 1111
Brain Brain 1111
Dan Forden Forden 1111
Skull Skull 1111
Headless Guy Carltn 1111
Demon Shinok (MK) Shinok 8337
Raiden (MK) Raiden 3691
Thug 1111
Van 1234
Billz 0526
Zz 1221
Jimk 5651
Marka 1112
Ed 3246
Todd 1122
Mitch 4393
John 5158
Josh 4288
Ryan 1029
Beth 7761
Brian 0818
Grinch 2220
Paulo 0517
Lt 7777
Nico 4440
Gatson 1111
Guido 6765
Rog 8148
Monty 1836
Shun 0530
Gene 0310
Paula 0425
Dbn 6969

NFL Gameday 99
All-Star and Superbowl Teams
On Main Menu screen play in pre-season mode. Then, on the „Select Your Team“ screen press CIRCLE. When you press CIRCLE once you’ll get the NFL All-Star teams. If you press CIRCLE twice you’ll get the Superbowl teams.
NOTE: Not all the NFL teams have All-Star and Superbowl teams.

Easter Eggs
Go to the Easter Egg menu and enter one of the following codes to activate the
corresponding feature:
* Big Balls — Large football
* Big Hits — Louder noises
* Blinders — No penalties
* Bobo — All players are named Bobo
* Bunyon — Big players
* Coffee Break — Speed juiced
* Con Man — CPU hides pass coverage
* CPU Scores — CPU players are faster
* CPU Stuffs — CPU offensive line has super strength and speed
* Credits — View credits
* Davis — Running back is juiced
* Euro League — All players have European last names
* Even Teams — All players are equal
* Flea Circus — Tiny players
* Flat Land — Flat players
* GD Challenge — Bonus difficulty level
* Grudge Match — Red redzones, checkered touchdown area, invisible field goals
* Hamstrung — Blow a hamstring after using speed burst
* Hangtime — Punts hang in the air longer
* Hoops — Players‘ last names are all basketball players
* Hot Shot — CPU player celebrates in the field
* Invisible — Invisible players
* Its In The Fps — Frame-rate changes
* Mind Reader — CPU knows your play
* Playing Cards — Flat players
* Pole Axe — Forearm is juiced
* Pop Warner — Small, fast players
* Presidents — Players named after Presidents
* Prime Time — CPU makes big plays
* Puppets — Players have red string attached to their heads
* Red Zone — Players‘ last name are all Red Zone personnel
* Rocket Man — Ball carrier has random speed bursts
* Slideshow — See cheerleaders after a game
* Sports — All players have last names from the credits
* Stamina — Juiced endurance
* Steel Leg — Longer field goals
* Stickem — Great hands for receivers
* Swimmers — Swim move juiced
* Tele Tummy — Televisions in players stomachs
* Weak — Quick fatigue

Halftime Tricks
When you are kicking it off to your oppenent at halftime push, triangle. One of your players will start doing a touchdown dance.
TIP: Do it once you see your team or the code wont work.

Lightning Hit
When on DEFENSE wait until your oppenent trys a passing play then switch to the closest defender to whom he is passing the ball to. Wait till he barely gets the ball then tackle him as he is catching the ball. This should make a flash of lightning appear on the screen along with thunder.

NFL Xtreme
Gebt im „Player Creation“-Screen folgende Namen ein.
Große Spieler – BIG BEN
Kleine Spieler – TINY TOM
Neue Animationen – LAMEBOY LENNY

NHL 98
Kleine Spieler: NHLKIDS
EA-Sports Team: EAEAO
Große Spieler: BIGBIG
Große Torhüter: PLAYTIME

NHL Breakaway 98
Versteckte Teams
Wechselt in die Teamauswahl und gebt L1, L2, [] ein.
Outfit ändern
Wenn ihr die folgenden Codes eingebt, könnt ihr in den Trikos der
jeweiligen Manschaft spielen.
Cleveland Barons: R1, R1, O
Toronto St. Pats: L1, L1, O
Nansas City Scouts: R2, R2, O
Oakland Seals: L2, L2, O
Montreal Maroons: L1, R1, [] Portland Rosebuds: L2, R2, [] New York Americans: R1, L2, O

Nightmare Creatures
Supercode: X, oben, O, O, O, X, [], /\

Nuclear Strike
LAZARUS – unendlich Leben
WARPDRIVE – höhere Geschwindigkeit
GOPOSTAL – unendlich Munition
EAGLEEYE – Gegner schießen nicht
MPG – geringer Spritverbrauch
COMMERCIAL -Future Srike Preview
EAGLEEYE – Level anschauen
AVENGER – keine Feinde
PHOENIX – zwei Extraleben
WARRIOR – drei Extraleben

Markiert im Hauptmenü das Wort „Optionen“, haltet R1gedrückt und
gebt unten, rechts, links, rechts, [], O, [], /\, O, [], rechts,
links ein.
Markiert auch hier das Wort „Optionen“, haltet R1 gedrückt und gebt
oben, links, rechts, [], O, /\, [], rechts, links, oben, rechts ein.
Einfache Pfeif-Rätsel
Haltet während eines laufenden Spiels R1 gedrückt und gebt /\, oben,
O, links, X, unten, [], rechts ein. Die Pfeif-Rätsel lassen sich nun
durch einmaliges Pfeifen lösen.
Wer Abes Furtz-Attacke optisch untermalen möchte, muß während eines
laufenden Spiels R1 gedrückt halten und oben, links, rechts, [], O,
X eingeben.

Oddworld: Abes Exoddus
Find Hidden Mudokons
Missing a few mudokons? Try and pay close attention for soulstorm brew bottles that are laying about. Each bottle marks a secret area that you must look for in order to successfully save all 300 mudokons.

Level Skip
During the game hold R1 and press Circle, Circle, X, X, Square, Square.
This cheat will take you to the next significant portion of the game (almost the next path). You can use the cheat as often as you like to get past difficult areas of the game.
WARNING: Using this cheat will result in a less than ideal number of saved Mudokons and increase the number of killed Mudokons as a penalty for cheating, so use it wisely!

Oddworld: Abes Oddysee
Green Gas Fart
While playing the game hold R1 then press Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, X. Make sure you’re wearing your gas mask!

