Tipps & Tricks G bis L

G Darius
Unlimited Continues
Get over 100 continues then enter the Options screen. You will now have the ability to change the number of credits to freeplay.
View All the Movies
Want to see all the FMVs without beating the game? Just go to the options menu, go down to „Movie“ and press Down, Up, Down, Up, then hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 and press Start.

Galaxian 3
Gebt beim Namco-Logo L1, R2, R1, L2, oben, unten, oben, unten ein.

Game of Life
To look around on the board, have your analog controller on red and use the left joystick. Use the right joystick to spin hard fast. To take over another player, when promted to press X, press it repeatadly on your controller.

Liven up the party with this code. Pause the game, hold R1, and press Right, Left, Right, Circle, Triangle, Right, Circle, Down, Right. Thunder Lizards rule!

Fire Balls
Toast your enemies with this hot code. Pause the game, hold R1, and press X, Up, Right, Up, Right, Right.

Ice Balls
Fire and ice don’t mix, but you can use both with impunity. Pause the game, hold R1, and press Circle, Circle, Left, Down, Circle, Up, Right.

Infinite Lives
Who says only cats have nine lives? Unlimp that lizard with this code. Pause the game, hold R1, and press Up, Circle, Triangle, Down, Right, Square, Down.

Instant Speed
For a burst of speed, pause the game, hold R1, and press Down, Pause, Right, Right, Down, Up, Pause.

The Dude with the ‚Tude has real staying power with this code. Pause the game, hold R1, and press X, Square, Down, Down, Up, Down, Right.

Level Select
While playing, hold R1 and press Circle, Start, Right, Up, Square, Left, Left, Up, Start.
You’ll leap for joy with these passwords.
Level Password
Cemetery 1 SVZFKHGP
Cemetery 2 BXRFYHGP
Cemetery 3 ZVTCYHGP
Toonville 1 RVTCSHGP
Toonville 2 XVVBRHKP
Rezopolis GYVYRHKP
Final Battle PZYPRXYL

Super Jump
Leaping lizards, batman! For olympic high jumps, pause the game, hold R1, and press X, Circle, Up, Up, Down, Right, Right.

Gex 3D
Geht in einen Level und drückt Start. Nun geht mit dem Cursor auf „Exit“, haltet L2 gedrückt und gebt folgende Cheats ein:
Unendlich Leben: oben, oben, unten, rechts, /\, unten
Unverwundbarkeit: links, rechts, /\, unten, rechts, links
Levelanwahl: rechts, rechts, links, rechts, /\, unten, rechts (mit
Select Level anwählen)
Gex Kommentare: /\, links, O, oben, unten (mit Select Spruch wählen)
Statistik: rechts, /\, rechts, links, /\, X (zurück in die Media
Cimension und drückt Select)
Bonus-Abspann: R1, R2, X, L2, [], X, [], R2, R2, R2, X, L2, [], X,
R2, [], L2, R2, X, L2, [], X, R2, [], L2, R2, X, [] Final Password: [], O, R1, /\, L1, R1, L1, R1, O, O, R1, /\, L1, R1,
O, L1, /\, O, R1, /\, L1, R1, O, L1, /\, O, R1, L1
Ghost in the ShellLevel Select
Gebt im Titelbild R2, R1, [], [], oben, unten, [], [], R2, R2 ein.

Ghost in the shell
Level Select
At the main menu press R2, R1, Square, Square, Up, Down, Square, Square, R2, R2. A tone will confirm the code.
Secret Picture of Motoke Kusagi. If you beat the game without using any continues, you sill see a full sized picture of the Motoke Kusagi. You have to wait for the regular ending to get done, along with the staff credits. When this is done you get to see the picture.

Golden Goal 98
Versteckte Manschaften
Gebt bei der Manschaftsauswahl auf die mittlere Zeile (die mit den
Kontinenten) und gebt folgende Tastenkominationen ein. Nach der
Eingabe erscheint bei den Kontinenten „Geheim“.
England ’66: L1, L1, L1, rechts
Brasilien ’70: R1, R1, R1, rechts
Deutschland: R2, R2, R2, rechts, rechts
All Star: L2, L2, L2, rechts

Golden Nugget
More Money
Go to the video poker section. Then start to play video poker. But first raise the game to 100 dollar coins. Now put in all or as much money as you want without touching any cards. Once you have put in all the money that you want press the pay button. Then when it shows all the money being paid to you leave video poker and the when it shows you how much you won you will see that you won a few thousand or million depending on how much you put in. The more money that you put in the more payoff you you get.

Neue Missionen:
Gebt als Passwort PANTALON ein. Wählt ihr nun die Trainingsmissionen
aus, sind sechs neue Missionen anwählbar.
Drückt nach dem Missonbriefing gleichzeitig L1 + L2 + R1+ R2 + O +
/\ + [] + links.

All Weapons and Unlimited Ammunition
At the Weapons Loadout screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + Circle + Triangle + Square
and press LEFT.
Bonus Levels
Enter the password PANTALON to reveal the secret stages.
Cheat Codes
Enter these codes at the Password Screen
Code Effect
BENIHILL Faster back up cars
SUPACAM Different camera angle
ALSECRET All the secrets

Drive a Car in Training Mode
After finishing the game, go back into training mode. Scroll down to the bottom
of the menu and select „SECRET 3“. You now can drive a car through the city!

Level Password

Unlimited Shields
At the Briefing screen, hold L1 + R2 + Square and press Left.

Gran Turismo
Easy Money
The easiest way to get lots of money later in the game is to race the qualifier for the all nighter. You get $20,000 just for qualifing and it is very easy to do this with the GTO special edition or any other car with good speed/acceleration and handling. It takes app. 1’45“ to complete with the GTO special edition.
Hi-Fi Mode, Bonus Cars and Bonus Tracks
To get all the bonus items in Arcade mode, which include the four other tracks (Autumn Ring, Deep Forest, SSR5, and Grand Valley Speedway), all the other cars (Toyota, Subaru, Dodge, and TVR), the ending movie, and Hi-res GT Mode, you have to beat every single track with each type of car (A, B, and C) under all three modes of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Difficult.)

Hidden Video of the GT Staff
In Arcade Mode, first get the hidden tracks, then, on every track, take 1st place with any car in A,B, and C class mode on Normal setting or higher. Then go to Bonus Items, you’ll see „Staff Video“ on the menu.

Red Concept Car
Go into the B-license test and get all Gold medals on every test and you will recive a red concept car that has only 219 HP, but can be built up with almost everything but a racing-modifacation. Email Jeff for some DexDrive saves if you’re interested. Good Luck!

Replay Mode Tip
Are you having trouble beating the license tests? Well, you won’t anymore. Go to the replay theater in the main screen, and check out the demonstration movies. They will show you how to beat all the license tests!

Grand Theft Auto
Avoid Hitting Pedestrians
Hate running over people and having the cops jump your back? Press the „special“ button to honk the horn while in a car. This will slighly decrease the chance of running over a pedestrian.
Car Bomb
When you start out on a level steal a car, but don’t pick a big one or else the trick will be harder. Then keep searching for a garage door kinda thing that has an X coming out from it. Enter that place and your car will be rigged or in other words bombed. Then stop the car somewhere and press the FIRE button your car will be armed so get out of it within about five seconds or you will BLOW up! This trick is useful for jobs, killing and collecting money.
Note: You MUST have at least $5,000 dollars or you will not be able to get your car rigged.
Cheat Codes
Rename your character to one of these when starting a game:

