Tipps & Tricks A bis F


Bonus Track
On any track do the following.
* At the first ramp do an easy trick – SQUARE, TRIANGLE.
* At the second ramp do a medium trick – SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE.
* At the third ramp do a hard trick – SQUARE, CIRCLE, X.
* At the forth ramp do the following – Square, X, Triangle, Circle.
* Then finish the race and the bonus track will load.

Extreme Moves
These extreme move are performed while jumping with any equipment.
Move Points
Square, Triangle 50
Square, O, X 100
Square, O, Triangle 100
Square, X, Triangle, O 200

Quick Start
When you start any race, tuck and press UP right away. This will make you

Ride Camel
To ride a camel select the level: AFRICA 2. When you race, hold down R1, R2, L1,
and L2 for the entire race and come in 7th place. Go through the track again and
you should be riding a camel.
Special Tricks
Perform these special jumps with the equipment shown.
* Skateboarding – Triangle, X, Square, Circle
* Snowboard – Triangle, Square, X, Circle
* Mountain Bike – X, Square, Triangle, Circle + X, Circle, Square, Triangle
* Rollarblades – Circle, Square, X, Triangle

Unlimited Energy
Hold L1, L2, R1, R2 together as long as wanted to keep your Energy Bar full.
Once you let go, your energy level will go down. You can do this code anytime
during the game. Your energy level has to be full to first use this code. You
should turn off punching. If you do not, the person will keep punching.

Alien Characters and Cars
At the Main Menu, go down to ‚Memory Card‘ and press Right to access the CODES
menu. Now enter any of the following names:
* bink — The Best Skateboarder 97% Stats.
* geep — The Best Bikeracer 97% Stats.
* nyub — The Best Skater 97% Stats.
* redline — Red car
* blueline — Blue car
* whiteline — White car

All Aliens
To access all of the aliens go to the code menu and type in ASTROMEN

All Exhibition Tracks
To access all Exhibition tracks go to the code menu and type in VOUYEUR

All Freestyle Tracks
Go to the memory card and press right for the code screen. Enter xxyto unlock
all of the freestyle tracks.

Hidden Course
Beat Pro Circut with anything to unlock the hidden course „Hunted Mansion“.
{Only works on Free Style.)

Hidden Freestyle Track
Beat the game (all three circuits) with one of the monsters to gain access to
the „Haunted House“ fresstyle track.

Play as Dominique
At the main menu, highlight the „Memory Card“ selection and press Left or Right
and choose the „Codes“ selection. Then, enter „DOMINIQUE“ at the codes screen to
unlock Dominique, the best skater.

Play as Lugnut
At the main menu, highlight the „Memory Card“ selection and press Left or Right
and choose the „Codes“ selection. Then, enter „LUGNUT“ at the codes screen to
unlock Lugnut. Lugnut is a Frankenstein skateboarder with 95% in all attributes.

Play as TP
At the main menu, highlight the „Memory Card“ selection and press Left or Right
and choose the „Codes“ selection. Then, enter „TP“ at the codes screen to unlock
TP. TP is a mummy with 95% in all attributes, with a bike called Pharoah.

Secret Passage in Aztec Island 2
In Aztec Island 2, go past the second tunnel. To the left of the sign and the
right of the big rock there is a tunnel. Go in it. At the end there is a jump,
go to it and hit jump,(square), and u will go through a rock and land in a
tunnel. Go out the tunnel and you will be back on the road.

Secret Passage in Metro Level
Go to metro level, on the left side of the screen, about half way through you
will see a set of stairs with black and yellow arrows pointing to the left. Just
ride up to them, and you will automically pass through. (metro level is only
available after compleating amature all levels.)

Secret Passage on Aztec Island
When you first start out keep going past the bridge. Go off the jump and under
the first tunnel. Then go under the second tunnel and when you get near the
Billabong sign, to the left is a small window where you can go through. When you
get near the jump, you must jump or you will not make it.

UltraSpank Video
To check out the ULTRASPANK video go down to options in the main menu and press
RIGHT, then press X.

A Train
Infinite Money
At the title screen, press L1+L2+R1+R2, then press Square+Triangle, and press
Start. You will enter the map selection screen. Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press
Circle. If you press correctly, you’ll hear a sound.
To increase money in the game, press Start to pause the game, then press Left,
Right, Up or Down to incease the amount of money.

Abes Exodus
Haltet R1 und drückt dann O,
O, X, X, und [] , [] während des Spiels.
Sofort ins nächste Level

Die FMV-Sequenzen ansehen:
Halte R1 und dücke oben, unten, links,
rechts, [] , O, dreieck, O, [] , O oben,
unten, links, rechts im Hauptmenü.

Ace Combat 2
Bad Ending
On the 19th mission, Kingpin“, be sure to shoot down the skilled enemy pilot,
Z.O.E. You will then be able to play the 20th mission, „Last Resort“. Do not
shoot down the cruise missile that’s launched to see this „Bad Ending“

Bonus Aircraft
Finish the game and see the Normal or Bonus Ending. A new option will appear
after you picked the difficulty under the „START GAME“ option at the Title
Screen. Using this option, you may have a chance to buy some new aircraft as you
play through the game again. (Like the F-15S, MiG-31, Su-25, and the XFA-27.)

Bonus Ending
On the 20th mission, „Last Resort“, be sure to shoot .down the cruise missile.
You will then be able to play the 21st mission, „Fighter’s Honor“. Finish this
mission to see this „Bonus Ending“.

Change Mission Map Viewpoint
On the mission select screen, put the cursor over ‚MISSION‘ and hit SELECT for
three different viewing angles. Submitted by Michael Sean Aunario

Free Mission Mode
Using the „EXTRA“ Aircraft Mode, finish the game and see the Normal or Bonus
Ending. After the „START GAME“ option at the Title Screen, the „FREE MISSION“
option will appear. Now, you can play all the missions you have discovered so

Music Test
If you clear the game with a rank higher than First Lieutenant, a music player
mode will show up in the option menu. Here are the controls: press L1 or L2 to
skip forward, R1 or R2 to skip backwards, Circle to select the current track,
Select to toggle screen, Square or Triangle or X to end. Submitted by Michael
Sean Aunario

New Mission
make sure to kill all of the transport ships including the gun launchers on the
ship (There are 2 ships). If you shoot them and complete the mission, the next
mission will have 2 choices – „RISING HIGH“ HIGH ALTITUDE CHASE and the new

Hint: Shoot the parachutes down before they reach the ground and use machine

Normal Ending
Play the game up to the 19th mission, „Kingpin“. Finish the mission WITHOUT
shooting down the skilled enemy pilot Z.O.E. (The enemy plane that is marked as
‚DANGER‘ in the Briefing Screen.)

View the Aircraft In 3D
Remember all those Skilled Enemy Pilots that are marked as „DANGER!“ on the
Briefing Screen? If you manage to shoot every single one of them down and
complete your collection of medals on the Statistics Screen, a new option will
appear in the Options Menu. All the planes you have encounter so far (both yours
and the enemies‘) may be now seen in 3D! You may rotate the cool planes around,
and even zoom in and out!

Ace Combat 3
Unlock The Mission Simlator
To Unlock the Mission Simulator you have to finish the game five times with five
diferent endings with the same account. After you have finished the 5’th ending
Simon will unlock the Mission Simulator.

Actua Soccer 2
Gebt folgende Cheats im Hauptmenü ein:
Gremlin11: links, rechts, [], O, oben, unten, [], O
Große Spieler: oben, unten, unten, rechts, [], [], O, O
Kleine Spieler: O, unten, unten, [], oben, oben, links, rechts
Ghost: [], O, unten, O, oben, rechts, [], links
Dwarves: O, unten ,unten, rechts, [], [], O, O
Beatchball Modus: links, rechts, links, oben, links, rechts, [], [] Floodlight: links, links, links, O, rechts, rechts, rechts, [] Ghostball: [], [], links, links, rechts, rechts, O, O
SFA: links, links, [], rechts, rechts, O, oben, unten
Black & White: oben, unten ,oben, [], O, oben, unten, oben

Adventures of Lomax
Flying Lomax
After you have used the Level Select code Lomax can fly! Press L1 + Square to
take off or land.
Level Select
While playing, hold Down + Start. The game will pause. Next hold Up and press
Triangle, Circle, X, Square. A number will appear at the left of the screen. To
change levels, press L1 + Select then press L1 + Start to warp to the selected
Enter these codes at the Password screen.
Level Password
3 Square, Square, Square, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
4 Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, X
5 X, Circle, X, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, X
6 Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, X
7 X, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, X
8 Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, X
9 X, Circle, X, Circle, X, X, Circle, X
10 Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X, X, Circle, X
11 Circle, Square, Circle, Square, X, X, Circle, X
12 Square, Square, Square, Square, X, Square, Circle, Square
13 X, X, X, Square, X, X, Circle, Square
14 Square, Triangle, Circle, X, X, Triangle, Square, X
15 Circle, Triangle, Square, X, X, Triangle, Circle, X
16 Triangle, Triangle, X, X, X, Triangle, Square, X
17 Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
18 X, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
19 Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
20 Circle, X, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
21 Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
22 X, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, X

Agent Armstrong
Levelanwahl: /\, /\, /\, /\, [], [], [], X, X, O
Unverwundbarkeit: X, X, X, X, /\, O, X, [] Alle Waffen: O, O, O, /\, /\, X, X

Air Combat
Bonus Planes
For 10 extra planes, beat all levels and the boss in easy mode, then watch the
credits. When the title screen reappears it should say „Extra 010“ in the top
right corner. Start a new game and go to the VIEW AIRCRAFT screen to see your
new planes.