Level Select
At the main menu, hold R1 and press Down, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Right, Left.

Movie Select
At the main menu, hold R1 and press Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Right, Left, Up, Right.

Speak in Tongues
At any time without pausing the game press and hold R1, and press Triangle, Up, Circle, Left, X, Down, Square, Right. You will now be able to solve any voice puzzle with any single sound!

Off-World Interceptor Extreme
Tons of Cash
At the Options screen press SQUARE, X, CIRCLE 6 times, L1.

Ogre Battle Limited Edition
Startet ein neues Spiel und gebt anstelle eueres Namens folgende
Codes ein.
Bonus Fight: FIRESEAL.
Schnelleres Spiel: GOTOHELL.
Sound-Test: MUSIC/ON

Debug Menü: HEYBUDDY
Levelselect: HEVYFEET
Alle Waffen: MAXPOWER
Bonuslevel: 1MORELV

One on One
Open Omake Mode
Beat the game with a character and you will get three pictures of him/her. One is the one that shows during the ending and two are sketches of that character.
Play as King
Beat the game with all characters, including Mash and Oscar.
Play as Mash
Beat the game with any character while meeting Mash and you will be able to play as him.
Play as Oscar
Beat the game with any character while meeting Oscar and you will be able to play as him.

A=Anker, G=Galeone, F=Fish, T=Totenkopf Level Faß 1Faß
2 Faß 3 Faß 4 Faß 5 Faß 6

Cheat Codes
Add more mayhem to your adventure with these passwords.

BORNFREE = Level Select
ALMABHOL = Open all levels
HARDBODY = Invincibility
VITAMINS = Gain 31 lives
CORONARY = Plenty of hearts to keep you health
EVILDEAD = Immortal enemies
TWISTEYE = Rotate the screen by holding L1 + L2 and moving the D-pad
INANDOUT = Quitting returns you to the map
THETHING = Hold L2 to mutate your body. Press L2 + X to reset
BODYSWAP = Press Triangle to swap characters in mid-game
OTTOFIRE = Special weapons never run out of power
TOMMYBOY = Takes you to a pinball screen when you finish a level
CASHDASH = Takes you to a „speed greed“ screen when you finish a level
KNCACKDE = Bonus pinball round

Level Password

Pandemonium 2
IMMORTAL – 31 Leben
AIMIDJMF – Levelanwahl
NEVERDIE: Unendlich Leben
GETACCES – Levelanwahl
GENETICS – Mutationen
GONAHURL – Kamera beeinflussen
SKATBOARD – Turbo-Modus
MAKMYDAY – Waffe speichern
JUSTKIDN – Monster-Modus

Parappa the Rapper
FAQ’s and Strategy Guides

Best Ending
Get a COOL rating (finish the level with a cool rating)
on every level and you get a new level were you watch
Sunny Funny and Katy Kat dance on a table. You can
change the view with the D-pad, zoom in and out with
R1 and L1, and change Sunny’s and Katy’s clothes
with the X and Triangle buttons.

Easy Fleaswallow Mode
In the third level, ignore the beat given to you at the
top. Instead, follow Fleaswallow’s beat to the button
given at the top of the screen (while holding left). If
done correctly, Parrapa will only the utter the first
syllable of each sentence while alternating between
Good and Cool. This is a funny and easy way to get
past Fleaswallow’s stage.

Hidden Images
In Level 1, hold Up and keep rapping. After awhile the
background should open for a second and reveal a
picture of a crazy onion head in the shower. (No, he’s
not naked.) This works on other levels as well.

Rap on your own
If you get a „cool“ rating on the last level you get to rap
on your self by just pushing the buttons. If you rap for
a long time you will get over 3000 points, be able to
watch the Karate guy break dance, and beat the level.

Pause the game and press Triangle, Triangle, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Left. If you did it right you’ll hear a sound. Enter the code again to resume mortality.
Level Select
At the title screen, press Square 5 times, Triangle 7 times, and Circle 3 times.
Move Options
If you’re maxed out on Options (four rabbits) you can change their alignment by getting enough capsules to choose Options again.
Pause the game and enter Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, L, R, L, R, Right, Left. You should hear a noise and when you unpause you’ll have maximum power (not counting your shields).
In a two-player game this code will power-up your partner as well. If you use this code with the original Parodius as well and you get a shield when you do it.

Pax Corpus
The Prison: BIDYE
The Temple: KNUTW
The Spacelab: BENYO
The Rocket Silo: CODUZ
Unendlich Freezes: HITTT
Unendlich Energie: NOHIT

Perfect Weapon
Pausiert ein laufendes Spiel und haltet rechts + [] + O + links + R1
+ R2 gedrückt.

Best Ending
For the best ending, give these responses to Mae when
you meet her in the Lost Forest:

Mae: „If I stay here I’ll be safe, right?“
You: „Stop!“

Mae: „Why do you fight?“
You: „For everyone.“

Mae: „Why must you live?“
You: „For finding the answer.“

Get Chris
Step 1: Talk to the teacher in the room north of the entrance.

Step 2: Search all the rooms on the 2nd floor.

Step 3: Talk to the students in room 2-1.

Step 4: Go to the casino in Joy Street and talk to everyone there.

Step 5: Visit the abandoned factory.

Step 6: Go to Yin & Yan and talk to Chris’s mother.
Tell that you know Chris and that you will be his

Step 7: After leaving the hospital, meet Chris in front
of the Sebec Building.

Step 8: Do NOT allow Brad, Ellen, or Alana to travel with you.

When you meet Chris in Mary’s World, he will join you.

Pitfall 3D
10 Leben
99 Leben:
Flying Mode:
Big Head Mode:
Silence Mode:
Comic Mode:
Endgegner 1) RIESENKERL
Endgegner 2) WURMKUR
Endgegner 3) ENDSPURT

Pocket Fighter
Bonus Characters
At the player select screen go to Ryu and press left and
you will see Akuma. And go to Ken and press right and
you will see Dan!

Restart Fight
At the end of a fight hold L1, L2, R1, R2, Select and
Start. The match will restart without any loading.