* GROOVY — All Weapons
* WEYHEY — 9,999,990 points
* BLOWME — Coordinates
* EATTHIS — Wanted Level Max
* THESHIT — All items
* TURF — All Cities
* MADEMAN — All Cities and Weapons
* BSTARD — All Cities, Infinite Weapons and 99 lives
* FECK — Liberty City Part 1 and 2
* TVTAN — San Andreas Part 1 and 2
* SATANLIVES — 99 Lives
* EXCREMENT — x5 Multiplier
* CHUFF — No Police
* PECKINPAH — Armor, all weapons, and a „Get Out Of Jail Free“ card.
* URGE — All Cities Parts 1 and 2 except Vice City 2.
* CAPRICE — All Cities Parts 1 and 2
* INGLORIOUS — All Cities
* HANGTHEDJ — All Cities, lots of money, all weapons and a parrot.
* SKYBABIES — Partial Level Select (up to „Mandarin Mayhem“)
Easy Guranga
Go up to a group of Gurangas, or the groups of people making noise and running around following each other. Now, don’t shoot them, but instead beat up the person in the front. If you beat him up enough, they will start following you almost anywhere. It’s a good way to get a guranga with a machine gun, flame thrower, or other high powered weapon of death.
Easy Tank On the first city, access the second scene (Heist All Mighty.) When you start, run somebody over and wait for the ambulance to arrive. When it does, nick it and drive to the army base, drive in and you can nick the tank. Note: This only works with an ambulance or a police car.
Free Car BombsIn San Andreas, the bomb shop on the southeast end of the Golden Gate bridge will rig your car for free. Enter it before you do anything, and the guy will tell you that you don’t have enough money. But then the car is rigged anyway! It might work on other shops but I haven’t tried it. My personal use for this is to rig the car they start you off with, since it won’t disappear when you leave it, and then get it when you want to use the car bomb.
Go Through Fences
When you find a fence you want to go through go find a truck or van (something
you crawl under instead of over when you press R1). Align the truck so it is parallel with the fence. Get out and crawl under the truck towards the fence, you should come up on the other side.
Play Any Music CD While Playing After the game has finished loading, replace your GTA CD with your own music CD.
Although you cannot really choose which track to listen to, by switching between Radio and Constant while paused, then unpausing it, the track changes. Walk in the Sewer
From the starting location, in Liberty City, go north on the starting road past the park, all the way until you get to the Beast, then go north on that road, around the bend until you get to the next major 3-way intersection. Take an immediate left on that major road. Go over the bridge and take a right on the road, heading north, immediately after it. Go past the Hospital and Police station, then take a left on that major road. Follow that road until you get to a 3-way intersection with a 6-lane road. It is the first sewer on YOUR right.
Get out of your car and step on the curb next to the sewer, you should fall through.
BEWARE: Once you fall in, you can’t get out. Drive your car on it for a nasty surprise.

Grand Theft Auto
Wanted-Level auf Stufe 4: EATTHIS
Keine Polizei: CHHUFF
9999990 Credits: WEYHEY
Alle Städte: TURF
Levelanwahl: CAPRICE
Koordinaten anzeigen: BLOWME
Super Paßwort

Grand Theft Auto
Im Haupt-Menü [], /\, O, X, X, O, /\, [] drücken.

Cheats als Spielernamen eingeben:

Alle Level anwählen: TURF
Alle Städte : CAPRICE
Liberty-City: FECK
San Andreas City-Level: TVTAN
9.999.990 Punkte: WEYHEY
Multiplikator 5: EXCREMENT
Maximaler Wanted-Level: EATTHIS
Spielerkordinaten: BLOWME
Keine Polizei: CHUFF

Probiert auch mal die kombinierten Cheats: BASTARD; THESHIT, MADEMAN

Grid Run
01) links, links, /\, unten, R2, X, /\, R1, X, links
02) R2, links, links, oben, oben, R2, R1, R1, O, links
03) oben, X, links, R1, rechts, links, X, R1, unten, rechts
04) oben, rechts, R1, [], R2, links, oben, R2, R1, unten
05) R2, oben, /\, /\, rechts, X, oben, X, rechts, oben
06) R2, R1, oben, R2, rechts, oben, R1, links, unten, unten
07) oben, /\, oben, links, unten, oben, links, R1, R2, /\
08) rechts, rechts, O, links, oben, /\, R2, oben, X, X
09) unten, R1, R1, unten, rechts, links, links, /\, /\, links
10) rechts, oben, O, oben, links, O, X, links, /\, O
11) unten, /\, /\, X, rechts, O, unten, [], /\, O
12) oben, rechts, links, oben, rechts, oben, unten, /\, unten, /\
13) oben, links, links, rechts, links, /\, [], R1, unten, R1
14) R2, unten, links, R1, O, R1, R2, O, R1, R1
Neue Levels im 2P-Mode
X, /\, rechts, [], rechts, oben, unten, /\, rechts, unten

GTA London 1969
Cheats als Spielernamen eingeben !

Kombicheats für alle Level, Waffen, unendlich Munition, Schutzschild, 99 Leben, keine
Polizei, Spielerkordinaten u.v.m.( einfach ausprobieren)

Einzelne Cheats:

Level 1 oder 2 : MAYFAIR
Level 1 bis 3 : PENTHOUSE
99 Leben: MCVICAR
9.999.990 Punkte: BIGBEN
Maximaler Wanted Level: OLDBILL
Spielerkordinaten: SWEENEY
Keine Polizei: GRALSS

Guilty Gear
Boss Select
To play as Testament, Justice, and Baiken without beating the game, press and hold Down, Square, L1, and R2 from the time after the PlayStation is turned on (white screen) to the Guilty Gear title screen. The bosses will appear above the normal characters on the character select screen.
Play as Baiken
To get Baiken, beat the normal mode without continuing.
Play as Testament and Justice
To fight as Testament and Justice, complete in arcade mode under the normal difficulty level. Continues may be used.

Gundam 0079: The War for Earth
Scene Password
1 Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, X
2 Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, X
3 Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle
4 X, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle
5 Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle
Playback X, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle

Gunners Heaven
To enter the codes below you must watch the entire opening cinema. When the title screen appears, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Select. The words „PUSH START“ will change to „SECRET CODE“ with two letters behind it. From here you can use Up and Down to change the first letter, or Triangle, and X to change the second.
Submitted by Birdman81@aol.com
Debug Mode
Enable cheat codes, then set the code to MA and press Select. Change the code to SV and press Start. The following commands must be entered using Controller Two: Code Effect
Up Boosts weapon power to maximum for 10 seconds
Down Toggles voice mode
Left Change gunlock type
Right Skip area and disable invincibility
Triangle Toggles invincibility
Circle Increases bombs
Square Change weapon type
X Increases weapon power-up time by 30 seconds

Level Select
To use these codes follow the directions for the „Cheat Codes“ trick above.
Level Code
2 MA
3 UT
4 RH
5 MK
6 HT

Special Codes
To use these codes follow the directions for the „Cheat Codes“ trick above.
Code Effect
QB Makes player large
CM Makes player small
MV Display smaller buttons by pressing any button on Controller Two
SS Ceapon power-up time starts at 999 seconds
YI Start with nine bombs
TY One hit kills player

Gunship 2000
Haltet während des ersten Ladevorgangs L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 gedrückt.
Unendlich Munition
Haltet während des ersten Ladevorgangs L1 + L2 + R2 + X gedrückt.

Hardcore 4X4
Neuer Truck
Gebt MAINLINE als Fahrername ein.
Gebt RAINFROG als Fahrername ein.
Wählt den Time-Trail-Modus und gebt DUTCHMAN ein. Begebt euch nun
zurück zum Hauptmenü und wählt die Optionen an. Unter dem neuen
Menüpunkt CREDITS verbirgt sich ein Asteroid-Clone mit den
Gesichtern der Programmierer.

Heart of Darkness
Cheat Menu
First makre sure your PSX is turned off. Hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 on controller two and turn the system on while still holding all four buttons. When the main menu appears use controller one to go to the options menu while all four buttons are still held on the second controller. You may need to have a friend help you with this one. Once in the option menu you can let go of the buttons and look for a new cheat menu. Have Fun!