Put on a set of khaki’s and take to the skies in military style. For your own
custom paintjob, enable the Original Paintjob code and press Up, Left, Down,
Right, Up, Left, Down, Right.

Cheat Codes – Read This First
Follow this procedure before trying the following
codes. When starting or continuing a game from the
title screen, hold R1 + Circle while the CD is being
accessed. A black screen with the words „Now
Loading“ and flying CD’s will appear. While the CDs
are flying around, you can enter any of the cheat codes
on this page.

Extra Credits
Press Right, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle,
Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle + Triangle,
then press and hold Circle + Triangle.

Mini Game
Press Up, Left, Down, Right. During loads, you
can play a mini game for about six seconds. You
control the Ace Combat icon with Left and Circle or
L2 and R2. Your goal is to destroy as many of the
swarming Stealth Bombers as possible. If you score
above 4.7, you’ll receive free wingmen. The word
„Congratulations“ will appear after the mini-game if
you’ve earned this bonus.

Original Paintjob
To view these classic aircraft as they were originally
designed, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up,
Down, Left, Right, R1.

Secret Loading Screen
Hold the R1 and Circle buttons at any point in the game
when the standard „bird logo“ loading screen is about
to appear. If the „bird“ screen appears, you’re too
late-but if you held the buttons down at the right time,
you should see a new, black loading screen with little
compact discs bouncing around.

Secret Sub-Game
While the game is loading, press annd hold the R1 and
O buttons. Next, when the CDs start flying across the
screen, press U, L, D and R. A small character should
then pop up in the bottom left-hand side of the screen to
kindly tell you that you’ve accessed the cheat. The next
time that the game loads something up, a secret game
will appear.

Undecorated Wingman
Hold R1 and press Start ten times.

Air Combat 2
Flugzeuge anschauen
Wenn ihr das Spiel in der höchsten Schwierigkeitsstufe durchgespielt
habt, könnt ihr euch alle Flugzeuge über einen neuen Menüpunkt in
den Optionen anschauen.
Nachdem ihr alle Missionen als Fist Lieutenant absolviert habt,
könnt ihr euch die Musikstücke über einen neuen Menüpunkt in den
Optionen anhören.
Karte drehen
Markiert vor dem Briefing den Menüpunkt MISSION und drückt Select.

Air Race
Um die zwei versteckten Flugzeuge zu erhalten, müßt ihr im
Titelbildschirm auf dem zweiten Pad R1 + L2 gedrückt halten und 20
mal mit Select bestätigen (bevor der Titelbildschirm von selbst
Höhere Geschwindigkeit
Um die Geschwindigkeit der Geebee zu erhöhen, müßt ihr das Flugzeug
im Menü auswählen und während des Ladevorgangs auf die X-Taste
hämmern (bis das Flugzeug den oberen Bildschirmrand erreicht).

Akuji the Heartless
Debug Mode
Pause the game then hold L2 or R2 and press Left, Up, Up, Triengle, Right,
Square, Left, Triangle, Up, Down, Right, Right.

Infinite Spirit Spells
After you’ve acquired the Spirit spell, pause the game then hold L2 or R2 and
press Left, Triangle, Left, Left, Circle, Left, Triangle, Right, Circle, Up, Up,
Down. You must repeat this whenever you pick up a Spirit spell.

Pause the game, then hold L2 or R2 and press Right, Right, Left, Triangle, X,
Up, Circle, Left.

Alien Trilogy

Get the Legendary Sword
To get the Legend Sword (most powerful weapon in the game) you must have the
„POWER GLOVE“ given to you by Jess. Then you need to die and use the „QUICK
RESTART“ feature over 16 times (this can be done at any time in the game even
before you get the power glove.) After doing all of that head for the statue of
KING SNOW which is east of INOA VILLAGE and use the power glove to lift the
large rock blocking your way to the staue. Walk up to the statue and the screen
darkens, if you have done all of the above correctly King Snow will pity you and
give you the Legend Sword. This Sword should be your weapon of choice, although
it cannot perform a charge attack it is still the strongest weapon in the entire
Listen to the Music
This will allow u to listen to the music of Alundra. After completing a number
of your quests go back to the Inoa Mine there is a house by the stream,if u go
inside and go upstairs you will meet Rohei. This great composer will let you
listen to some of his music which is in fact the music from the game.
Playing Tips
When fighting Melzas himself, pay attention to where he pops up last. The last
clone to come from the ground is the creature Melzas. Just wait in the middle of
the screen and pick him off.
When fighting the final brain thing, just run up to the brain and keep doing
jump attacks.

Andretti Racing
Bei „Begin Career“ gebt Ihr als Registernamen „GO
BEARS!“ (Stock Cars) bzw. „GO BRUINS!“ (Indy Cars) ein.

Angel Eyes
Um die versteckten Charaktere zu erhalten, mußt ihr den Story Mode
mit den folgenden Charakteren durchspielen (normaler Schwierigkeitsgrad).
Beendet den Sory Mode mit Raiya.
Anime Reika
Beendet den Story Mode mit Reika.
Robo C.
Beendet den Story Mode mit Chibi
Beendet den Story Mode mit Marie
Beendet den Story Mode mit Kiriko
Beendet den Story Mode mit Lina
Critical H. Star
Beendet den Story Mode mit H. Star
H. Mysp
Beendet den Story Mode mit M. Pow

Um einen Checkpoint zu überspringen:

Pause-Modus aktivieren
L1 gedrückt halten und
/\, [], O, X eingeben

Ertönt ein Schuss war alles richtig.

Arcade Greatest Hits: Atari Collection 2
Gauntlet Health Trick
Normally, in Gauntlet, if you press the credit button to get more health your
score will decrease. However, there is a way around this.
When you first start, dont touch ANYTHING Just press the credit button rapidly
to rake in loads of health. When you reach your desired amount, grab a treasure
and get going.
This also works if you die and have to restart on a level you died on.

Area 51
Best and Worst Endings
For the best ending, shoot off all the panels on the Mothership. For the worst ending, let the Mothership escape without hitting any panels.
Kronn Hunter Mode
At the beginning of the game, ONLY shoot the first three STAAR team members you see. If you did this right you’ll enter Kronn Hunter mode.
In this mode, you are a mercenary from the Kronn hierarchy sent to steralize
Area 51 of the Kronn rebels. You will notice that the grenades, bullets, shotgun shells, and machine gun bullets have all taken on a Kronn form. You will also gain 20,000 extra points whenever your score is tallied, and you can shoot STAAR team members with impunity.
Secret Rooms
It seems only proper that a secret base contains secret rooms. Here’s how to find them:
* Level 2: Shoot out all of the upper windows of the far back wall in the
Hangar. Another can be found by shooting all the yellow barrels when you are the
* Level 4: Shoot every yellow box while you’re riding on the STAAR jeep
* Level 5: Shoot the doorplate of the second door marked General Weatherby as
the door is opening.
* Level 7: Shoot all the yellow barrels at the first area where the four purple zombies are throwing barrels on the hill.

Arkanoid Returns
Level Select
Markiert im Titelbildschirm Continue und drueckt X + O gleichzeitig.