Pocket Fighter
Als Dan kämpfen
Wählt bei der Charakterauswahl Ken an und drückt rechts.
Als Gouki kämpfen
Wählt bei der Charakterauswahl Ryu an und drückt links.

Point Blank
Extra Points
In the Octopus stage, you can shoot the crab for some
bonus hit points.

In any of the stuffed toy stages, you can repeatedly
shoot the glass that shows your target and get many
bonus hit points.

In most of the criminal stages, you can shoot out the
windows of cars or buildings and get many extra hit
points. If you shoot out a window when a criminal
pops up, you can also get more than 100% accuracy
and get more points.

In some of the protecting Dr. Don and Dr. Dan stages,
you can shoot them and get hits for shooting them.
Submitted by Sugar Man, Gecko 1 and Blake Bausser

In quest mode, start a new game and go down until you
see a raft. Run over it to get the map.
Submitted by Sugar man and Gecko 1

Power Shotgun and Power Machine Gun
The Power Shotgun and Power Machine Gun in Quest
Mode are found in the last level. You go to the second
town (The town without the inn) and head south along
the eastern edge of trees. About half way between that
town and the small hut, there will be a secret entrance
into the forest. You must navigate through the forest
maze and get into the large pond on the other side. Once
you get there, head just north of the uppermost ducks in
the pond and near the center. Search around and you
should find the Power Shotgun. Then, travel south
through the pond and you should find the Power
Machine Gun. These two items are just the Shotgun
and Machine Gun that can be used an infinite number of

NOTE: To use the Power Shotgun, you must have a
dexterity of at least 40. To use the Power Machine
Gun, you must have a dexterity of at least 60.

Walkthrough for Stage 1
At the starting of QUEST MODE. Go down to the raft
and pick up the map in the raft. Next, go into the
Beach Village. Just in case you see someone who says
that he/she lost 100g, go out of the hut. Then go to the
RIGHT of the hut. You will pick up 100g. Keep them.
The girl won’t mind. Next, go to a boys house who
asks for Ruby Kippers. Go north east of his hut. Pick
up the Ruby Kippers. Keep them. Don’t give them to
the boy. But, if you go into his house, he won’t hurt
you for not giving them to him. But tell you how to use
them. Next, go to Old Man’s Forest. Talk to
EVERYBODY. Then stick around and hunt U.F.O’s.
They give you 80-180g a piece!If you get minimized,
use the Plump-Pump to get you to normal size.Next, go
into the swamp and find a Pirrane who gives you a
membership card. Fight him for it.

Once you have the membership card talk to Ribbit the
frog and he will let you have it. Then talk to the
assistant 40 times at the club then go to Forest village
and talk to the people then go to the club and talk to the
assistant 40 more times then talk to all the people in
Forest village again then go back to the club for the last
time. There will be a new assistant who will let you

Now that you are in go to the house in the middle of the
stone circle. Rosewell will meet you and tell you that
he will give his peice of Gunball if you kill all of the
U.F.O.’s around his house (you can see the
U.F.O.’s). After you kill them return to Rosewell’s
house and you will meet an old man who says you have
to complete one more stage to save Rosewell andget the
first peice of Gunball so do it!
Submitted by Sugar man & Gecko 1

Powerboat Racing
Schnellere Boote: ZOOOOOM
Schnellere Boote: SPEEEEP
Supermotor: LARGE
Große Boote: DEFORM
Kleine Boote: COMPACT
Große Boote: LONGONE
Slalomrennen: L.R
Minenrennen: U.G
Meisterschaftsrennen: CUP
Goldfischklasse: MIN
Turbo-Pick-Ups öffnen: HELP.ME
Versteckte Boote: PLA
Normale Boote: LAS
Katamaranrennen in der Hecht-Klasse: IKE
Barracudaklasse: CUD

Rage Racer
Enhanced Colors
For additional colors when painting your own logo,
move the cursor out of the painting area and hold
L1+L2+R1+R2+Select. An RGB option will appear.
To change these values, use Left or Right and R1+Up
or Down.

Mirror Mode
To race on a mirrored version of any track, select a race
and hold L1 + R1 + Select + Start until the race begins.

Rotate Logo
To get a better idea of how your logo will appear on a
car, hold L1 + R1 + any direction to rotate and flip your

Toggle Rear View Mirror
To turn off the rear view mirror, pause the game and
press L1 while holding TRIANGLE. To restore the
mirror, just do it again.

Rally Cross
Die Codes werden als „Highscore-Name“ oder „Neue
Season“-Name eingegeben:
banzai – hilft (angeblich) schneller zu beschleunigen
stone – die Autos werden schwerer, was sich auf die Fahrphysik
feather – leichtere Autos. Die Autos springen etwas durch die
float – niedrigere Gravitation. Die Wagen beginnen teilweise zu
fat tires – lasst euch überraschen…
no wheels – s. oben.

Rampage 2
Als Passwort eingeben:

SM14N um Gorge zu spielen
S4VRS um Lizzie zu spielen
LVPVS um Ralph zu spielen
NOT3T um Myukus zu spielen
B1G4L für einen Super-Myuskus
SRY3D um Noob Myukus zu spielen
BVGGY um das Cheat-Menü freizuschalten

Rampage 2: Universal Tour
Cheat Menu
Enter BVGGY as your password to add „CHEATS“ to the Options Menu.

Play as George
To access George, enter the password SM14N.

Play as Lizzie
To play as Lizzie, enter the password S4VRS.

Play as Myukus
To play as Myukus, enter the password N0T3T.

Play as Noobus Myukus
Enter SRY3D as your password to play as NOOBUS Myukus, a shadow version of

Play as Ralph
To play as Ralph, enter the password LVPVS.

Play as Unpronouncable Alien
To play as the alien with an unpronounceable name, enter the password B1G4L.

Rampage World Tour
Play as George
To access George, enter the password SM14N.

Play as Lizzie
To play as Lizzie, enter the password S4VRS.

Play as Myukus
To play as Myukus, enter the password N0T3T.

Play as Ralph
To play as Ralph, enter the password LVPVS.

Play as Unpronouncable Alien
To play as the alien with an unpronounceable name, enter the password B1G4L.

Ranma half renaissance
Alternate Costumes
In Versus Mode and Battle Mode, hold L1 + L2 when
picking a character.