Paßwörter Legende:
BU – Kopf
ME – Medusa
HY – Hydra
CE – Centaur
HE – Helm
AR – BogenschützeLC – Wolke
CL – Wolke im Kreis
MI – Minotaurus
SO – Soldat
PE – Pegasus
Schwierigkeitsgrad:Anfänger Fortgeschrittene Helden
Im Wald der ZentaurenLC-CL-LC-ARCE-BU-MI-ARLC-CL-SO-SO
Theben erleben und sterben AR-SO-HY-LCCE-CL-HY-BUMi-ME-HY-ME
Die Grotte der MedusaCE-HE-HY-LCAR-PE-AR-CEHY-SO-PE-CE
Schlund der unedl. Qualen-ME-SO-CE-PESO-BU-ME-CL
Im Sog der Seelen-SO-LC-SO-CECL-ME-HE-HY

Hermie Hopperhead
Debug Mode

1. At the „New Game/Load Game“ screen, hold Triangle + Square + X and start a New Game
2. While playing the game press and hold Select and press Start
3. Loads of Stars will fall
4. Use the Stars to Level-Up your Egg buddies until they are full grown or stock up on lives
5. Hold Select and press Start to clear the stage
6. If you hold down Square while on the Map Screen, Hermie will run across the map

Gebt im Optionsmenü und wählt die Controller-Optionen an. Nun haltet
R2 gedrückt und gebt schnell rechts, unten, rechts, /\, X ein. Um
die Cheats zu aktivieren, müßt ihr im Pausescreen „Cheats“ anwählen.

Hot Shots Golf
Mirror Courses
Highlight a course at the course selection screen, then hold L1 + L2 and press
Sound Test
While playing with 2 or more players press the four „Shape“ buttons onthe other controller and you will hear the game’s sound, one for each button.
Switch Hitting
When choosing a golfer, press L1 + R1 + X while choosing a golfer. This will change the golfer to opposite hand.

Image Fight
Image Fight: Haltet im Titelbildschirm R1 + R2 gedrückt.
Xmultiply: Haltet im Titelbildschirm L1 + L2 + Start gedrückt.
Super Waffe
Image Fight: Pausiert das Spiel mit Start und gebt [], O, /\, X ein.
Xmultiply: Pausiert das Spiel mit Start und gebt X, /\, O, [] ein.
Image Fight: Drückt im Optionsmenü dreimal L2. Mit L2 könnt ihr nun
ein Musikstück auswählen.
Xmultiply: Drückt im Optionsmenü zweimal L2. Mit L2 könnt ihr nun
ein Musikstück auswählen.

Impact Racing
All Weapons
To gain all weapons at the start of the race, enter the password „ALL.TOOLEDUP“.
Bonus Levels
For access to six bonus levels, enter the password „BONUS.LEVELS“.
Final Track
To warp to the endgame, enter the password „ENDGAMELEVEL“.
Enter the password „I.AM.IMMORTAL“.
Level Select
To select any level, enter the password „RABBITBADGER“.
Sound Test
For a sound test, enter the password „JOURNEYS.END“
Unlimited Ammo
The password „LOADSOFSTUFF“ grants unlimited ammo for any weapon you acquire.

In the Hunt
Extra Continues
When your last ship from your last continue is destroyed, hold Triangle +
Select. While holding these, press Start for five continues.
Level Select
At the main menu, hold Upper-Left + Select. While holding these, press Circle.

Incredible Hulk
Level Password
2 603ee0c530
3 B08E0F0802
4 000026B698
5 40074DFF12

Independence Day
Gebt als Spielernamen MR HAPPY ein und verlaßt das Menü mit „End“.
Im Hauptmenü müßt ihr nun links, rechts, [], O, /\, /\, unten
eingeben. Nun erscheint ein „Cheatscreen“ mit dem ihr u. a. folgende
Dinge einstellen könnt.
Stadt wählen
Nachdem ihr im „Cheatscreen“ wart, müßt ihr als Spielername FOX ROX
eingeben und im Hauptmenü links, rechts, [], O, /\, /\, unten
Wenn ihr als Namen GO PASTAL, TOURIST, GODZILLA, LIVE FREE eingebt,
könnt ihr weitere einstellungen vornehmen.

Intelligent Qube
Gameplay Holes
These four tricks work on the Playstation Demo, I haven’t tried them on the full version.
1. If the unfired trigger is left in an area that is destroyed by a green-cube blast, the cube above the trigger is protected. This will effectively sheild black cubes from green blasts.
2. There is enough time in one cube flip to destroy multiple squares, and all the blasts will count.
3. You can walk between cube rows while they’re flipping, and put triggers down. This is exceedingly dangerous, but highly effective.
4. About half the time when you hold the speed-up button while the last cubes are falling on red blasts, the counter will not go over and the blocks will be destroyed without costing you a move.
Hidden Player To play as Cynthia you must first clear the game’s Final Stage and save it to a memory card. Cynthia is fast than Eliot and thus easier to win with. Make your Own Puzzles
First, clear the Final Stage and save it to memory card. (If you do not have a card, you will lose this when you turn the system off.) Now go into Options and select Game Mode, Choose SYSTEM and press RIGHT to turn Original Mode on. Exit Options and select the 1P game. You can now make your own puzzles! Note: You cannot view the rules, get an IQ, or play a 2P game in Original Mode, but you can always switch it back to Normal mode by pressing LEFT at the game mode option.
Play as Spike To play as Spike, beat the game with Cynthia and have an IQ over 400.

International Superstar Soccer Pro 98
Get World All Stars team
At the start up Screen highlight Exhibition mode and press: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, O, X.
If done correctly you will hear the sound of hands clapping. After selecting a mode of play, at the team select screen highlight Germany and press L1 + R1 and then X to choose the World All Stars team.

International Track and Field
Bikini Mode
At the Game Select screen highlight „100m Free Style“ and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X. When you begin the swimmers will be wearing bikinis.
Full Power
If your controller has a rapid-fire setting then enable it on CIRCLE and SQUARE, then hold both of these buttons while playing. Above the power meter you will see something that says „Using Cheat“ and your power will increase to full. Secret Surprises
In the Long Jump or Triple Jump, if all three digits of your jump are the same (e.g. 1.11 meters, 2.2 meters, etc.) a mole will appear behind the crowd.In the Shot Put, if all three digits of your throw distance are the same a dinosaur will appear behind the crowd.
In the Hammer Throw, if the number before the decimal point in your throw
distance matches the number after the decimal (e.g. 1.01 meters, 21.21 meters, etc.) a flock of pigeons will appear in the sky.
In the Javelin Throw, if you throw with maximum power at an angle of over 60 degrees, you’ll hit a U.F.O., which will fall into the stadium.
In the High Jump, if you qualify with your first attempt, set the bar at least 40cm higher for your second attempt. If you make it, a blimp will appear during your third attempt.
In the Pole Vault, if you qualify with your first attempt, set the bar at least 40cm higher for your second attempt. If you make it, a space shuttle will appear during your third attempt.

Invasion From Beyond
All Ships,Weapons & Upgrades
At the „Press Start“ screen,enter L1,R1,L2,R2 down,right,left{x2},right,down,up.

Iron and Blood
Easy Artifact
An easy way to get your artifact is do the button combo when you hear an unusual noise. For example, in Luther’s background you will hear a bell ring. That’s your queue.
Play as Lord of Chaos
At the character select screen press Up, Up+Left, Left, Down+Left, Down,
Triangle + X.
Play as Minion of Chaos
At the character select screen press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Up + X.
Play as Minion of Order
At the character select screen press Left + Square, Right + Circle.
Play as Strahd
At the character select screen press Up, Right, Down, Left, R1, R2, L2, L1.

Iron Man XO-Manowar In Heavy Metal
Full life, Armor, Weapon, Bust and Last Level
To warp to the final battle with full life and all weapons and armor, enter one of these passwords:
* One player:C04A770777777 7777777777777
* Two players: C02A77X777777 7777777777777

Jam Pack Vol. 1
Hidden Codes
When you get to the screen with all of the games pictured, press L1 to reveal a secret code. Immediately enter the code shown to activate it.
Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo To play a two-player „Best of Three“ match, go to the title screen and press X or START simultaneously on both controller.