Armored Core
Camera View
You can switch to a fixed camera angle by pressing Circle + X + Start.
Change Background
To change the background on all menus, first make a design in the „Edit Emblem“ screen when you are done hold L1 + R1 + SELECT. Now you design is the background.
Firing the Lazerblade
You can fire a beam of light from your lazerblade. To do this, press CIRCLE to use the lazerblade, then as the arm comes down hit X. It has no lock so you really need to have good aim. If done correctly it will fire a cresent shaped beam.
First-Person View
To switch to first-person view, press Triangle + Square + Start at the same time then unpause the game. To return to third-person view, just pause the game then unpause it.
Human Plus Enhancements
Start a new game, and fail all the missions you play until you are below -50,000 credits in debt. An FMV will be played, and you will start the game over with a clean slate. Doing this gives you special abilities, the first time it gives you a grid radar, the fourth time it gives you the ability to fire back weapons with huminiod legs while standing. The sixth gives you 2x energy for boosting, and weapons. Have fun!
Secret Item Locations
Here’s the location of the Secret Items.
Item Location
1 Destroy plus escapee: On a ledge of the building about 3 levels down.
2 Guard wharf warehouse: Turn around at the start and steal the radar you are guarding.
3 Destroy fuel depot: In the 2nd room on the shelf at the back, destroy the fuel canisters, then go up there and search the rear corner.
4 Retake air cleaner: Inside a grate on the ceiling.
5 Kill struggle leader: At the bottom of the area where the floor explodes, search the rear of the floor of the chasm.
6 Exterminate organisms: Search the rear of the queen’s chamber.
7 Guard freight train: Destroy one of the boxes at the loading area.
8 Destroy intruders: In a niche under the topmost bridge.
9 Guard factory entrance: In a „RED“ corner of the map.
10 Secret factory recon: In a „RED“ corner of the map.
11 Eliminate strikers: At the start, turn around and destroy one of the armored cars.

Assault Rigs
While playing, press Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Down.

While playing, press Left, Fire, Left, Fire, Left, Left, Fire, Right, Fire, Right, Fire, Fire.

Here’s a complete set of passwords for your blasting pleasure.
Level Password
1 Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle
2 Square, X, Square, X, Triangle, Square
3 Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle
4 Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
5 Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle
6 Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Square
7 X, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
8 Triangle, Square, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle
9 Square, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, X
10 Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Square
11 Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square
12 Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle
13 Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Square
14 Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Square, X
15 Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
16 Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square
17 Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square
18 Square, Circle, Square, X, Square, Triangle
19 X, X, Square, X, Triangle, Circle
20 X, Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square
21 Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle
22 Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle
23 Circle, X, X, X, X, Triangle
24 Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
25 Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square
26 Square, Circle, Circle, X, Circle, X
27 X, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square
28 Square, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square
29 Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Circle, Circle
30 Square, Circle, X, Circle, X, Triangle
31 Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
32 Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Square, X
33 X, X, Triangle, X, X, Square
34 X, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square
35 Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle
36 X, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square
37 X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square
38 Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
39 Square, X, Triangle, X, X, Triangle
40 Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, X
41 Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square

Auto Destruct
Gebt folgende Cheats im Haupt- oder Pausemenü ein.
oben, unten, links, rechts, unten, rechts, L1, R1, R1
oben, rechts, links, unten, O, L1, R1, R1, L1, O, unten, links,
rechts, oben
oben, R1, unten, L1, oben, links, R1, rechts, L1
New York Time Trail:
L1, rechts, unten, links, oben, R1
U-Bahn Time Trail:
L1, links, L1, R1, rechts, R1
Tokyo Time Trail:
L1, links, rechts, R1, links, rechts, L1
[], O, R1, L1, O, unten, L1, oben
oben, unten, O, L1, R1, L1, O, unten, oben
L1, L1, L1, L1, links, O, O, [], L1
Mehr Nitros:
L1, O, unten L1, oben, [], O, R1
Mehr Zeit beim Coutdown:
unten, L1, L1, O, O, R1, oben, [], L1
L1, R1, oben, O, unten, [], rechts, R1, L1
Neue Wagen:
links, R1, rechts, R1, links, R1, rechts, R1
Neue Stecken im Time Trail:
R1, L1, O, links, O, O, links, L1, O
L1, R1, L1, oben, unten, O, unten, rechts, links, [], R1

Ayrton Senna Kart Duel
2 Versteckte Karts
Gebt SENNA 1 als Spielername ein. Nun könnt ihr eine zusätzliche
Strecke anwählen.
Um an das versteckte Kart zu kommen, müßt ihr auf der neuen Strecke
(Classic) den ersten Platz belegen.
Um ein weiteres Kart zu erhalten, mußt ihr mit dem neuem Kart zwei
Runden hintereinander im Championship Modus gewinnen.

Azure Dreams
Call Your Mother
Before heading out for the Tower be sure to tell your mother you’re leaving. In return for your courtesy she’ll provide you with a much-needed Pita Fruit.

Easy Money
Here’s a simple solution to money problems. First you need to build a race track. Once you’ve got it built, go inside and bet $1000 on the ‚3-4‘ combination (if the odds aren’t high enough, leave and come back.)
When the race starts, speed up and get in horse #2’s way. By doing this, horse
#2 slows down and horse #3 and #4 will take the lead. All you have to do now is to lose the race. Repeat as needed.

Health Restore
Stand in a corner and press and hold X and O to restore your health, but be warned, you can be attacked in the process.

Love Interest: Cherrl
1. Go to Nico’s house and talk to her father. That should trigger Nico’s
entrance. She will talk to you about how the town isn’t cultured enough. She’ll also talk to you about her donations to the hospital and temple.
2. Go to the hospital and talk to the doctor. Say the place isn’t that bad.
3. Leave. Go to the tower. Come back by way of wind crystal (dieing doesn’t work). Sell off any new possesions, because you need 4000 gold.
4. Return to the hospital and the doctor will jokingly ask f you are there to donate for a new hospital. Say you are. Give him the money.
5. Go to the tower again. Return by way of wind crystal.
6. Re-Visit the hospital again and talk to the doctor. He’ll thank you.
7. Go to the to the tower.
8. Upon your return, in the house just north of the hospital, you should see a blond girl (Cherrl) looking out the window. Talk to her. You’ll frighten her (You Brute) and she’ll drop her doll. Pick it up and give it to her.
9. The rest is up to you.

Love Interest: Fur
1. Go to the store alot (I’m talking after every time you come back from the tower).
2. Every time Fur says something try to be as polite as possible.
3. Buy her some gifts, it’ll pay off in the end (I personally only bought her up to handbag).
4. At some point your arch-rival will be talking to her and he will annoy her.
Now she is ready for you!

Love Interest: Mia Myria
To seduce this girl (though only heaven knows why you’d want to) you must do only one major thing.
Keep talking to the old man in the east side of town, who collects books. His collection of books will soon out grow his house. He will ask you to build him a library. Do so, then visit it periodically to see the lovely Mia Myria.

Love Interest: Nico
Just help build the town up and donate money for the fountain she wants to build.

Love Interest: Patty
To get Patty as a love interest you must first make her notice you. Do it in these steps:
1) Wait until Ghosh is a regular at the restaurant. When he is always sitting at the table, then you can start ordering.
2) Order everything on the menu, one at a time and don’t forget to pay. Just for fun, say you don’t have any money once.
3) Tell Ghosh to shut up everytime you go in, and remark to him when he talks about your choices on the menu.
After you order everything on the menu you must go to the tower one more time. When you return you can go to the restaurant and find it to be closed, but Patty is there by herself. She will ask you to sit down and fix you something.
4) Ask for her specialty, the prawns.
There will be another conversation and she will greet you after you go to the tower again the next time you visit the restaurant. When Ghosh asks what’s going on, Patty will say it’s our little secret.
5) Agree with Patty.
Ghosh will get so mad that he will leave the restaurant without paying. The next time you visit the restaurant, again after visiting the tower first, Patty will have an argument with Ghosh, stick up for you if you decided not to pay any time, and kick him out. Voila! Patty is now in love with you.

Love Interest: Vivian
These are the steps needed to start your romance with Vivian.
1. Talk to Madame from the bar, frequently. She will go on about her adventurer with the blue cape.
2. Make your way up to the tower to the 25th floor. There you should be able to find a blue cape.
3. Take this cape back to her. She’ll cry and close the bar. As a patriotic drunk it’s your job to convince her life is worth living, so she’ll re-open the bar.
4. Once you convince her that it’s o.k. she’ll re-open the bar. The next time you go in there Vivian will be dancing on the small stage.

Monster Hunting Tips
Need to get rid of a pesky monster before it attacks? Throw one of your items at him. Magic items will generate whatever effect the would on you, leading to some interesting possibilities.
For example, if you thrown an Olean (the blue fruit) at a monster it will vanish instantly.

Batman and Robin
Finding Clues and Powerups
When your on the road and are looking for clues or powerups, here are the best ways to get them. Go to a store called „Bookworms“ which is located all over the city. This is probably one of the only stores you can break into but the lights have to be on. There are usually powerups and clues here.
Also, if you see a bad guy mugging someone, beat him up and you’ll usually get a clue. Next, if you come across a brown door on any building, break into it and you’ll find a little energy. But if there are alarms going off in front of the door, a clue will be inside. Last, if you see four mini fences surrounding a box, just drive over it and you’ll get TWO clues.
Super Health
When you are driving around the city, and you spot a yellow motorcycle follow it for awhile and you will get a super health.