Play as Final Boss
To play as the final boss in Versus Mode, try this.

1.Player 1: highlight Rama and press Right,
Right, Right, Down, Left, Left, Left,
Up, then press any key.
2.Player 2: highlight Rama’s friend and press
Left, Left, Left, Up, Right, Right,
Right, Down, then press any key.

Rapid Racer
Gebt anstelle der Namen folgende Cheats ein:
FMV-Sequenzen sehen: STR
Spiegelverkehrte Strecken: PRIM
Porsche Mode: BXTR
Unendlich Turbos: RUSH
Fractal Tracks: FRAC
Nach Abbruch 1st: WINR

Level überspringen
Gebt als Paßwort HOUSE ein. Nun könnt ihr mit R1 den nächsten Level
und mit R2 den nächsten Raum anwählen.
Unbesiegbarkeit: INFIN
Unendlich Munition: JUICY

Free Play-Mode:
Haltet im Titelbildschirm L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 und drückt siebenmal
oben, viermal unten, Start.
Wer nicht schummeln möchte, kann sich den Free Play-Mode auch
„ehrlich erarbeiten“: Spielt Raystorm mindestens 200mal.

Rebel Assault 2
Unverwundbar: /\, O, O, /\, O, X
Levelanwahl: X, /\, [], O, X, /\

Spielt als Enzo
Gebt im Hauptmenü folgende Tastenkombination ein:
oben, links, unten, links, unten, L1, R1, rechts, unten, rechts.
Startet daraufhin ein neues Spiel.
Spielt als Dot
Gebt im Hauptmenü folgende Tastenkombination ein:
links, R1, rechts, oben, unten, R2, L1, rechts, oben, unten.
Startet daraufhin ein neues Spiel.
Volle Glitch Tool Energie
Gebt im Hauptmenü rechts, L1, oben, rechts, unten, L1, R1, oben,
unten, links ein.
Startet nun ein neues Spiel.
Kurzzeitig Unverwundbar
Gebt im Hauptmenü unten, R1, links, rechts, unten, L2, R2, links,
rechts, oben ein.
Wenn Ihr nun ein neues Spiel startet, seit ihr bei der Aufnahme
eines Glitch Tool Power Ups kurzzeitig unverwundbar.
Gebt im Hauptmenü links, unten, rechts, links, oben, R2, L1, oben,
links, rechts ein.
Wenn Ihr nun eibn neues Spiel startet, könnt Ihr mit dem Sprungknopf

Red asphalt
Big Cars
At the main menu, press and hold L2+R2, then press Up, Up, Up, Square, Square, Square.
Submitted by BrentA198@aol.com
Car Showroom
At the Title Screen, press and hold L2 + R1, then press TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, UP,
UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, X, X. After you enter the code correctly, the screen will go black and you’ll be able to select any car or boss vehicle to view. Not that helpful, but, if you really want to get an upclose view of the Tank O‘ Death, you can do so with this cheat.

Extra Cash Bonus
During the race position your vehicle on a power-up icon that always reappears as cash. The icon will keep reappearing and you will keep picking it up. Just be sure to finish the lap before time runs out or you will lose all the cash that you picked up. This also works with icons that always reappear as nitros.

Infinite Cash
At the main menu (the one that lets you choose your car, your character,
equipment, etc) press and hold L2+R2, then press Left, Left, Right, Right, Square, Square, Circle, Circle. You should hear a sound if you did the code correctly.
Note: Your money won’t visibly increase, but it won’t decrease when you buy cars, equipment, etc.

At the main menu hold R2+R1 and press Up, Left, Right, Down, Triangle, Circle, X.

Small Cars
At the main menu, press and hold L1+R1, then press Down, Down, Down, Circle, Circle.

Total Chaos
At the Title Screen, press and hold L2 + R2, then press DOWN, FORWARD, DOWN, FORWARD, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE. If you enter the code correctly, you will be taken to the Total Coas screen and you’ll be able to make selections from playing the game from the new screen.
NOTE: You can ONLY turn the Total Choas mode off by resetting your system

Voodoo Car
At the main menu, press and hold L2 then press Left, Right, Down, Up, Square, Circle, X, Triangle.

Reel fishing
Easy Reel-In
Once the fish bites and starts swimming quickly to the left, tap „X“ once. When the fish slows down, reel it in. It should not struggle. (This does not work on the „Lake“ level.)

Resident Evil
Clock Tip
If you look at the pool table in the Bar Room of the Guest House, you’ll notice cue balls reading 12, 6, 3, 9, a clock dial at the end of the table, and 2 cue sticks. This represents a clock; the numbers represents the numbers of a clock, and the cue sticks represents the hands of a clock, the shorter hand being the hour hand and the longer stick being the minute hand. For Jill’s storyline, it reads 3:45 and for Chris’s storyline, it reads 2:15. What this tip does is that it makes it easier to open the door with the numbered key-pad lock in the beehive room. For Jill, enter 3, 4, 5 and the door will unlock. For Chris, enter 2, 1, 5, and the door will unlock.Note: The numbers must not have been played with previously for trick to work.

Easier Way To Kill The Plant Boss
To save some time, as Jill, don’t go into the drug storehouse to make the
V-Jolt. Instead just go downstairs and drain out all the water from the
basement. Then, once you’re done fooling around downstairs, head back upstairs and load flame rounds into your bazooka (assuming you got it) and go into the Plant Boss Room. When you get in there fire at him as usual. It should take about four shots. When you’re finished and the plant has been reduce to a pile of purple goo on the middle of the floor, run over to the fireplace and get the helmet key. Doing this should save about fifteen minutes. You don’t have to do this if Barry comes in to save you though.
If this doesn’t work, do the exact same thing as above, but when you get back upstairs load explosive rounds in your bazooka and fire at will. It should also take about four shots, When you do that the plant should shrink itself and gather itself at the top and bottom of the room. Now exit the room, load flame rounds and go back inside. It should only take four flame rounds to kill it once and for all.