Jam Pack Vol. 2
In the main selection screen, highlight any title and press R1. The title will flip over and a code will be revealed. Return to the main screen and enter the revealed code to see a bonus video clip.
Secret Tunnel in Nightmare Creatures When your just up to the end where the gate blocking the door is go to the left and jump on the blocks next to the sea. Walk north and you’ll enter a secret tunnel with one zombie and a special power-up. Now try getting 100% weapons and and you’ll get a message

Jeremy McGraths Super Motocross
Automatic Reload
To have your last save reload automatically when you turn on the game, save your rider with the name McGrath.
Backwards Tracks
To race the tracks in reverse, enter your name as SHOWTIME.
Bonus Bike To get the M80cc you must win first place of a season on intermediate.
While driving, stop, press and, hold X, Circle, and one of the turning buttons to do a donut. To do a faster donut, hold the same buttons with the wheelie button.
Mirror Mode
Win the season in the reverse mode to enact the mirror mode.
Playing Tips
One tip that is probably the most important is that you should always hold the Nitro button (R2) while you are driving in straightaways. You do not need to slow down going into corners because the game has really easy turning. To get better jumps hold R2 while going up a ramp. Just before you fly off let go of R2. You will jump alot farther and higher. To make the computer opponents wreck get right next to them and hold R2 then swerve and hit them. They will always fall off. Do not do it from behind because you will wreck

Jersey Devil
Extra Life in the Park
In the park level, follow the road from the start. Walk up to the second
fountain you come to. Go left and follow the road come to until you see a statue on the right that looks like a woman holding a long piece of paper. Tail whip it 3 times. Each time you hit it it should go a little off balance. After 3 hits, it should fall over and a life will pop out.
Mini FAQ
1. In the underground caves level, the 2nd hostage is near the end after the letter f, on the left. There’s a grating there that needs to be hit.
2. In the crypt, the first hostage is in Sebastos room, when you enter, you have to stay on the outer boards and fall straight down to land on platforms. The second hostage is in Obert’s room and is in the first destroyable wall, where there are 2 crates of dynamite. If you hit the wall it will try to break but can only be done with dynamite. Once inside, the only way I was able to free the hostage was to hit the attack button and jump button at about the same time so that he’s spinning on the way up, it may take a while to get it.
3. In the first toxic dump level, the best way to do it is jump from the pipes to the first moving platform, then to the pipes, then fly to the next pipes, then wait for the platform to come back and jump on it and then the platform moving up and down, and then to the higher pipes. Best way to hit moving platforms is to time them and then count it off and jump.
4. When in doubt as to weather to jump or fly, jump. Flying usually isn’t neccessary, though at times it definitely is.
5. Trick to getting all the boxes in the haunted house is when it sends you outside again at the back door, go in the front door without saving and all the boxes will be reset but your count will be the same(requires gameshark code for getting all the letters). Note: The game shark code for all boxes does not allow you to count down so if you use it you won’t be able to destroy the labs.Secret Levels
Go outside the museum level to the big statue. Walk behind it and it says “ 02P “ That means when you get your power level at 02, push the statue and you should fall into the secret level.
Go to the tree level in the park. When you get to the bottom of the slide on the floor there will be a „p08“ sign on the floor (your as to be at 8 for this to work). And just jump on it.
Next,in the graveyard level go to the water and jump on the platform. When you get across there’s a block with „p05″ just push it and walk in the cave. Then, in the factory level go straight when you get in the level. There’s a pipe with“p07“ on it. Hit it and go in.
Lastly, go to the sea port level and go to the lifeboat and when the lifeboat goes down turn the camera in towards the wall and on the wall is „p09“ whip it and you’re in.
Unlimited Extra Lives In the beginning of the game, get the extra life on top of the fountain. Then, pause the game and check your status. Unpause the game and there will be another extra life on top of the fountain. Keep on doing this for unlimited extra lives!

Jet Moto
Air Brakes
At the „Code Enabled“ screen (see „Enable Codes“) press R1, R2, Right, L2, Up, Circle, Up, Circle to enable air brakes.
All Tracks
To unlock all the tracks, go to the Options screen and set the Difficulty to Amateur and Trophy Presenter to Male. Return to the Main Screen then press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left.
Go back to the Options screen by press Left, X. Now set Difficulty to
Professional and Trophy Presenter to „Rider’s Choice“. Return once again to the Main Screen and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right.If you did everything right you’ll hear „Ka-ching!“ and gain access to all the tracks!
Blackwater Shortcut
You can cut about 10 seconds off your lap time by driving into the doors of the Plantation House.
Cliff Dive
Go to Cliff Diver Track. Near the end of the track there is a tall island with a tree on it. Ride up to the tree and turbo off the island. If your timing is good you’ll be able to do between 4 and 8 flips!
Cypress Run Shortcut
Go the left of the house at the beginning of the race and go around the outside of the grass and you can cut off about 45 seconds or 15 seconds a lap.
Double Stunt Points
At the „Code Enabled“ screen (see „Enable Codes“) press Right, Up, Circle, L2, Triangle, Circle, R1, R2 to enable air brakes.
Enable Codes Without Beating the Game
Go to the options screen and set the difficulty to Professional and the number of laps to 6. Then go to the Main Menu and press Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle. You’ll hear a „Ka-Ching!“ and „Codes Enabled“ will appear on the screen.
Ice RacingAt the „Code Enabled“ screen (see „Enable Codes“) press Up, R2, R1, Right, L1, Square, Right, Right.
Joyride Tip
On Joyride, go to the ramp (not the broken highway). Jump off the ramp and turn around. Go towards the side of the ramp and go to the first line that appears on the ramp. Slowly ride up to it and right when you hit it will send you flying.
While in the air you can do three backflips with three twists if you press and hold L1 or R1 and Up or Down.
Alternatively, go to the first ramp (not the broken highway) and gain as much speed as possible. Once you’re on the ramp, pull off on the side with the black line. This takes practice, but if you get it right you’ll sail over the bouys and can drive around outside.
Ocean Ride
In Suicide Swamp at the second U-Turn hit the red Nestle sign to the left with a turbo. If done correctly you will be launched into the ocean and will be able to ride freely outside of the boundries.
Rocket Racer
At the „Code Enabled“ screen (see „Enable Codes“) press Triangle, Up, Up, L2, L2, Up, Up, Up.
Show-off Cameras
At the „Code Enabled“ screen (see „Enable Codes“) press Triangle, Down, Square, Triangle, L1, L1, R1, R1.
Special Dedication
Choose Dakota, Then return to the Main Screen, Go to the Options Screen. Set the # of Laps to 2, and Trophy Presenter to Female. Sit back, choose CREDITS, and enjoy the show.
Super Agility
At the „Code Enabled“ screen (see „Enable Codes“) press Down, Circle, Left, L1, Left, Right, Left, Right.
Two-Player Mode with Other Bikes
At the „Code Enabled“ screen (see „Enable Codes“) press Circle, Square, R2, Circle, Triangle, L2, Right, Up. You and a friend can now complete against the rest of the pack, for a total of 20 bikes in the race!
Unlimited Turbos
At the „Code Enabled“ screen (see „Enable Codes“) press Triangle, Circle, Right, R2, Up, Square, Up, Triangle.
View „Win Race“ Screen
On the options screen change the difficulty to Amateur, turn off turbos, and turn off grapples. Now select Credits while holding L1 on the controller. You can change pictures by pressing X or cancel by pressing Triangle.
View All Endings
On the options screen change the difficulty to Amateur, turn off turbos, and turn off grapples. Now select Credits while holding L2 on the controller.Zero Resistance
At the „Code Enabled“ screen (see „Enable Codes“) press Square, L1, Triangle, Right, L1, Down, R2, Triangle.

Jet Moto 2
All Tracks
To unlock all tracks, perform the following actions exactly as shown. *NOTE*: not only will this code give you all tracks, but access to all the tracks from Jet Moto 1.
1. Set the game to MASTER difficulty and 5 laps per race.
2. Press X on Li’l Dave then return to the title screen.
3. Press Up, Down, Left, Right, R2, R1, L2, L1.
4. Set the game to 3 laps per race.
5. Press X on Wild Ride, then return to the title screen.
6. Press Up, Left, Down, Right, Square, R2, Circle, L2 within four seconds. You should hear a tone.
7. Now set the game to AMATEUR dificulty with turbos off.
8. Press X on Bomber and return to the title screen yet again.
9. Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right within four seconds.
10. Set to PROFESSIONAL difficulty and turn turbos on again.
11. Finally, press R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2.