Batman Forever
Als Villians spielen
Haltet auf dem zweiten Joypad X + O + L2 + rechts gedrueckt.

Battle Arena Toshinden
Additional Camera Controls
While playing a regular game, pause and press Square + Circle + Triangle + X then press Select twice. The power bars will be removed and you can use the shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1 and R2) to zoom and pan around the entire arena. To return to normal, hold SQUARE + CIRCLE + TRIANGLE + X and press SELECT.
Alter Egos
To choose a character’s alter ego, press SELECT while highlighting the character you wish to use.
Camera Tricks
On the Options menu, select control type H2. Select „Camera Action“ and scroll through the options until you see „Your Self.“ Select any of the control types and you’ll see that the shoulder buttons have now changed to camera controls.
Begin a game and you’ll be able to change the camera angles whenever you pause the game. Press SELECT while doing this to toggle between Rotate/Tilt and Zoom/Pan controls.
Easy Super Moves
To do really easy super moves go to the options menu and 1st set the difficulty level to easy 2nd set the strength to 200 and switch the controller settings and instead of the Ls and Rs being rotate they will be special.Then when you are in game play you can press L or R and you will do a super move.
Play as Gaia
At the title screen options flash by, press Down, Down-Left, Left, Square. You should hear the word „Fight.“ At the Player Select screen, highlight Eiji, hold Up and press any attack button.
Play as Sho
First put in the Gaia code, let the game go to the demo. Press START on
controller 2 to go back to the title screen, and as the words come in, hit
Left-Right, Light-Right, Left then Square (on the directional pad). You should here „fight“, and the text will turn blue. Then go to player select screen, go to Kayin, push down and square.
Your Own Music
After you pick you fighter, wait until the match starts. Then pause the game and open the cover on your Playstation. Take out the CD and put in one of your own. You must take out your CD and put in the game before you beat your opponent or the game will freeze.

Battle Arena Toshinden 2
Camera Tricks
On the Options menu, select control type „H2.“ Select „Camera Action“ and scroll through the options until you see „Your Self.“ Select any of the control types and you’ll see that the shoulder buttons (L and R) have now changed to camera controls. Begin a game and you’ll be able to change the camera angles whenever you pause the game. Press Select while doing this to toggle between Rotate/Tilt and Zoom/Pan controls.

Extra Colors
Beat the game to add a little color to your life. To try on your new clothes, go to the Random select box and hold Select to slow down the cycling. When your character appears, press Weak Punch or Weak Kick to choose a new outfit.

Play as Bosses – Japanese Version
Here’s an easier way to get the bosses in the Japanese version. To get Uranus and Master: While the Options are flyng on to the Title screen, quickly press L1, L2, Triangle, R1, R2, Square. You should hear a fuuny tone if the code worked! To get Sho and Vermillion, do the same thing as the Uranus/Master Code except backwards (Square, R2, R1, Triangle, L2, L1) and use Controller Two.When the Character Select screen appears, hold Select to slow it down. The new characters will appear after Chaos.

Play as Bosses – US Version
Here’s an easier way to get the bosses in the US version.
To get Uranus and Master: While the Options are flying onto the Title screen, quickly press R1, RL2, X, L1, R2, O on Controller One. To get Show and Vermillion, do the same thing except enter the code in reverse (O, R2, L1, X, L2, R1) on Controller Two.When the Character Select screen appears, hold Select to slow it down. The new characters will appear after Chaos.

Play as Uranus or Master
You’ll have to earn these players, but here’s how.

1. Beat the game on level 4 or higher in 1-player mode.
2. After the ending credits, look at the cursor on the main menu. If it’s blue, you’re in business.
3. Start a new game (any mode) and choose Random on the Character Select screen.
4. Hold Select to show down the character cycling. Uranus and Master should now be selectable.

Play as Vermilion or Sho
You’ll have to earn these players too, but here’s how.

1. Beat the game on level 6 in 1-player mode.
2. After the ending credits, look at the cursor on the main menu. If it’s blue, you’re in business.
3. Start a new game (any mode) and choose Random on the Character Select screen.
4. Hold Select to show down the character cycling. Uranus and Master should now be selectable.

Remove The Power Bar
Pause during any battle. Press and hold Circle + Square + Triangle + X. While holding these buttons press Select twice.
Warp to Final Boss
To warp to the final boss, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up + Triangle at the title screen.

Battle Arena Toshinden 3
1. Put the game on level 0 difficulty and play through the entire game with each character. When you’ve finished you’ll have all the counterparts.
2. Change the game to level 5 (hard) and beat the game with Vermilion to add Sho to the character select screen.
3. Change the difficulty again to level 6 (very hard) and beat the game with Vermilion again to gain Abel.
4. Change the difficulty to level 7 (impossible) and beat the game with Abel to get Veil.
5. Finally, leave the difficultey on level 7 and beat the game with Veil to get a little girl named Naru. She has the same moves as Kayin.
Do not use any continues to get the 4 bosses!
Camera Trick
Go to the Key Configure screen. Place the cursor on any of the L or R buttons.
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. If done correctly, the controls for the L and R buttons will be changed to camera view controls. You can now rotate the view freely, though the zoom function seems to be missing.
Change the color of „Loading“On the Loading screen, rapidly press X to change the color of the word
Play as Fo’s Ghost
To play as Fo’s ghost get all the secret characters and then put the cursor on the monkey guy(I forgot his name) and press X.When the fight begins you will be Fo with green skin and red eyes!
Random Character Select
At the character select screen, hold L1 + L2 + R2 + R1 to choose a fighter at random.
Secret Winning Poses
Here are some secret winning poses which are shown only when a certain character beats a certain character.
Kayin beats Naru
Naru beats Kayin
Chaos beats Ellis
Chaos beats Duke
Nagisa beats Tracy

Beast Wars
Haltet im Pausemodus L2 gedrückt und gebt oben, unten, links,
rechts, /\, X, X, /\, rechts, links, unten, oben ein. Nun laßt L2
los und drückt Start.
Power Up:
Haltet im Pausemodus L2 gedrückt und gebt oben, unten, links,
rechts, /\, X, [] ein. Haltet die L2-Taste und drückt Start um in
den Level zurückzukehren.

Black Dawn 2
Steckt 2 Controller ein und haltet im Titelbild die Tasten R2 und
SELECT auf beiden Controllern gleichzeitig gedr點kt. Bei den
Optionen erscheint nun der neue Modus.

Blam! Machine Head
Extra-Mission: MADMISSION
Blast ChamberUnendlich Leben (Solo-Modus):
Drückt im Hauptscreen folgende Tastenkombination: Quadrat, links,
Quadrat, rechts, O, runter, O, hoch. Bei richtiger Eingabe bekommt
Ihr ein leises „Woosch“ zu hören.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
Blood Refill
While playing, press Up, Right, Square, Circle,
Up, Down, Right, Left to refill your blood.

Easy Artifacts
To get 99 of any artifacts at the spirit forges trade in
your blood for the artifacts and use the blood refill
code. Continue this until you have 99 of whatever
artifact you are recieving from the spirit forge.

Alternatively, find the closest human that you can and
use the control magic on them. Take them into the
place that you can give blood for artifacts and talk to the
blood. It will ask you to give blood, say yes and the
guy will rip apart. Now when you look in your
artifacts one should say 99.
Submitted by Mr.Nice321@hotmail.com and Kain

Full Magic
To fill your magic meter, press Right, Right,
Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Left while

View all Videos
To view all the video clips, press Left, Right,
Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Left while
playing, then press Select and view the Dark Diary.

Bloody Roar
Kids-Mode: R2 gedrückt halten und Kämpfer mit X anwählen.
Bighead-Mode: L2 gedrückt halten und Kämpfer mit X auswählen.
Kids-Mode & neues Outfit: R2 gedrückt halten und Kämpfer mit O
Bighead-Mode & neues Outfit: L2 gedrückt halten und Kämpfer mit O

Bloody Roar 2
Any Cancel Point Option
Defeat fifteen or more characters in survival mode.
Custom Option
Complete arcade mode to access the custom option, with big head mode, recovery speed and other selections.
Easy Rage Attack
Instead of putting in the long rage command that the instruction manual tells you, do this. As a beast, simply press BACK + TRIANGLE + CIRCLE simultaneously.
CAUTION: Using a rage attack will turn you back to a human if you miss or after the move has finished.
Expert Mode
While selecting any option on the title screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.
Extra Costume
Complete the game with all characters under arcade mode. Then, press Start at the character selection screen to choose a fourth costume.
Fight Against Shen Long
To fight against Shen Long, beat Arcade Mode without continuing.
Get Movies and Pictures
To get all the pictures and movies just beat the Story Mode with every character at difficulty level 4 or higher.
Model Type Option
Successfully complete the game with any character while under story mode.
Play as Gado
To play as Gado in Bloody Roar 2, all you have to do is beat the game in Arcade mode once, with any character on any difficulty.
Play as Shen Long
Defeat Shen Long in the special stage. This also unlocks „Ending 1“ on the „Movies and Pictures“ menu.
Recovery Speed Option
Successfully complete the game with any character under story mode without using any continues.
Remove the Menu Options on the Pause Screen
Simply hold the R2 button while the game is paused to remove the Menu Options.
You can bring them back by releasing the R2 button.
Special Pictures
Beat the Arcade and Story Mode with all the characters. Each time you beat the game, you will gain a new picture. You can also get the special „losing picture“ of each character by beating the game after you have died ones.