Hunting Tips
To kill Zombies in one shot, let them walk right in front of you. Then aim high with the Shotgun and fire. Poof! Dead zombies.
For acid-spitting zombies, let the zombies get pretty close, then fire three steady shots with your Beretta. This will save you a lot of ammo.
To kill spiders quick, here’s what to do. If you’re Jill, arm the Bazooka with Flame rounds. Then when you encounter a spider let it get pretty close (or if you like, when it’s ready to bite you), than fire! This works only agaist medium-sized spiders. You can try the Acid rounds, but it might take a shot or two more. For Chris, if you can pick up the flamethrower, use it agaist the huge spider. Just fire until it’s dead.

New Clothes
If you complete the game and rescue everyone then you will be awarded a secret key. To do this:

1. You must get all the MO Disks located in the rooms of the three floors.
2. After you get all three Disks, go to the room that is near the the stairs. Once inside move all the way to the end of the hallway. There should be a computer terminal located on the wall. When all the cards are inserted, the door will open.
3. Go inside the door and follow the path until you come to another door.
4. After this is done, go to the elevator which will take you to the fourth
floor. Here is you will first encounter the last level leader, Tyrant. (He’s relatively easy, just run around the room and shoot him. The Magnum and (Jill) bazooka works best.)
5. After he is dead, run back to the room where you met either Chris or Jill and free him/her.
6. Once he/she is freed run to the elevator located next to the main entrance.
There should be a trunk there, arm yourself with a lot of herbs and spray. Leave one spot open because you will need it for the battery that you will receive along the way.
7. After you get outside, take the signal flare that is in a box next to the door, and lite it.
8. The helicopter should appear. Once the helicopter tries to land, the leader Tyrant also shows up. He’s much harder now so make sure you have a lot of bullets and herbs. After about 10 shots, the helicopter will drop a rocket launcher. Quickly run and get and use it on Tyrant.
9. Once he’s dead, the game ends. After the credits scroll by, a screen should appear which says: „You have received the special key.“ Use this key on the 2nd floor of the mansion. It should be the only room that is left unexplored.
10. After you open the door and go into the closet, move all the way to the end of the rack of clothes. A message should appear which says:
„There is an outfit that fits you perfectly, do you want to put it on?“
Click „Yes“ and your characters‘ clothing will change.

Remove Emblems
To remove the emblems from the Doom books, examine the books and turn them on their side with the pages facing you. Press X to open the books and retrieve their emblems.

Rocket Launcher
For unlimited use of the Rocket Launcher finish the game within three hours. After the credits roll you’ll see a rocket fly by. Wait for the game to restart, then choose to play on. You’ll start the new game with a rocket launcher!

Save Some Ammo
When playing as Jill the first Zombie you come to is in the corridor over
Kenneth’s body. As soon as the Zombie starts coming at you, run into the dinning room where Barry is. Barry will ask what’s wrong, and then kill the approaching Zombie. This will save you a few rounds of valuable ammunition.

Enter the room with the number pad in the dormitory. To create V-Jolt mix UMB No. 2 with water to create the No. 3 chemical. Then mix UMB No. 2 with UMB No. 4 to create Yellow-06. Then mix No. 3 with UMB No. 4 to create No. 7. Next mix Yellow-06 with No. 7 to get No. 13. Finally make more No. 3 and then mix it to No. 13 to make V-Jolt.
An easy way to remember is 1+2=3, 3+4=7, 4+2=6, 6+7=13, 13+3=16 (Water=1.)

Resident Evil 2
Kill the Camera: Take the east exit out of the
basement, and go to the area with two dogs and a manhole in it.
Stand with your back to the manhole, walk forward from the
manhole until the camera changes angles, then face the camera
and fire with the Shotgun. You may have to tweak the aim a bit,
but…check it out!
Bonus Weapons: To get the Gatling Gun and the Submachine Gun,
finish any B scenario with a ranking of B or higher and a time
of under 2:30. To get a Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammo,
finish either A scenario with a ranking of B or higher and a
time of under 2:30.
Note: Your bonus weapons will be found in the first chest you
Alternate Costumes: To get the special costumes you must do the
following. Start a new game on normal difficulty. Don’t pick up
anything. When you get to the gate that leads to the police
station go down the stairs. Down there will be Brad Vickers,
the pilot from Resident Evil (he’s a ZOMBIE!) Head past him and
go up the stairs. Get the herb from the bushes closest to the
stairs. Go in the R.P.D. and get the bullets at the desk in the
back of the room. Go back to Brad and fill that damb zombie full
of bullets. Inspect him and take the special key.When you get to
the dark room there are some lockers, use the key to unlock one
and get the costumes. With Claire you get a cool denim jaket
and the Colt S.A.A. gun. With Leon you either can choose a
leather jacket with a skull on the back or a tank top and a
baseball hat.
Note: The quickest way to kill Brad is to get close then walk
backwards. Let him lunge at your feet then stomp him in the
head. This saves a lot of bullets and only takes away 1/8th of
you health.
Play as Hunk: To play as Hunk, beat the A and B games of either
character (Leon or Claire) with an A rating on both. Hunk is one
of the SWAT members from Umbrella who’s mission is to get to the
roof-top from the sewers.
Play as Tofu: To play as Tofu (very strange), you beat 6
scenarios with an A ranking. Tofu’s mission is the same as
Hunk’s — get to the rooftop from the sewers. However, it’s much
harder this time as Tofu is only armed with a knife and cannot
use guns!

Resident Evil 2: Dual shock
Extreme Battle Mode
To play in extreme battle mode you must:
1. Survive both A and B missions
2. Save the game
To play as Ada Wong you must:
1. Beat level 1 of extreme battle mode
To play as Chris Redfield you must:
1. Beat level 2 of extreme battle mode

Infinite Ammo
While playing the game, press SELECT to open the options screen. Press X to go to the Key Config screen. In the Key Config screen, hold R1 and press SQUARE 10 times. The word MANUAL should turn red. Exit the options screen and go to the inventory screen. All of your weapons will have infinite ammo.

Secret Outfits and Weapons
Start a new game as either Clair or Leon and make it to the police station without picking up any items. Once in the station, load up on ammo and head back outside. Go down the stairs and shoot the zombie, Brad. He’s tough, so it takes about 20 shots to destroy him. After he’s down, search his corpse for the special key. The key opens one of the lockers in the darkroom, which has two different sets of clothes for Leon and a new outfit and a gun for Claire.