Bonus Character and Tracks
To race as Enigma, beat all ten tracks at Master Difficulty. When you get
Enigma, there is also a new difficulty level that opens up called Insane!
It is also possible to race on the original Jet Moto tracks depending on who you used to beat the Master Level. For instance beating it with the Max gets you joy
ride! Happy hunting!

Fast Aerial
To come up with at least 1 aerial on any jump do either of the following:
Hold L2 + L1 + Down-Left.
OR Hold R2 + R1 + Down-Left.
OR Hold Up-Left + L1 + L2.

Hidden Picture
When you are on the coarse ‚Slickrock Gorge‘ jump off the cliff with the
waterfall. After you jump off, turn around and go through the waterfall. You will see a picture on the wall!

Major Air
In Slickrock George near the end the waterfall with the left hand signs on it go as fast as you can and hit it. You should be on top of the waterfall if you got enough speed. And hold down x until the force of the fall doesn’t suck you back down. Look for a big hole and hit your turbos and catch some MAJOR AIR!!!

Race as Enigma
Go to the options screen and set the difficulty to master and six laps per race. Go to the title screen and quickly press Left, Square, Down, Triangle, Right, Circle, L1, R1 (within four seconds.)

After Shock: On the map for After Shock you’ll see two squares at the bottom. Go to the top of the second one and go through the little hole in the left arrow sign. Now go to th left turn right agian and you see the little canal. Use a turbo once you are on either the left or the right side.
Slickrock Gorge: Try this shortcut on Slickrock Gorge. When coming around one of the last few turns on the river you should see a large hole in the canyon wall and a rock directly in front of it in the water. Head for the rock and jump through the hole. Follow the river to the left and you’ll be brought out just past the checkpoint on your way to the start/finish line. Ka-Ma-Te: In the track Ka-Ma-Te there is a shortcut right at the beginning when you enter the swamp. There is a green ramp to the left of the entrance which you can use to lift yourself to a bridge which cuts across part of the track.
Rollercide: In the track of rollercide, there is a shortcut which can save you valuable time, and put you in the lead if you are good enough to do it. After the first suicide turn(where the bell is) go straight instead of heading down into the full circle turn. If you aim it right and head between the signs, you can fly straight across to the main part of the lap.
The Shaft: In „The Shaft“, after you go through the tunnel around the first turn of the track, you have to make a jump. As you leave the tunnel, go to the left of the big rock in the middle of the track. Go off the jump at an angle so that you almost hit the right wall. If done correctly, you will land very close to the turn-around point and still be given the check point at the beginning of the S-turn. This shortcut will gain you anywhere from 2 to 6 positions!
Arctic Blast: Drive off the part of the track right before the start/finish line. When you hit the water, turn around and drive into the crack inbetween the ice wall and the wall of the track. The driver will scream, as if falling, and you will end up back on the ice part of the track. Hmmmm… must be ACID water. (Heh heh.)
Hot Shot: Whenever you see a buffalo standing behind the track boundary, drive into it, and it will snort. The name of one of the geysers is the „Upchuck Geyser.“

Spooky Sounds
In the Shaft level, somewhat in the middle of the race you will come up to a boarded up hole in the wall. Go up to it and you will see strange eyes looking at you and a really big growl!

Trophy Tricks
Earning a trophy unlocks several cheat codes. Here’s what you get for each racer.

Racer Trick
Lil‘ Dave Upside Down Cam
Wild Ride Super Brakes
Blade TV Cam
Technician Cyberspace Cam
The Max Unlimited Turbos
Vampeera Super Agility
Gadget Unlimited Grapple
Steele Remote Control
The Hun Ice Racing
Bomber Zero Resistance

Jet Raider
All Tracks
Go to options and set the difficulty setting to amateur and the trophy presenter to male. Return to the main menu and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left.
Now go to the Raider Select menu and then back to the main menu. Go to the options menu and set the difficulty to professional and the trophy presenter back to Raider’s Choice. Finally, go to the main menu and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right.

Jonah Lomu Rugby
Pass in a tackle
When you have the ball in hand hold either of the pass buttons (L1,R1,R2 or L2) and when you are being tackled,release the button to pass as you fall.

Special Cups
Win all the territories cups, then you can play a „Special Cup“ where you can play with World 15, Barbarians, and British Lions. When you win the ‚Special Cup‘, you get an „Extra Cup“ where you can be the Rage All-Stars, or Codemasters, or the Lomu team, in which all the players are Jonah Lomu.

Jonny Bazookatone
God Mode
Prove yourself the greatest musician of all time with the password „PILCHARD.“
Level Select
Jam your way to any level with the password „KRISTIAN.“
These jamming passwords are music to the ears.
Level Password

Judge Dredd
Deformed Characters
Enter „!PEMON?“ as a name on the high score screen.
Enter „!EIKKIN“ as a name on the high score screen.
Ten Credits
Enter „!BEDSTRAW!“ as a name on the high score screen.
View Ending Sequence
Enter „?LOVESEXY?“ as a name on the high score screen.

Jupiter Strike
Side View
For a sideways glance, pause the game and hold Start
for 10 seconds, then press L2 + Start.

Top View
To view the action from above, pause the game and
hold Start for 10 seconds, then press L1 + Start.

K1 - Arena Fighter
Mit Master Ishii spielen
Wählt den Team-Battle-Modus aus und drückt, sobald der
Charakterauswahl-Screen erschienen ist, oben, oben, unten, unten,
links, rechts, links, rechts, Start.
Neues Outfit
Haltet im Titel-Screen L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 gedrückt.
Schaltet die Playstation an und haltet während des Ladevorgangs auf
dem ersten und zweiten (!) Pad links + O + /\ + L1 + L2 gedrückt.
Kampfkraft erhöhen
Pausiert das Spiel und drückt L2, R1, L1, R1, L2, R1. Am unteren
Bildschirmrand lassen sich nun neue werte einstellen.

K1 - Revenge
Play as Animal
Go to 1-player mode,highlight „STAN THE MAN“ then press L1 and START.

Kagero: Deception 2
Boost of Ark
At the enter name screen, delete the current name and enter: Astarte (The „A“
should be capitalized).

Evil Kick-TRAP
In order to get the Evil Kick trap you must 1st beat the game. After that has been done, you can automatically buy this trap, once you reload your game. When the game starts up you are at the beginning of the game. The last thing to do is to get 5000 Ark. That shouldn’t take too long. What this trap does is it throws out a giant foot from the wall into the enemy, and flings them all the way across the room, rendering them defenseless. This trap does 30 damage and is very useful at the beginning of the game.

Sound Test
At the Press Start screen, press R1, R1, R1, R1, R2, R2, R2, R2, R2, R2.

Kattobi Tune
Maximum Attributes
On the Scenario mode’s Garage screen, enter Down,
Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, SELECT,
and your status levels will be maxed out in all

Maximum Money
On the Scenario mode’s Garage screen, enter Up, Up,
Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, SELECT, and
you will instantly have 99,999,900 monetary credits!
That should buy a few parts!

Kensei: Sacred Fist
Hidden Characters
To Earn 9 Hidden Characters simply Start Normal Mode and then Select a Normal Character and finish the game with him. Each character uncovers 1 more! Just make sure that even if you continue you don’t change character! YOU MUST START AND FINISH THE GAME WITH THE SAME CHARACTER!

Hide Pause Menu
While playing a match, pause the game and press L1. The pause menu will become invisible.

King of Fighters 95
Play as Bosses
To play as the bosses, choose Team Play and pick
„YES“ when asked if you want to edit the team. Hold
Start and press Up + Circle, Right + Square,
Left + X, Down + Triangle. If you did this right,
the bosses will appear.

Select Team Play
At the character select screen, hold Start and press Up
+ Circle, Down + Triangle, Left + X, Right +
Square, Up + Circle. You should hear a tone. Now
you can select two or three of the same character for
one team!

King of Fighters 96
Play as Goenitz and Chizuru
At character select screen, hold START, press
DOWN+TRIANGLE. Also if you’re playing as KYO,
IORI and CHIZURU you’ll see a hidden ending!