Blue Sabre Knights
Pausiert einen Kampf und haltet R1 + R2 gedrückt. Nun könnt ihr mit
dem Steuerkreuz die Perspektive ändern. Mit L1 und L2 könnt ihr
zusätzlich zoomen.

Body Hazard
Alle Waffen
Pausiert ein laufendes Spiel und gebt, während ihr R1 + [] gedrückt
haltet, /\, O, X ein.
Big Head Mode
Pausiert ein laufendes Spiel und haltet L1 + L2 + R2 + unten
Versteckter Endgegner
Um gegen den versteckten Endgegner anzutreten, müsst ihr O, [], [],
X, O, X, X, O eingeben.
Mehr Clean Points
Pausiert das Spiel und haltet L1 + L2 + O + [] gedrückt.
Pausiert das Spiel und gebt O, [], links, recht + R1 + R2 ein.
Special Mode
Pausiert ein laufendes Spiel und haltet R1 + R2 + /\ + O gedrückt.

Bogey Dead 6
All Fighters
At the plane selection screen press Left, Left, Right,
Down, Up, Down, Right, Select.

All Missions
To access all missions, press Up, Down, Down, Right,
Left, Down, Up, Triangle on the Mission Select screen.

Chase View
At the plane selection screen highlight your aircraft.
Now, press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 +
Select, then press Start. When the mission begins,
press Select to change views.

More Time
At the now loading screen before the mission starts
press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, X, TRIANGLE,

Bomberman Wars
Absolviert zehn Runden im Quest-Modus und geht danach in den
Übungsraum. Plaziert alle Charaktere in der Eingangshalle und kehrt
in den Übungsraum zurück. Nach der Hälfte der Zeit taucht nun der
Bomber-Prinz auf.
Sequenz überspringen
Um die Spezialeffekt-Sequent zu überspringen, müßt ihr im
Titelbildschirm O + Start drücken.
Bonus Level
Nachdem ihr den Quest-Modus durchgespielt habt, könnt ihr die beiden
Level Honey und Cotetsu anwählen.

Bomberman World
Bomberman WorldBonus Modes
Special VS Mode 5656
Special Battle Mode 4989
Battle Royal Mode 1616
Maniac Mode 4622
Area Codes
Nach der Eingabe seid Ihr zusätzlich voll ausgerüstet.
Area 1 : 7327
Area 2 : 9717
Area 3 : 5211
Area 4 : 1814
Area 5 : 1029
Stage 1
Area 1 : 8010
Area 2 : 1180
Area 3 : 8086
Area 4 : 2919
Area 5 : 1021Stage 2
Area 1 : 0127
Area 2 : 1220
Area 3 : 1018
Area 4 : 0804
Area 5 : 0714Stage 3
Area 1 : 1027
Area 2 : 2413
Area 3 : 3009
Area 4 : 6502
Area 5 : 6809Stage 4
Area 1 : 0627
Area 2 : 8808
Area 3 : 3674
Area 4 : 4891
Area 5 : 0605Stage 5
Area 1 : 0730
Area 2 : 2151
Area 3 : 3562
Area 4 : 3812
Area 5 : 2203

Brahma Force
Während des Titelbildschirms („Press Start“) haltet Ihr rechts-oben,
X, [] und drückt dann „Start“. Die Gegner sind nun schwächer und Ihr
habt mehr Zeit die Levels zu absolvieren.

Braindead 13
Um die zwei Endsequenzen anzuschauen, müßt ihr folgendes
Abspann 1: 4x links, unten, oben, 2x links, 2x rechts, unten, links,
rechts, unten, Feuer, rechts, oben, unten, Feuer, unten, 4x Feuer
Abspann 2: links, 2x rechts, unten, links, rechts, unten, Feuer,
rechts, oben, unten, Feuer, unten, 4x Feuer
Endsequenzen: Gebt als Paßwort AAABLFJSIMON ein.

Breath Of Fire 3
Beat Gaist Easily
Your confrontation with the sole living guardian
besides Garr can be made simpler by getting rid of the
two torches on either side of ryu. At first it seems that
they just replenish 25HP to gaist, but in reality it also
makes his fire-based attacks much more deadly.

Note: For a really easy battle, have Ryu equip
something like Magma Armor that absorbs Fire-based

Beat the Dragon Zombie Easily
Battling with the Dragon Zombie after Ryu becomes
older is almost always a tough battle because of it’s
poisoning abilities. To quickly destroy this monster
have Ryu cast all his best heal spells on the Creature.
This takes care of him in no time. This trick will work
on any undead creatures, EXCEPT vampires.

Note: Do not use items! Healing Herbs and Vitamins
WILL give HP back to the Zombies.

Control the Kaiser Form
When you choose the Kaiser, most of the time Ryu will
be out of control. For better results, choose Infinity +
Trance + Radiance as your ONLY genes.

To get Deis go to Zublo Mountain AFTER you free her.
All you have to do is go up the stairs when you enter
Zublo Mountain, go up to the slab and press X. She
will ask if you would like to be her apprentice.

Note: you might have to go back there a few times
because she will not apprentice RIGHT after you free

Easy Experience
Later in the game, develop the fairy village until you
have a copy shop, and copy a Ivory Dice until you have
12. Then use those dice in battle on a enemy (example:
the Vulcans in Mt. Zublo). Depending on what enemy
you use them on, you’ll get 20,000 to 80,000

Easy Ghosts
If you’re having trouble beating the ghosts in McNeil
Manor, use Heal on them. This even works on the

Find the Wyndian Kids
After Ryu matures, you can apprentice yourself to the
kids in Wyndia that you played hide-in-seek with
before, but before you can apprentice to them you have
to find them in a hide-in-seek game where you have to
find them around the world.

Here’s where to find them:

Bais-in B3 of the Dauna Mine
Lang-behind a tombstone in the Wyndian cemetery
Lee-In the Eastern Wyndian Checkpoint, in a corner
behind the guards
Wynn-in the lower level of Junk Town on the left

Free Berries
For free berries go to the coffee shop and kick the tree
with apples in it for berries the berries give you 5 hps

Master of Agility
To get the fairie Meryleep to become your master, go
east of Wyndia where there is a spring that is said to be
home of the fairies. Have Peco run and knock a rock
into the middle of the pool, and a fairie will appear. She
will send you on a mission to get an object stolen from
her by a crow. Then go to the mountain west of the
Arena, and if you walk behind the mountain a „?“
should appear. Enter have Peco hit the tree with the
crow on it. Take the object back to the fairie and she
will offer to be your master. Your agility will go up +2,
but your Hp, Power, and Defense go down -1.

Quick and Easy Training Method for Beyd
I found a really quick way to train Beyd for his fight
against Zig. I had Momo and Nina in my party. First of
all, make sure you have 99 healing herbs(you’ll need
them!) Be sure to buy Beyd a Moon Sword and a
Breastplate so he will have a weapon and armor you
can’t train him without them. Remove all armor from all
people in your party. This way, Beyd can do more
damage to you and his attack power will raise faster.
Nina had the assist spells Blunt and Weaken.

Cast both spells on Beyd to weaken him so ypou do
more damage to him and his HP will rise rapidly. Have
your party in the Attack formation with Momo at the
front(position 1) Have Nina cast weaken first until it
affects Beyd. Have Ryu (and Nina, after Blunt and
Weaken have taken effect ONCE)heal Beyd evry round
and Momo attack. Have Nina and/or Ryu attack with
Momo ONLY if Beyd is fully healed AND dodged
Momo’s attack the previous round. Using this method,
I trained Beyd 8 times.