Resident Evil: Directors Cut
Doppelte Anzahl von Items:
Geht in das Hauptmenü und wählt mit dem Cursor „ARRANGE“ an. Haltet
nun fünf Sekunden rechts gedrückt (der Schriftzug färbt sich grün).

Return fire
One-Player Passwords
Here are all the passwords for a one-player game.
Level Password
2 Umbrella, Bird, Butterfly, Flower
3 Face, Teapot, Bunny, Umbrella
4 Bunny, Umbrella, Bird, Bird
5 Flower, Umbrella, Bunny, Teapot
6 Bird, Teapot, Butterfly, Butterfly
7 Bear, Bear, Clover, Bird
8 Bunny, Teapot, Umbrella, Heart
9 Clover, Butterfly, Bird, Heart
10 Heart, Butterfly, Teapot, Heart
11 Umbrella, Umbrella, Bird, Flower
12 Flower, Teapot, Clover, Butterfly
13 Heart, Umbrella, Clover, Heart
14 Bunny, Face, Flower, Clover
15 Bunny, Face, Bear, Bird
16 Flower, Umbrella, Bird, Bunny
17 Flower, Bear, Heart, Umbrella
18 Face, Bird, Heart, Clover

Two-player Passwords
Here are all the passwords for a two-player game.
Level Password
2 Butterfly, Umbrella, Bear, Heart
3 Bear, Bunny, Flower, Clover
4 Umbrella, Heart, Clover, Flower
5 Umbrella, Bear, Bunny, Heart
6 Teapot, Bird, Butterfly, Flower
7 Heart, Flower, Clover, Butterfly
8 Heart, Bear, Bunny, Heart
9 Bear, Bunny, Clover, Flower
10 Butterfly, Face, Umbrella, Clover
11 Bear, Flower, Face, Flower
12 Teapot, Bear, Flower, Umbrella
13 Heart, Bird, Flower, Clover
14 Face, Bird, Clover, Teapot
15 Teapot, Bird, Clover, Bear
16 Umbrella, Teapot, Bird, Flower
17 Face, Bear, Bunny, Flower
18 Bunny, Heart, Flower, Bird

Ridge Racer Revolution
Extra Cars
Beat Galaga ’88 by getting a perfect score of 40. Go to the Select option and you can pick your cars.

Laser in Galaga ’88
When the bonus game plays (Galaga ’88) hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Select + Down. A laser blast will shoot all the aliens for a perfect score. Because of this all the cars will be miniaturized.

Mini-car Mode
Hold the square button and X button as you select Time Trial. When you start the race, you will be driving a small car with big tires. You will always hug the ground while taking turns. This is an interesting change of scenery and good for practicing drifting.

Mirror Tracks
When you begin a race drive just a tiny bit out then turn around. There should be a wall there. Drive at it at top speed and if you do it right you’ll go through it and start at the beginning again but this time everything should be backwards!

Rear View Mirror
While playing in the external view, pause the game. To zoom in and out, hold Triangle and press L1 or R1.

Scene Select
After beating all the tracks and secret cars (Racing Car #13, etc…) you get the Extra set of tracks. Once you beat these backwards tracks you get the option of choosing the time of day you race in!

Secret Cars
Take first in each track (novice, advanced, expert) then go back and race each track in Time Trial mode. After beating a track you will then have access to the special car for that track. The three cars are: Devil #13, Kid Car #13 and White Angel #0.

At the Game Start/Options screen, hold L1 + R1. While you are holding these you can use the control pad to move the spotlight around, press Square to make it larger or press X to make it smaller.

While playing in the external view, pause the game. To zoom in and out, hold Triangle and press L1 or R1.

Ridge Racer Type 4
Extra Trial Mode
You get Extra Trail mode when you bet Gran Prix mode the first time. In Extra Trail mode you can get 16 of the 320 cars in the game.

Pacman Car
If you get all 320 cars, the Pacman car will appear as the 9th car in your garage! You will also get a new music track, „Eat Em Up.“

Turbo Boost
When you are playing on any race, press R2 + L2 for a super turbo boost.

Ridge Racer Type 4
Der Turbo Boost:

Während des Rennens einfach L2+R2 drücken für einen Schub
nach vorne.

Rival Schools
Alternate Costumes
Hinata, Natsu, Tiffany, and Kyoko have alternate costumes. Normally the female sub characters will give you life-ups or add to your super bars, but these versions actually attack. To earn these characters, beat the game with members that are in the same schools as the hidden ones.
* Hinata in her t-shirt and underwear play through and beat the game with
Hinata, Batsu, and Kyosuke.
* Tiffany in her school uniform. beat the with Tiffany, Roy, and Boman.
* Natsu in a dress uniform. Beat the game with Natsu, Shoma, and Roberto.
* Kyoko in a nightshirt and boxers. Beat the game with Kyoko, and Hideo. After this is done put the short cut mode on, and they will be on the buttom row.

Bonus Game Modes
The following secret modes will appear on the main menu after you’ve unlocked them.
* Target Mode: Finish a one player game playing as any character on any
difficulty setting.
* Home Run Mode: Finish a one player game as Shoma on the highest difficulty setting.
* Shoot-Out mode: Finish a one player game as Roberto on the highest difficulty setting.
* Service mode: Finish the game with Natsu on the highest difficulty setting.

Edit Character Test List in the Japanese Version
If you want to edit a character, you’ll have to beat the following six tests:
1st Test
a. Walk Forward or Back (tap F or B)
b. Crouch or Jump (tap D or U)
c. Low Punch or High Punch
d. Low Kick or High Kick
e. Compilation

2nd Test
a. Run Forward or Hop Back (tap FF or BB)
b. Side Step Foreground or Background
c. Crouch, Jump, or High Jump (DF)
d. Throw
e. Compilation

3rd Test
a. Falling Save (when falling tap any 2 buttons)
b. Roll (when lying on the ground tap F,B,U, or D)
c. Team Assist (P+K)
d. Compilation

4th Test
a. Air Bash (DF + P/K then U and attack)
b. Rolling Attack (same as roll but press HP/HK button to attack)
c. Teddy Counter (when you blocking, press F + any button)
d. Burning Vigor Attack
e. Compilation

5th Test
a. Turning Side Step (FF + D/U + Sidestep)
b. Anti Throw (press Throw when the opponent is trying to throw you… Timing)
c. Anti Attack (press any attack when the opponent is trying to attack you… Timing)
d. Counter – Burning Vigor Attack
e. Compilation

Final Test
a. Compilation 1st Test
b. Compilation 2nd Test
c. Compilation 3rd Test
d. Compilation 4th and 5th Test
e. Compilation – all
f. Attack 30x
Then you’ll have CLEAR data.