King of Fighters 97
Orochi New Faces Team
To play as Orochi New Faces team, Orochi Iori and
Orochi Leona in any game mode, press the four
shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2.) The screen should
reset and reappear with the five characters available!

Play as ’94 Kyo
To play as the 1994 version of Kyo, highlight him on
the character selection screen, then hold START and
press CIRCLE.

Play as Orochi
To play as Orochi, go to practice mode and press L1,
L2, R1, R2 two times, the screen should reset and
reappear 2 times the first time enabling the five orochi
characters and the second enabling orochi. the five
characters should be named with a B (ex. iori-b,

Note: Orochi himself is only playable in practice mode
but the five characters can be enabled in any mode.

King of Fighters 98
Bonus Characters
Highlight the normal version of the follewing fighters at the character
selection screen, then hold L1 and press any button:
* Evil Rugal Berstein
* ’95 Kyo
* Real Bout 2 Terry Bogard
* Real Bout 2 Andy Bogard
* ’94 Joe Higashi
* ’94 Ryo Sakazaki
* ’94 Robert Garcia
* ’94 Yuri Sakazaki
* Evil Yashiro
* Evil Shermie
* Evil Chris
* Real Bout 2 Mai Shiranui
* Real Bout 2 Billy Kane

Kings Field
Moonlight Sword
It is possible to obtain the Moonlight Sword without
killing Guyra. First, in preparation, fill all of your
crystal flasks, have at least one key in a guidepost and a
gate to match it. Then, make your way to Guyra’s
chamber. When you first get there walk straight
towards and strife to the left making sure he doesn’t
knock you off. Now when you are as far left and as far
forward wait until Guyra is completely facing you.
Here’s the tricky part. Quickly run towards Guyra’s
other side and get on the same platform as him, now
make a short jump across to the platform where the
Moonlight sword is. Now quickly grab the sword and
use the gate to hightail it before Guyra has time to turn
around and knock you off the platform. If you did this
successfully you should proudly be able to use the
Moonlight sword.

Kings Field 2
Powering up Light Magic Fast
To perform this trick you’ll need a sword that recovers
mana, IE: the Triple fang or the moonlight sword.

Equip one of the swords listed above. Next change the
(Select button) to cast Light Magic. Rapidly press the
select button until your magic starts to rapidly drain.
Each time press select it’s counted as a successfull cast
and your light magic will rise rapidly. It’s best to do
this at a Gold fountion so you can restore mana

My light magic is 500+ without any enhancements at
this level you can take out the final boss with one well
targeted spell.

Wenn im Titelscreen L2 + R2 gedrückt haltet, fliegen die Blätter
durch die Luft.

Knockout Kings
Be the Bear
Press left & square at the same time, press left & triangle at the same time, press left & circle at the same time, then press left & x at the same time. Every time you press left a the button you should hear a bell after you do all four you should hear a swoosh sound.

Career Mode Instant Wins
While fighting in career mode I found a way to always win no matter what. This isn`t a code but a flawless strategy. You must, however, knock the person down. At almost the same exact time as you knock the person out you press start and throw in the towel. Don`t worry, if you pressed start at the correct time the game will, instead of saying you threw in the towel, it will believe that the computer character threw in the towel. It will continue the count down, but at the end it will say that you won by TKO.

Easy way to gain speed, stamina, and strength
When you go to train your guy, pick the speed bag, or heavy bag and go into the match. Then, throw in the towel so it brings you back to the menu where you can choose the speed bag or the heavy bag. Keep repeating this process till everything is 99!

Huge Heads
Fight with big heads:
At the main menu press left and circle, left and triangle, left and square, left and x. A bell will sound if done correctly (This only works with created boxers).

Regain Energy
When you knock someone down press L1+L2+R1+R2+X at the same time, and keep hitting them. You should regain some of your energy.

Krazy Ivan
Level Select
At the Arena Select screen with the globe, highlight
Russia and press Right. Before the Japanese mission
info appears, hold X + Down-Left. The globe will
bounce through different Arenas. To choose a level,
release the buttons when the desired level is selected.

Last Blade
Bonus Characters
Beat the game then return to the character selection screen and press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2. After you’ve done this, the three Bosses, Kojiroh, Tanuki Akari, and Deku Shigen will appear.
NOTE: If you do not beat the game first and enter the same code you’ll only get the Bosses.

Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
Hold R1+R2 and press up.Release the buttons and you can walk on the air. To go down, hold R1+R2 and press down

Hidden Menu in Beta Version
During gameplay press square + circle and a hidden menu will appear that enables invincibility, level select, etc.

Legend Of Legaia
Be the Chicken King!
Go to the Muscle Paradiseand enter each level of the Coliseum fights- Beginner,
Expert, and Master. Run from the first fight of each one and your reward is an
accessory called Chicken King, which allows you to successfully run away from
regular battles (not bosses, though). Use it with the Chicken Heart and the
Chicken Safe to perfect the art of timidity!


ZETO HP 4500
XAIN HP 9000
SONGI HP 12,000
DOHATI HP 16,000
GAZA HP 12,000
GAZA GP 20,000
KORU HP 15,000
ZORA HP 21,000
ROUGE HP 24,000
JETTE HP 28,000
CORT HP 34,000
CORT HP 75,000

Camera Stone
To get the Camera Stone go to Vidna after you destroy Dohati’s Castle and go to the house next to the right of PEPE’s house. Talk to the man that is standing near that house to buy the Camera Stone for 100G. The Camera Stone will break after you use it 5 times. You could always buy a new one from the same person.

Defeat Zeto Easily
While in Zeto’s Dungeon, Exit with A door of wind and go to the Biron Monastery.
Buy a Deep Sea Jewel and return. When Zeto does Big Wave, it will only do 3 or 4 hundred points of damage.
Note: Your characters must be at level 10 or higher.

Devil Medallion
After the Soren event at the summit of Mt. Dini, return to the summit again to fight a hidden boss, Lapis. This accessory allows the character wearing it to attack with anywhere from 0-15 fighting arts per round, but renders that character uncontrollable.
However, the developers of the game took a cue from another good RPG’s hideously overpowered bosses when they thought Lapis up. He hits you right off the bat with an attack that drains your characters of MP, and keeps them drained. Then he hits you with attacks that do more damage than the final boss, Cort! Without the benefit of healing spells, this is a seriously nasty fight.

Easy 50 Coins
In the Muscle Dome, play Baka Fighter and pick any character. For the first fight, repeatedly tap square and you should get a perfect. For the second fight, repeatedly tap X and bam! another perfect. Then repeatedly tap O for the third fight to get another perfect. When XAIN comes into battle, repeatedly tap O again. It may not seem to work at first, but you will eventually break through for a couple of hits. This is the best strategy to use for the first couple of fights, but after Xain, it gets rough.

Easy Muscle Dome Fighting
To get a lot of coins easily in the muscle Dome, here’s what to do:
Raise 40,000 gold and go to the Warehouse on the 7th floor. Bargain with the kid to lower the price to 40,000 G to buy the life grail.
Finish the sequence at Uri Mais and get the Fire Droplet, but DO NOT TAKE IT TO DR. USHA!!!!! Look in the inventory and notice that the Fire Droplet keeps AP at 100. Hmmmm.
Equip the Life Grail, Fire Droplet, and Wonder Amulet, and fight the expert course. Since you have not gone to Nivora Ravie, the Delisases will not be in the fighting, and you only fight up to round 8, but still get over 13,000 coins! The only downside is that you cannot get the War God Icon yet, until you fight all 13 guys. But, you can still get the Ra-Seru spell Palma before you fight Koru, and it will be a cinch!

Fight Xian in Baka Fighter
At stage 4 of Baka Fighter after beating the wolf, press X repeatetly when your score is shown. You should get a message stating, „HOLD IT! STOP THAT, OR I’LL MAKE YOU!!“. Your next battle will be with Xain. Beat him to recieve 50 coins.