Before the 8th training set of rounds, re-equip all
characters. Using this method, I trained Beyd so well,
he was kicking MY butt!! Once this is done and the
fight between Beyd and Zig begins, Zig was doing 1
HP damage to Beyd and Beyd did about 60-65 HP
damage to Zig. Note: Don’t have your characters do
anything but defend the whole Beyd vs. Zig fight. It
will only cause the fight to end earlyer than needed.
Good luck!!

The Magic Master (Mygus)
After you have gone a while through the game, go
north of the town of McNeil and you will see a tree
stump on the map (a question mark will show.) Enter it
and go up and you will see and old man, talk to him.
Whichever character that is apprenticed with him will
gain more INT and AP, but gain a little less Attack
Power and Defense during level-ups.

The Master D’lonzo
Near Windia, there is a coffee shop. Go behind it and
there should be a girl walking around. You need 15
different kinds of weapons to get her.

The Master Emitai
After you get older, you can get Emitai as one of your
Masters. ( Emitai is the leader of the second team you
fight in the Tournament of Champions) After you get
older, you go near Ogre Road and there in a path that
you go to on your north. There is a hut. Talk to Emitai
and he will tell you that if you pay him 10,000 zenny
for his mortgage, he will teach you some of his spells.

The Secret Master
After you go to Windia the second time, there is a
master. The way to get to him is: See the walls
surrounding Windia, there is a pathway beetween the
walls (just a tiny incy wincy south), continue to go
through this way and you will enter a little house. In
this house is a Master.

The Strength Master (Bunyan)
After you get farther in the game, go back to Bunyan’s
Cabin to make him a master for one of your characters.
Any character apprenticed to Bunyan will gain more
Attack Power and Defence, and a little less Intellegence
and HP when gaining a level.

While walking around towns and such you can steal a
few zenny’s here and there. Give the people a wack
with your sword and they will pop out. Usually about 4
to 6 each time. This will even work on dogs and other

Weretiger!?!?! No Problem!!
As you know when Rei rejoins your party he gains the
awesome spell WERETIGER. The only problem is he
some times attacks your party. Solution… In the
begining of the game learn INFLUENCE from a BOSS
GOBLIN (Pink Colored). Then after he rejoins have a
slower character use it when he morphs.

Broken Helix
Beat the Alien Queen
To easily defeat the last boss (Alien Queen), equip the
flamethrower and then get down on your stomach and
constantly fire at her. As long as you are crawling on
your stomach, she can’t hurt you.

More Ammo
For more ammo, pause the game during normal
gameplay and press Triangle. You should hear a sound
if done correctly.

More Health and Armor
For more health and armor, pause the game and press
triangle. Then highlight „HELP TEXT.“ Press and hold
L1 + R2 then press X. You will hear a sound if done

Bubble Bobble
Debug Mode
At the title screen press Down, Up, Down, Up,
Right, Down, Left, Down, Up, Down. To use
it, press any of the following keys while playing:

L1 – Warp to previous level
R1 – Warp to next level
R2 – View debug menu
R1 – Hide debug menu

Original Game
To play the original version of Bubble Bobble press
Right, Left, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up at the
title screen. In this mode you can enter the diamond
rooms even if you die.

Thunder Bubble Glitch
Do the Debug Code. During the game, press R2 to
bring up the debug menu. Go to map 63 and press L2.
You will go to stage 100 where there are thunder
bubbles. Press R2 again and go to map 0 and press L2.
You will have the thunder bubbles with you on stage 1.
Now you can easily beat the game.

Bubsy 3D
Cheat Codes
To use these codes, select the LOAD/SAVE option,
then enter one of these passwords.

Code Effect
Coordinates XDBUGLOCNC

Secret Voice Test
Access the „Load Game“ menu, then enter the
following passcodes to hear all of Bubsy’s dialogue
from the game (Each code lets you hear a group of
phrases from a specific scenario).


To activate the warp code, enter the password
XZOOMMERKB. While playing, press L+Start to
warp to key locations on the map.

Burning Road
Mirror Mode
Select pratice mode and choose your track and
transmission. As soon as the race begins, spin your car
around and go the other way. When you pass a check
point you will be placed first and the other cars will turn
and follow you. This allows access to three new tracks.

Bushido Blade
Area Change in 2 Player Mode
Both Players must do this at the same time. It is really
simple, just go to a flat wall and run against it for a
minute or two and it will open up to a new area of that
level. Hint, some levels like the bamboo thicket do not
work in this situation.

Enable Katze
To play as the awesome boss with the gun (Katze) beat
slash mode on hard without continuuing. He is
selectable in 2 player mode only.

The Real Ending
Do not touch anything on the control pad until you hear
the character’s weapon click into place. Do not kill him
from behind. Do not kill him on the ground. Do not use
your subweapon. The Bushido is hard to follow on the
gun guy.

The Second Ending
First, you must have the first ending for the character
you are using. You cannot be TOUCHED through this
whole process. Okay, run all the way to the hole in the
ground. Disable the other guy’s legs and jump in. Go
through the game as you normally would and you
should encounter a second boss after Hanzaki. I think it
depends on who your character is.

Bushido Blade 2
lay as Female Gunfighter
To play as the female gunfighter (what is her name?), you must beat Slash Mode
in under 15 minutes with any character from the Narucagami school.

Play as Katze
To play as Katze you must beat slash mode in under 15 minutes with any character
from the Shainto school.

Slash Mode
To unlock slash mode you simply have to get ten of the twelve supporting
characters. It does not matter which ones.

Various Codes
Dance preview:
Complete the game under the easy difficulty level with any character for there
dance view.
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with any character.
Play as Robo-Z:
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with any character after
getting Capoeira.
Play as Burger Dog:
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with Hamm after getting
Play as Columbo:
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with Shorty after getting
Play as alternate character:
Highlight a character, then hold Select and press X.
Winning pose close-up:
Hold Circle after winning a stage.
Each character has a unique dance style.

Bust-A-Move 2
Another World
Try this code for a little variation. At the Title Screen,
press R1, Up, L2, Down. If you did this correctly, a
little green bird will appear in the lower right-hand
corner. Start a new game and you’ll see the words
„Another World“ in the lower left-hand corner. This
code results in slightly different puzzles and a faster
pointer. If you beat the computer in Player vs.
Computer mode, you will be able to select characters
next time around.

Character Select
At the map screen press Left, Left, Up, Down, L1 + L2
+ R1 + R2. A character selection menu will appear.

More Continues
When in the Options screen, highlight the ‚Credits‘
option and press Left, Right, R1, R2, L2, L1, Up,
Down. A 30-second timer will appear in the upper-right
hand corner. Press the X button repeatedly on one or
both controllers to gain up to thirty credits. The credits
increment increasingly slowly, so it helps to have an
auto-fire controller, or two controllers and a quick
trigger finger, to reach the maximum of 30. Returning
to the Options menu after performing this trick will
reset your credit count to the default, so be sure to set
your desired options beforehand. (This also makes it
impossible to double or triple the free credits.)

Bust-A-Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix
Dance against Pander
In order to dance against Pander, who is the strangest dancer in the game, you
have to get a fever time in every level up to Robo-Z Gold, and then get one on
her. It’s hard to say what dancing against Pander gives you, but it must have
some soft of signifigance. It is visually one of the coolest levels in the game.

Listen to „ACID LINE“
When you go into the Options area of the main screen, go to Sound Options. You
can listen to most of the songs from the game in the Music Test. To listen to
Robo-Z Gold’s song, „ACID LINE“ you have to hold left or right on the selector
and it should cycle through the songs real fast. While it cycles you should
notice „ACID LINE“ apear before „The Heat is on“ when scrolling right. The key
is to stop it on the song and then select it, a good tactic is to go 3 songs
over in one direction and try it from there.

Bust-A-Move 3
Another World
Press Circle, Left, Right, Circle at the title screen.
A little marching ant will appear in the bottom right
hand corner, and now you will play in „Another

Note: This code may only work in the Japanese
version of the game.

Bust-A-Move 4
At the original title screen, press Triangle, Left, Right, Left, Triangle. A small character will appear on the bottom left side of the screen. Then, go into Puzzle Mode and choose Arcade to access a new set of puzzles.
Bonus Characters
To gain access to five new characters, beat Story mode in Player vs. Computer mode. Doing this gets you Madam Luna and Dreg.
After that, play Win Contest mode until you fight a new character. Beat them, and they are yours!

Buster Bros. Collection
Bonus Levels
In Buster Buddies, start a NORMAL game by pressing
X on both 1P and 2P controllers. If done correctly, you
will get 10 extra stages.

Level Select
In Super Buster Bros. and Buster Buddies, press
Down + X when choosing a NORMAL game.