Fight the Real Boss
When you get to the seventh fight (what would normally be the last fight) defeat your opponents with a team up super and you will go on to fight Hyo, the real boss. After beating him you will also recieve a different ending then you normally would.

Kyoko’s Office
Finish the game with Kyoko on the highest difficulty setting. Kyoko’s Office will appear as an extra option.

Rival Schools: Evolution
24 Characters
To get the hidden 24 characters just beat the game at any diffuculty and you will get one of the hidden 24 characters – beat the game with all of the regular characters and keep beating it with each characters you gain to end up with all 24. To access the earned characters, select the „EXTRA“ icon on the character select screen.
Submitted by Bill7 Kool
Edit Character Test List – Japanese Version
If you want to edit a character, you’ll have to beat the following six tests:
1st Test
a. Walk Forward or Back (tap F or B)
b. Crouch or Jump (tap D or U)
c. Low Punch or High Punch
d. Low Kick or High Kick
e. Compilation
2nd Test
a. Run Forward or Hop Back (tap FF or BB)
b. Side Step Foreground or Background
c. Crouch, Jump, or High Jump (DF)
d. Throw
e. Compilation
3rd Test
a. Falling Save (when falling tap any 2 buttons)
b. Roll (when lying on the ground tap F,B,U, or D)
c. Team Assist (P+K)
d. Compilation
4th Test
a. Air Bash (DF + P/K then U and attack)
b. Rolling Attack (same as roll but press HP/HK button to attack)
c. Teddy Counter (when you blocking, press F + any button)
d. Burning Vigor Attack
e. Compilation
5th Test
a. Turning Side Step (FF + D/U + Sidestep)
b. Anti Throw (press Throw when the opponent is trying to throw you… Timing)
c. Anti Attack (press any attack when the opponent is trying to attack you…
d. Counter – Burning Vigor Attack
e. Compilation
Final Test
a. Compilation 1st Test
b. Compilation 2nd Test
c. Compilation 3rd Test
d. Compilation 4th and 5th Test
e. Compilation – all
f. Attack 30x
Then you’ll have CLEAR data.

Fight the Real Boss
When you get to the seventh fight (what would normally be the last fight) defeat your opponents with a team up super and you will go on to fight Hyo, the real boss. After beating him you will also recieve a different ending then you normally would.

Secret Game Modes
Target Mode: Finish a one player game playing as any character on any difficulty setting.
Home Run Mode: Finish a one player game as Shoma on the highest difficulty setting.
Shoot-Out mode: Finish a one player game as Roberto on the highest difficulty setting.
Service mode: Finish the game with Natsu on the highest difficulty setting.
the results of these secret modes should show up at main screen
Kyoko’s Office: Finish the game with Kyoko on the highest difficulty setting
The results of this should show up in the extra option of the game.

Secret Outfits
To unlock the secret characters (Hinata with swimsuit, Natsu with school
uniform, Tifanny with school uniform, and Keiko with pijama), simply beat the story mode with Hinata, Natsu, Tifanny, and Keiko.

Rival Schools: Legion of heroes
Hidden Characters
There are a total of four hidden character versions. They are Hinata, Natsu, Tiffany, and Kyoko. Normally the female sub characters will give you life ups or add to your super bars, but these versions actually attack. To earn these characters, beat the game with members that are in the same schools as the hidden ones.

* Hinata in her t-shirt and underwear play through and beat the game with
Hinata, Batsu, and Kyosuke.
* Tiffany in her school uniform. beat the with Tiffany, Roy, and Boman.
* Natsu in a dress uniform. Beat the game with Natsu, Shoma, and Roberto.
* Kyoko in a nightshirt and boxers. Beat the game with Kyoko, and Hideo. After
this is done put the short cut mode on, and they will be on the buttom row.

Road Rash 3D
Verstecktes Motorrad
Gebt bei der Fahrzeugauswahl oben, oben, unten, unten, X, X, R1, L1

Robo Pit
Level Select
At the main menu hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2, then press Select. Press Left or Right to change the level number.

Robotron X
Cheat Codes
Enter these codes during gameplay, but not while the game is paused.
FLAMETHROWER: Down, Right, Down, Right, Circle.
FOUR-WAY WEAPON: Down, Down, Up, Circle.
THREE-WAY WEAPON: Right, Right, Square, X.
TWO-WAY WEAPON:Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle.
PULSE WAVE: Up, Circle, Down, Right, Square.
SHIELD: Down, Left, Square, Circle.
SPEED UP: Left, Left, Right, Right, Triangle.

Rock Man Dash
Easy Money
Go to Shopping Street. Near the Jetlad bakery you will find a garbage can and a pop can on the floor. If you kick the pop can into the Jetlad bakery, and then talk to the lady in the bakery, she will give you $1,000. Note: You can do this same trick as many as you want.

Extra Options
In Rockman Dash, upon beating the game you will receive a new option in the main menu, which is the game’s hard mode (colored green). Beating this mode will yield a new easy mode (colored yellow) which starts you off in the normal difficulty with dash boots and a new part which maxes out your left arm weapon stats!

Rock Man: Battle and Chase
Quick Start
For a quick start, use Quickman’s design (the V-like item in his car.) Hold X after the first light.

Secret Car
Keep racing against your opponents until a sign appears saying „HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER.“ Beat the challenger to receive one part of the secret car. Continue to do this until you’ve collected all four parts.
Here’s where to find them:

NOTE: The locations above work for all characters except for Gutman, Quickman, Iceman, and Napalman.