Gala’s Moves
Here are some of Gala’s moves. Note that some must be learned from books before they can be used.
* Back Punch – Left, Right, Left
* Battering Ram – Left, Right, Down
* Biron Rage – Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left (Miracle Art)
* Black Rain – Up, Left, Down, Down
* Bull Horns – Left, Up, Right, Down, Left
* Electro Thrash – Up, Left, Down, Right, Left
* Explosive Fist – Right, Right, Left, Left, Left (Hyper)
* Flying Knee Attack – Down, Up, Left
* Guillotine – Left, Up, Left
* Head Splitter – Left, Up, Up
* Iron Head – Up, Down, Down
* Lightning Storm – Right, Right, Up, Left (Hyper)
* Neo Raising – Left, Left, Right, Up, Left
* Neo Raising X2 – Left, Right, Left, Up, Left, Left, Right, Up, Left (Super Art)
* Side Kick – Down, Down, Up, Up
* Thunder Punch – Right, Right, Left (Hyper)

Get All Ra-Seru Talismans
* Water Talisman: Go to any fishing spot and fish..fish..fish. If you collect 20,000 points, the water egg will become available. Take it and go to Zalan. He will give you back the water talisman. It lets the charactor wearing it the mule spell that costs 200mp, but is well worth it.
* Earth Talisman: Go to the muscle dome and earn 100,000 coins. Go to the prize counter and get the earth egg. Talk to Zalan and he will give you the earth talisman. It has the power to give the wearer the plasma spell.
* Light Talisman: Once you get the light egg from Cara take it to Zalan. You get back the Light Talisman. The wearer can cast the most powererful healing spell in the game the Horn Resurrector which restores all HP even if the target character is dead.
* Dark Talisman: After Songi is dead, head to the West Woz forest. Get the dark stone from the chest at the genesis tree. Take it to Zalan and get the Dark talisman. Gives you the spell of Jedo.
* Evil Talisman: Everyone must be level 99. Then talk to Saryu in Ratayu. He should give you the evil seru key. Now go to the room where the Juggernaut was. Go at the end of the passage and you will see a chest, inside of which will be the evil tailsman.

Haggling with the Merchants
In Sol, there’s a Kid in the warehouse that sells a item that raises your life total by 25%. His first offer is a ripoff. Keep asking for a lower price, but don’t go lower than 40,000.
Submitted by Seifer Zero Hidden Spells
When you get all your characters Art moves, including the Hyper and Miracle arts, go to the original tree the character got his/her Ra-Seru to get the Meta/Vahn’s spell. Terra/Noa’s spell, and Ozma/Gala’s spell. Also, when you get Cara’s Ra-Seru egg (give the music she gave you to the pianoist in the Jazz Club, then go back to Buma and talk to Cara) give it to Zalan in Jeremi. He will give you an accessory that let’s you use the Horn spell, which refills all HP, even if you’re dead. However, it costs a whopping 200 mp to cast.

Infinite Coins
First get the Evil (Devil?) Medaillion. Give it to Vahn. Also give him your best accesories. Then put him right in front of the women who lets you enter the Battle Arena in Sol. Turn on auto fire „X“. Leave that on for a while and poof! Lots of money!

Noa’s Moves
Here are some of Noa’s moves. Note that some must be learned from books before
they can be used.
* Acrobatic Blitz – Up, Up, Down, Down
* Bird Step – Down, Down, Down, Up
* Blizzard Bash – Right, Left, Down, Down
* Dolphin Attack – Right, Right, Left, Right,
* Frost Breath – Left, Left, Right, Right (Hyper)
* Hurricane Kick – Left, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Right (Hyper)
* Lizard Tail – Right, Up, Down, Up
* Mirage Lancer – Right, Right, Up, Up
* Noa’s Ark – Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right (Miracle)
* Rushing Gail – Up, Up, Left, Down, Right
* Sonic Javelin – Right, Down, Right
* Super Javelin – Up, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right (Super)
* Super Tempest – Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Up (Super)
* Swan Driver – Down, Up, Up, Up
* Tempest Break – Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Up
* Tough Love – Down, Up, Down, Left, Right
* Vulture Blade – Left, Left, Right, Left, Right (Hyper)

Platinum Card
There is the hidden platinum card in the game. After you revive the second genesis tree, after your first meeting with Noa, go back to Drake Castle. Now go to the room where the King was sealed. Press X in front of the cracking wall and you’ll get the platinum card. With this card you can buy hidden (blue) items in most stores.
Submitted by Ronald & Marvyn
Point Card
After you’ve revived the Genesis tree in Rim Elm, go to the second floor of the Rim Elm weapon shop. On the second floor you will find a drawer with a point card inside. When you buy objects from any store you will gain points. These points can be used to inflict damage onto monsters. The number of points equal the amount of damage the monster takes.

Secret Boss
At the village of Rim Elm there is a secret boss called Queen Bee. To fight Queen Bee you have find the most southern tree in Rim Elm, then push X on it and the battle will start. Beware Queen Bee has 3 other Bees with her and she hits fast and hard. I recommend being at level 13 or higher and have the strongest armor at that point in the game. When you beat Queen Bee you’ll get the Honey which raises all your stats or you can give it to Nene and she’ll make some Elm

Sell Bread for Cash
When you get to Sol, get a couple of tokens and play the slots. Be patient enough to get a bonus game. Go for three 10s or anything really high. Repeat this process until you have 3,500 to 5,000 or more tokens. Exchange all your tokens for soru bread and sell it at any store in town. You’ll get 3,000 gold for every piece of bread!

Vahn’s Moves
Here are some of Vahn’s moves. Note that some must be learned from books before they can be used.
* Burning Flare: Right, Down, Left, Down, Left (Hyper)
* Charging Scorch: Down, Right Up
* Cross Kick: Down, Down, Down, Up
* Cyclone: Down, Up, Up, Up
* Fire Blow: Right, Right, Down, Left (Hyper)
* Hurricane: Up, Up, Down, Down
* Hyper Elbow: Left, Right, Left
* PK Combo: Down, Up, Up, Left
* Power Punch: Left, Left, Down
* Pyro Pummel: Left, Right, Up, Left
* Rolling Combo: Up, Down, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left (Super Arts)
* Slash Kick: Up, Down, Left
* Spin Combo: Up, Down, Right, Left
* Somersault: Up, Down, Up
* Tornado Flame: Right, Right, Left (Hyper)
* Vahn’s Craze: Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left (Miracle Art)

* Fire Tackle: Left, Right, Left, Left, Down, Right, Up (Super Art)
* Power Slash — Down, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left (Super Art)
* Maximum Blow — Down, Right, Up, Down, Left, Left, Down (Super Art)
* Rolling Out — Up, Down, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left (Super Art)
* Tri-Somersault — Up, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up

War God Icon
After completing the Absolute Fortress, clear the Master Course of the Muscle Dome in Sol to receive this accessory, which allows the wearer to attack twice in one turn.

Legion Of Heroes: Justice
Bonus Characters
To get more characters in this popular capcom fighting
game, just finish the game with Tiffany, Hinata, the
female justice teacher, and the volleyball player as your
first/main character.

Tiffany is in the foreign student team along with Roy
and Bowman, Hinata is in the main japan team along
with Bash and Kyosuke, The female teacher is in the
Justice team along with the other teacher, the volleyball
player is in the sports team.

Lemmings 3D
Level Select
Enter the password LAMPWICK, highlight END and press X. To finish, choose a difficulty level and select PLAY.
Feel like jumping off a cliff? Before you give up, try a few of these passwords.
They’ll have you feeling like a new rodent in no time.

View FMV’s
To view the FMV’s at any time, enter these passwords at the title screen.
Video Password

Lightning Legend
Für ganz Faule gibt es die Möglichkeit auch ohne Reset-Button das Spiel zu starten. Haltet hierfür einfach Select + Start + L1 + R2 gedrückt.

Extra Ammo
For extra ammunition, pause the game and hold L1 +
L2 for 10 seconds. With these buttons held, press
Down, Right, Circle, Left, Right, Circle. From
here on you can refill your ammo by pausing the game
and selecting the Ammo option that appears.

Extra Lives
Get a life (or ten) with this code. Pause the game and
hold L1 + L2 for 10 seconds. With these buttons
held, press Left, Down, Right, Triangle,
Square, X, Circle.