Cardinal Syn
Zusäzliche Kämpfer
Gebt folgende Cheats bei der Charakterauswahl ein.
Bimorphia: rechts, rechts, rechts, unten, [] Juni: oben, links, links, oben, [] Kahn: oben, oben, unten, unten, /\
Moloch: oben, rechts, unten, links, [] Mongwan: unten, unten, unten, Oben, /\
Redemptor: oben, unten, links, rechts, O
Stygian: links, rechts, links, rechts, /\
Vodu: links, links, links, oben, O

Carnage Heart
Manually Control your OKE
During a battle press Select 12 times, then choose MANUAL when the prompt
appears. To return to normal, simply reenter the code.

Here’s how to defeat all the ghosts.

1. Fatso near kitchen (feed him hamburgers)
2. Stinky (spray perfume on him)
3. Stretch (use glue)
4. Fatso in bathtub (use camera)
5. General Fatso (use wind up key then hammer the tanks)
6. Farmer Stinky (use hammer and chisel to carve the stone in Caspers Image)
7. Graveyard Stretch (Use twister morph to lure him into grave dig site)
Drift Go to the topleft corner of any room. Press and hold : (up + left) + L1 + R1 + Start. If done correctly, the game should freeze. Then release (up + left) and L1. While still holding R1 + start, press (down + right) and then press triangle. The game should then unfreeze and you should have the ability to drift over any wall by pressing R1. The L1 button will bring you back down.
Secret Room
On level one, go all the way up the stairs and turn left, then use the „Drift“ cheat and drift over the walls and go down. There is a secret room.

Castlevania: Symphony of the night
Mit Richter spielen:
Spielt das Spiel durch und startet ein neues Save-Game. Als Namen
müßt ihr nun RICHTER eingeben.
Bessere Rüstung:
Spielt das Spiel durch und startet ein neues Save-Game. Gebt
AXEARMOR als Namen ein.
Höhere Intelligenz:
Spielt das Spiel durch und startet ein neues Save-Game. Als Namen
müßt ihr nun X-X!V“Q eingeben. Die höhere Intelligenz geht jedoch
auf Kosten der Stärke.

Cat the Ripper
Chris’s Secret Level
At hotel room 109, touch the PeRoPePo Candy.

Neue Strecken
Schlagt einen Highscore und tragt euch als XQX ein. Nun stehen euch
fünf neue Strecken zur Auswahl.
Circuit BreakerNachtfahrt
Haltet vor der Streckenauswahl L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 gedrückt.

Chocoba Racing
Versteckte Charaktere: Jedes mal, wenn Ihr den Storymodus
durchspielt, bekommt Ihr einen neuen versteckten Charakter.
Um mit diesem zu spielen, wählt Ihr Squall an und drückt den
entsprechenden Button:
3. Cid mit L1
4. Mumba L2
5. Cloud R1
6. Cacutuar R2
7. Aya L1 + R2
8. Original Chocobo R1 + R2
9. Highwind FF6 L2 + R2
10. Running Man L1 + R1

Chronicles of the Sword
Go to load game and access the password screen.
SADAIN takes you past the first parts.
MAZOE takes you to right before you get the faery gold, right before you load disk 2.

Circuit Breakers
All Tracks in One-Player Mode
If you want to have all the tracks in 1 player mode, just start a race then pause the game. While paused, choose OPTIONS/SOUND then go to FX and press L1+L2.
Better Engine in Two-Player Mode
When you´re about to select a track, press X + Square + Triangle + Circle. A picture of an engine should appear at the bottom of the screen if you are successful.
This code makes you an invincible skeleton with your full range of energy, magic, bombs and 1-Up’s. All you have to do is start the game as normal then pause the game and press L1, L2, L1(3x), L2(3x), Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square.
You should be an invincible skeleton with full everything. if you don’t like being the skeleton then all you have to do is repeat the steps again and you should turn back into the ninja with full everything, but you won’t be invincible.
Jumping Bean Cars in Multi-Player Mode
When you have chosen your vehicles and selected a circuit to race, you can enable this cheat. As soon as the circuit has loaded and the „3, 2, 1 GO“ countdown has started, simultaneously press CIrcle and Left.
Race at Night When you´re about to select a track, just push L1+L2+R1+R2 to play at night.
Reverse Tracks in Multi-Player Mode
On the Circuit Selection screen, choose the circuit you wish to race on and press Select. As the cars start to drive into the tunnel, quickly press and hold X and Square. While holding them down, press either Left or Right. If the cheat is successfully activated, the cars will spin around and drive into the tunnel backwards.

Upside-Down Tracks
When you’re about to select a track, press L1 + R1 + X + Down. A sweeping arrow
should be drawn at the bottom of the information panel.

Civilization 2
Extra Money
Enter „_CasH“ as a town name while holding R1 when entering the capital H.

Clock Tower
??? Option
To access the „???“ option in the pamphlet menu, beat the game with an „A“
Alternate Uniform for Jennifer
Instead of going to Rick’s House in the second scenario, use Helen to go to the library in the Second scenario. You can do so by not asking Harris to show the statue to Rick in the first scenario and making the trip by yourself instead of asking Nolan to help you. When you arrive at the Barrow’s Castle in the third scenario, Jennifer will be wearing a different uniform.
Defeating the Hand
Defeating the Hand in the servant’s quarters is a two step process. After
opening the desk, the Hand will jump out and strangle you. Hit the panic button repeatedly until it falls off on to the floor. Notice now that the camera angle changes. Use your pointer and click on the ink pen on the desk to defeat the Hand.

Location of All 10 Hints
Hint# Person Scenario# Location
#1 Prof. Barton Prologue File Cabinet Treatment Room
#2 Jennifer Scenario 1 left corner boxes Storage Room (1F)
#3 Jennifer Scenario 1 to right of door Women’s Lounge (3F)
#4 Helen Scenario 1 on top of desk Treatment Room (2F)
#5 Helen Scenario 1 on top of table Student Office Room(2F)
#6 Nolan Scenario 2 on fireplace Upstairs Living Room
#7 Helen Scenario 2 in Machine Room of Library
#8 Gotts Scenario 2 in cabinet on left wall Kitchen
#9 Jennifer Scenario 3 on table in the Upstairs Living Room
#10 Helen Scenario 3 on bookshelf just left of door in Chapel Library

Nolan’s Scenario
This hint is only useful if you are playing the scenario as Nolan. To finish the scenario, the first thing you should do is go up stairs into the bedroom and look in the closet twice. The first time will hint at something being there, the second time you will find the statue.
Then go into the kitchen and look at the mask on the wall, this will confirm the location of the Barrows mansion. After the confirmation message, the mask will come alive. Use the vase on the table and throw it at the mask.Finally, go to the laundry room and get the powdered soap in the cabinet across from the washing machine. Go back into the living room and out the sliding glass door in back, toss the soap into the dogs eyes to escape.Unlock Each Ending for Helen
These are the conditions that must be met to view each of Helen’s endings.
1) You must save Jennifer in the chapel, confirm the survival of Gotts, and go to Scissorman with the Door Spell.
2) Let Jennifer be killed (don’t use the Fireplace Key!) or go to Scissorman without confirming Gotts‘ survival.
3) Go to the Scissorman without the Door Spell.
4) Save Jennifer without the Door Spell.
5) Ignore the statue in Scenario 2.

Colin McRae Rally
Gebt anstelle eueres Namens folgende Codes ein.
Alle Strecken: OPENROADS
Micro-Machines Modus: DIDDYCARS
Hovercraft Modus: HOVERCRAFT
Höhere Frame-Rate: SILKYSMOOTH
Verchromte Wagen: TINFOILED
Neue Innenansicht: BACKFEET
Nebelrennen: PEASOUPER
Pedal Car-Mode: BUTTONBASH
Beifahrer mit hoher Stimme: HELIUMNICK
Turbo Boost-Mode: KITCAR (drückt Select, wenn die Ampel grün wird)
Besseres Auto: MOREOOMPH
Hinterradantrieb: FORKLIFT
Wackelpudding-Mode: BLANCMANGE
Vierradantrieb: TROLLEY
Spiegelverkehrte Strecken: MAGMIRROR
Nachtrennen: MAGNIGHT
Reverse-Modus: MAGREVERSE

College Slam
Enable Dunks
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down. You will now be able to dunk from anywhere.
Hidden Teams
At the title screen (where it says College Slam and Press Start), press Left, Up, Circle, Up, Down, Up, Right, Triangle.
High Shots
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down.
Max Power
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Triangle, Down, Triangle, Right.
Power-Up 3-Pointers
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Up, Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.
Power-Up Dunks
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up.
Power-Up Fire
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down.
Power-Up Goaltending
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Up, Up.
Power-Up Offense
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Right, Up, Down, Down, Up.
Power-Up Push
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Up, Triangle, Up, Circle, Up, Up.
Power-Up Turbo
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Down, Triangle, Down, Down, Up.
Push Opponent and Both Fall
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Up, Left, Left.
Push Opponent and Only His Teammate Falls
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Down, Triangle, Down, Triangle, Down,
Quick Hands
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Left, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Up.
Small Players
At the Player Select screen press Triangle seven times, then start the game.
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen press Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left,
At the Tonight’s Match-up screen do at least two clockwise circles.