Rock n Roll Racing 2
Gebt folgende Cheats im Pausemenü ein:
Unbegrenzt Schilde
Haltet R1 + R2 gedrückt und gebt oben, links, rechts unten, /\, [],
O, X ein.
Unbegrenzt Nitro:
Haltet R1 + R2 gedrückt und gebt unten, unten, unten, O, O, O ein.
Unbegrenzt Waffen:
Haltet R1 + R2 gedrückt und gebt links, oben, rechts, unten, [], /\,
O, X ein.
Geht im Hauptmenü auf „Race“ und gebt folgende Cheats ein:
Haltet L1 + L2 gedrückt und gebt oben, oben, oben, [], [] ein.
Haltet L2 gedrückt und gebt links, rechts, unten, oben, [], O, X, /\
Unbegrenzt Geld:
Haltet R1 + R2 gedrückt und gebt links, links, rechts, rechts, [],
[], O, O ein.
Langsame Gegner:
Brecht ein Rennen mehrmals hintereinander mit „Restart“ ab. Wechselt
nun ins Soundmenü und ändert den Track. Die Gegner müßten nun
deutlich langsamer sein.

Rogue trip vacation 2012
Bonus Items in Area 51
Look for the light in Area 51. When it says „420“ go to the light beam. Your car will be beamed up to a bonus stage with lots of powerups and weapons.
Boss Battle – Big Daddy
Go to the PASSWORD screen and enter the password Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, R2, R2.
Boss Battle 1
Go to the PASSWORD screen and enter the password O, R2, R1, Square, L1, R2. Following every challenge you must reenter this code.
Boss Battle 2
Go to the PASSWORD screen and enter the password O, O, L2, L1, Triangle,
Double Pickups
For more powerups, go to the PASSWORD screen and enter the password L1, L2, Circle, L1, R1, Square.
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill Movie
For a special movie, go to the OPTIONS screen, choose PASSWORD then enter the password Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle.
Extra Armor
Go to the OPTIONS screen, select PASSWORD, then enter R1, Triangle, R1,
Triangle, L1, Square.
Funtopia Level
To access the Funtopia level, go to the OPTIONS screen and select PASSWORD, then enter X, O, L2, X, Square, L1.
Infinite Jump
Go to the OPTIONS screen, select PASSWORD, then enter Circle, Square, R2, X, Triangle, R2.
Infinite Turbos
Go to the OPTIONS screen, select PASSWORD, then enter Square, X, O, Triangle, R1, R2.
Play as Goliath
Go to the OPTIONS screen, select PASSWORD, then enter Triangle, L1, R1, X, L2, L2. Goliath is the steam roller who appears in Area 51.
Play as Nightshade
Go to the OPTIONS screen, select PASSWORD, then enter R1 R2 L1 L1 X O.
Play as a Helicopter
Go to the OPTIONS screen, select PASSWORD, then enter L1, Triangle, R2,
Triangle, Triangle, R1.
Play as an Alien
Go to the OPTIONS screen, select PASSWORD, then enter R1, Square, X, Square, L2, O.
Secret Area in Quake-A-Roni
Once fighting in Quake-A-Roni, you may see a building that seems to be tilting in one direction. Fire a few missiles at it and watch it blow. Once that is over, you will notice that a building near has a hole in it. Now drive through, it’s not much, just a few weapon pickups and one monument to blow up.

Als Passwort eingeben:

EAFNLEAM für alle Strcken freizuschalten
KKKJBCFA für alle Ligen und das Neoto-Deathmatch freizuschalten
HAFIJEAF für das Harpoon-Deathmatch

Rosco McQueen
Laundry 2FLUFFYHarold’s 3PILLOW
Laundry 3SWEATYLeisure 1TRICEP
Auto 3BIGENDResidential 1KENNEL
Harold’s 1SMELLYResidential 2BARREL
Harold’s 2WIDETVRunaroundSPLASH

Markiert im Titelbildschirm entweder die „R-Type“- oder die „R-Type
II“-Option. Drückt nun zehnmal schnell hintereinander L2 und R2.
Schnelles Spiel
Haltet im Pausemodus L2 gedrückt und gebt rechts, oben, rechts,
oben, unten, links, unten, links, O ein.
Langsames Spiel
Haltet im Pausemodus L2 gedrückt und gebt rechts, oben, rechts,
oben, unten, links, unten, links, X ein.

Ihr sucht Cheats für Rugrats ?
Legt einfach die PSX-CD in euren PC und schaut mal im Verzeichnis

Running high
Hidden Characters
At the title screen, press Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right. If done correctly, a character selection screen should appear.

Running wild
Alternate Uniforms
To change your uniform color press L1 or R1 when choosing a character.

Shortcut in Jungle
Jump through next to last waterfall in the Jungle and you will be at the finish line.

Shortcut in Lava Level
In the lava level soon after the finish line, there is a hole all the way to your right right after you jump over all of those lava pits. Run onto the last booster before the hole in the wall and jump into it. This hole cuts across part of the level.

Shortcut on Moon
The shortcut is directly after the split tunnel starts on your left. Run to your right, then jump at the wall on your left after you pass the ramp.

I’m not sure which, but if you beat the game in STORY Mode or VS Computer mode, you can choose Kaoru as one of the fighters.

Play as Saito Hajime
Beat the game on the HARD setting to play as Saito Hajime, see all the movie clips, and more. This is much easier if you use the Zanbato Sword trick.

Zanbato Sword
Cut the competition in half with this code. To use Zanza’s huge Zanbato sword, hold Select while choosing Zanza on the Character Select screen.

Rush Hour
Bonus Cars
Gebt im Titlel-Screen (‚Press Start‘) oben, links, rechts, X, O, [].
Heavy Metal Vehicles
Um alle ‚Havy Metal‘-Wagen zu bekommen, müßt ihr im Title-Screen L1,
R1, L1, [], R1 oben eingeben.
Neue Strrecken
Gebt im Title-Screen (‚Press Start‘) X, oben, unten, R1, L1 ein.
Reverse Championship
Gebt im Title-Screen (‚Press Start‘) links, /\, R1, O, L1, unten
Super Championship
Gebt im Title-Screen (‚Press Start‘) rechts, [], links, O, oben, X

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