Free Bombs
With enough firepower, this game is a blast. To get
your fill, pause the game and hold L1 + L2 for 10
seconds. With these buttons held, press R1, R2, X,
Triangle, Square, Circle, R1, R2, Circle,
Circle, Square.

To heal yourself, pause the game and hold L1 + L2
for 10 seconds. With these buttons held, press Right,
Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Triangle,
Circle. From here on you can heal yourself by pausing
the game and selecting the Health option that appears.

Level Select
Break for freedom with this level select code. To
activate, pause the game and hold L1 + L2 for 10
seconds. With these buttons held, press Up, Right,
Down, Left, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, X,
Triangle, Square, Circle.

Level Skip
Slip past the warden with this trick. Pause the game and
hold L1 + L2 for 10 seconds. With these buttons
held, press X, R1, Triangle, R1, Square,
Circle, R2, R2, X, Square, Triangle, X.

Weapon Power-up
To enhance the carnage, pause the game and hold L1 +
L2 for 10 seconds. With these buttons held, press
Down, Right, Down, Right, Triangle. From
here on you can power up by pausing the game and
selecting the Power option that appears.

Lone Soldier
God Mode
Drückt während des Spiels links, links, O, /\, oben, links.
Volle Magazine
Drückt während des Spiels rechts, unten, O, /\, oben, rechts.
Drückt während des Spiels unten, rechts, O, /\, unten, rechts.

Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest
For invulnerability, enter the password „CH3T“.


Level Password Level Password Level Password
2 1STS 12 TLPT 22 HRDR
3 2NDS 13 GYSR 23 L0ST
4 TRSH 14 B3SV 24 0B0Y
5 SW1M 15 R3T0 25 HOM3
6 W0LF 16 DRNK 26 SHCK
7 BR4T 17 Y0VR 27 TNNL
8 K4RN 18 0V4L 28 H3LL
9 B0MB 19 T1N3 29 4RGH
10 WZRD 20 D4RK 30 B4RD
11 BLKS 21 H4RD 31 D4DY

Lost World
Hunter: [], X, O, /\, X, O, [], /\, [], X, O, X
Human Prey: /\, X, /\, X, O, X, [], /\, /\, [], O, X
Velociraptor: [], X, O, /\, X, O, [], /\, X, [], O, X
T-Rex: /\, [], O, [], X, /\, /\, O, [], /\, /\, X
Comp Gallery: X, /\, /\, [], X, O, /\, [], /\, O, X, O
Hunter Gallery: /\, X, [], /\, O, X, [], O, /\, [], X, X
Human Gallery: /\, [], O, [], X, /\, /\, O, X, [], /\, /\
Veli Gallery: /\, [], /\, X, O, /\, [], X, O, [], X, /\
Rex Gallery: /\, /\, O, [], /\, X, /\, [], [], X, /\, O

Lucky Luke
Train 1 [Dalton] [Dalton] [Lucky Luke] [Jolly Jumper] Train 2 [Lucky Luke] [Lucky Luke] [Jolly Jumper] [Rantamplan] Pueblos [Dalton] [Jolly Jumper] [Lucky Luke] [Rantamplan] Mine [Lucky Luke] [Jolly Jumper] [Dalton] [Rantamplan] Indian Desert [Rantamplan] [Rantamplan] [Dalton] [Jolly Jumper] Saloon [Dalton] [Dalton] [Jolly Jumper] [Rantamplan] Waterfall 1 [Dalton] [Lucky Luke] [Lucky Luke] [Jolly Jumper] Waterfall 2 [Rantamplan] [Dalton] [Lucky Luke] [Lucky Luke] Wagon Race [Rantamplan] [Dalton] [Dalton] [Jolly Jumper] Bush Wackers [Jolly Jumper] [Dalton] [Rantamplan] [Rantamplan] Dalton City [Jolly Jumper] [Jolly Jumper] [Lucky Luke] [Rantamplan]

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Bonus Spiel: Legt die „Making of Lunar“ CD Rom in Eure Playstaion. Wenn Ihr Einen
mann seht, der einBild malt ( gleich am Anfang), drückt:
oben, unten, links, rechts, dreieck, START
Der Schriftzug “ Lords of Lunar“ erscheint. Nach „Start the Game“
könnt Ihr eine wirklich ausgefallene Pong – variante spielen

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Beating the Mushroom Boss
Make sure you’re at level 16 of higher. Before going in to battle, have Alex and Luna seperated. This helps against the Mushroom’s 1-person attack. When the battle starts, have Alex use Vigor. Have Luna use the song that makes people stronger on Alex. Every turn, have Alex use his strongest magic and have Luna repeatedly use her Tranquility song to heal. This guy’s a toughie. Good luck.

Beating the Slime Boss
Get all of your characters to at least level 11 and Alex at level 12. Have Alex use Vigor and his strength will go up about 22 points on average. Have Luna use Cascade Song on Alex and his strength will go up about 15 points. Have Ramus attack always. Have Nash use Thunder Bomb every turn. Have Alex use Sword Dance. With all the power-ups he should now be doing about 250 points of damage to the slime monster. Have Luna heal whenever needed. For good measure have Luna use Cascade song on Ramus for a little extra damage.

Get Royce’s Bromide
After Mel gets turned to stone go to Black Rose Street and talk to everybody. Eventually you will get Royce’s bromide from the man that kept talking about wanting to be her slave.

Hidden Game
Insert the „Making of Lunar“ CD-ROM in your PlayStation then turn it on. When you see a man drawing a picture, right at the beginning, press: Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, and Start. Then you should be at a screen that reads „Lords of Lunar“, click on the „Start the Game“ button and play. This game is a really freaky pong twist. Have fun playing!

Jessica’s Bromide
To get Jessica’s bromide, visit Althena’s shrine after Kyle joins your party. On the right side of the shrine is a girl who claims to be Jessica’s sister. keep talking to her until you get the bromide.

Location of all 13 Red Locked Chests
In order to unlock all the chests you must first become a member of the Thieve’s Guild.
* In Reza, behind the building on the west side of town. (Silver Light)
* Go to Burg, the chest in Ramus‘ bedroom. (Garbage Can Lid)
* Travel to Saith, southwest house, second floor. (Protection Ring)
* Old Sea Hag’s House, chest in the basement. (Silver Light)
* Meribia, southwest middle house in the group of three. (1000s)
* Go to the Meribian Sewers via Mel’s mansion. The locked chest at the lowest level. (Silver Light)
* Enter the Cave of Trial through the tiny building in Vane. (Soap)
* In Vane across from Althena’s Statue hidden behind the building. (Devil
* South Mountain Pass from Nanza. (Silver Light)
* Travel to Lann, behind to northeast house. (Silver Light)
* Go to Meryod behind the southwest house. (Silver Light)
* Go to the Meryod Wood, behind the tree in the northwest corner. (Fortune Ring)

* Travel to the Weird Woods, in the north east corner of thee woods there is a very well hidden chest. (Wrath Ring)

Luna’s Bromides
Luna bromide 1: After Luna has been captured, go to alex house’s basement and check the shelves.
Luna bromide 2 : At the end of the game, Ramus will give it to you.

Mia’s Bromides
Mia bromide 1 : When you have Nash, you will have it. Mia bromide 2 : After Nash blows a hole in the ship, go to Iluck in the top right house , the guy will give you the bromide. Mia bromide 3 : Before going to the frontier, visit the magic guild vane, in the right hand side classroom and talk to the student in the back left seat couple of times.

Phacia’s Bromide
After Phacia reveals herself to be an enemy in the Star Chamber, head back to the Althena Temple and talk to the priestess in the back room. She will give you Phacia’s Bromide.

View All Cut-scenes
First you have to put the making of Lunar CD into your Playstation and then do the Lords of Lunar code (up, down, left, right, Hold triangle and press start) and then take the CD out of the Playstation and then put the game CD in to the Playstation and press exit so that it will load the other game and then it will play all the FMV’s in the entire game! (Note: it will show the title FMV first because is the first FMV in the game, to make sure you did it correctly it will only be about 6/8 of the normal screen.

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