Colony Wars
Paßwort: v T 5 y c H b j W 1 F W C e n p
Level-Select: Commander*Jeffer
Unendl. Energie: Hestas*Retort
Unendl. Sekundärwaffen: Memo*X33RTY
Super gekühlte Waffe: Tranquillex
Keine Cheats: All*Cheats*off

Colony Wars: Vengeance
Enter any of the following at the password screen EXACTLY as they appear
(capitalization is important). Keep returning to the password screen to enter as
many codes as desired.

* Stormlord — Disable all cheats
* Vampire — Invincibility
* Tornado — Have all weapons
* Dark Angel — Primary weapons don’t overheat
* Chimera — infinite secondary weapons
* Avalanche — Infinite afterburner usage
* Hyrda — Have tons of tokens
* Thunderchild — All ships available
* Demon — Mission and Ending select

Command and Conquer
Covert Operations
To access the covert operation missions, enter the password „covertops“. This works for both NOD and GDI.
Extra $5,000
While playing, pause the game and press Right, Down, Down, Left, L1, Left,Right, Down, Left. Press Start to resume play with an extra $5,000.
GDI Passwords

Level Password
5 W1N457LJ4
8 036Y0TVNY
9 V199PXG5L
11 GTJKF2J00
13 AQU7OQ65A
15 GTJ2PV46O
Instant Air Strike
While playing, pause the game and press Right, Down, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Left, X, Square, Circle. Press Start to resume play and activate your code.
Instant Ion Cannon
While playing, pause the game and press Right, Down, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Left, X, Square, Triangle. Press Start to resume play and activate your code.
Instant Nuclear Strike
While playing, pause the game and press RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, X, UP, X. Press START to resume play and launch your attack.
Japanese Mode
Enter the password „GODZILLA“. All voices will be in Japanese.
NOD Passwords

Level Password
4 W1954XWLF
6 8PH1MR53W
8 YKK424K3D
9 874LCPUT4
11 OX3UKOP94
Secret Level
On the GDI disk, enter your password as PATSUX. This takes you to a secret level where you start with 12 commandos, $10,000 and a lot of tiberium!
View Entire Map
To view the whole map area, press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Circle + Square while entering a password or beginning a new game. Release the buttons when the mission briefing begins.
View Entire Map while Playing Mission
While playing, pause the game and press Circle, Circle, Circle, Up, Circle, Square, R1, Circle, Circle, Circle. Unpause the game to reveal the map.

Command and Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot
Die Cheats müßt ihr
über die Tool-Leiste eingeben. Geht dazu auf das entsprechende
Symbol und bestätigt jedesmal mit der O-Taste.
Unbesiegbarkeit: [], X, O, X, /\, /\
Ganze Karte zeigen: /\, /\, X, O, /\, [] Parabombe: X, X, X, O, /\, [] Chronoshift: [], O, /\, X, O, O
Geld: [], X, [], X, [], X
Erz oder Kristall in Gold verwandeln: [], O, [], X, O, O
Schneller Sieg: O, O, /\, X, X, []

Command and Conquer: Red Alert


Contra - Legacy of War
Cheats die im Titelbildschirm eingegeben
werden müssen:
Weapon Select:
L2, R2, L1, L2, hoch, runter, runter, hoch
Unlimited Continues:
L2, R2, L1, R1, links, rechts, rechts, links
L2, L1, R1, R2, hoch, links, runter, rechts
Tank Maze Game:
R2, R1, rechts, links, L1, L2
Gyruss Style Game:
L2, L1, links, rechts, R1, R2
Sound Test:
R2, R1, L1, L2, hoch, rechts, runter, links

Cool Boarders 2
Alternate Clothing for Irin and Cindy
Highlight Competition Mode in the main menu then press Down, R1, Up, R1, Down, R2, Up, R2, Up, Up, R1, Down, Down, R2. If you did it right, Cindy will have a leather outfit and Irin will have school clothes.

Extra Levels in Freestyle Mode
To get all of the levels in Freestyle mode, just beat the Tour Competition in Mirror mode and come in first place. (This also lets you play Boss.)

Monster Air
When you enter the board park, go all the way until you reach the ramps with the cars and trucks all around. After you pass one of the ramps, turn around and jump back up the hill. Repeat this until you hit the backside of the ramp. If you do it correctly you can get some pretty high air! It might take a while to do, but if you practice a lot you can even hit the roof of the game and you can do grabs and flips in the air.

Monster Spins
If you want to pull some incredable rotations do the following: (you’ll need gray the alien)
1. Drop into the pipe holding left or right out of the gate until you get to the part of the ramp where the incline begins:
RIGHT HERE ____________/
You will get a little ammount of air, you will go up and come straight down. (you should be facing down the pipe when you let go of left or right)
2. Right when you land hold X and LEFT or RIGHT
3. Hold the direction and X as long as possible, you’ll want to do it to take as long as possible. (you’re turns will pretty much be straight back and forth through the pipe)
4. When you want to, let go of X and watch (keep holding over)

Play as the Alien
To play as the Alien all you have to do is score a 38.0 or better in the

Play as the Boss
To play as The Boss, complete Mirror mode in first place.

Play as the Snowman
to obtain the Snowman you must break all the records in Freestyle Mode.

In Take It Easy, before the tunnel, you can avoid the big s-turn by going
through the forest and jumping over the gap.
In Pipeline Canyon, after the second jump, you should see a pipe going across the canyon. You can grind on that.
In Freezing Point, before the big u-turn you can enter the forest on the left right before the blue fence.
In Snow Ruins you can enter the shortcut by going between the two right pillars.In Dive into the cave, to the left of the second fork, you can go through a
waterfall. You do this by jumping up onto the ledge before the first left turn. Also you can go to the right and grind up the ledge to get to it.

Special Freestyle Board
To get the special freestyle board you have to beat the trick point record (2,500 points), with Boss. Then it will show you the board. Now you have Boss‘ special freestyle snowboard!

Stop the Music
While playing, press START rapidly until the music keeps playing at the PAUSE screen. When you hear the music, press START again to resume play in peace and quiet.

Cool Boarders 3
All Riders
To unlock all riders enter your name as „open_em“ at the Tournament screen.
All Tracks
To access all tracks, enter your name as „wonitall“ at the Tournament screen.
Big Heads
At the Tournament screen enter your name as „bigheads“. When you enter the „Big heads“ code you can press L2 to shrink their heads and R2 to make their heads bigger.
Display Current Position
Enter your name as „showpos“ at the Tournament screen. Your coordinates will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen during gameplay.
Fast Eddie
To earn FAST EDDIE you must complete the mountain POWDER HILL in frist place and with 3,400 points of more.
Game Completion Date
At the screen that reads one player or split screen press L1, L2, R2, R1. A screen will pop up the shows the date the game was completed.
Play as Burg
To get Burg, unlock every player, every board, and every track. Play single event, powder hill downhill. Get in first place with more than 3400 points.
Replay Fun
During any replay on Cool Boarders 3 hold left on the direction to see it in slow-motion, or hold down to freeze the picture.

Courier Crisis
„Effenberg“: R1 + R2 oder L1 + L2

Crash Bandicoot
Beating the Bosses
Having some trouble? These tips and tricks should help.
Boss one: Papu Papu
To do to beat him, dodge the large stick that he swings around. When he’s done
swinging, jump on his head and that sends him backwards. When he’s falling back, spin him 3 times and he will be gone.
Boss two: Ripper Roo
Detonate the dynamite boxes he lays down when he’s on a nearby square. Do this three times and move on.
Boss three: Koala Kong
Dodge the four boulders he throws at you. When the fourth one lands in front of you, spin attack the rock and it will hit Koala Kong. Do this 4 times and move
Boss four: Pinstripe
Keep your eyes on him the whole time. When he jumps off the table, wait till he stops shooting then spin attack him. To avoid being shot, hide behind the couches. Hit him like that three or four times and he’ll be on the ground.
Boss five: Dr. Nitrus Brio
To beat this boss, dodge the red and green beaker bombs that he throws. Jump on the green blobs that are on the floor and those will crash into Brio. When he has thee energy bars left, he turns into a demon. Jump from the platform and smack his head. Repeat till he’s on the floor.
Debug Menu
At the Naughty Dog logo, hold UP + X until the title screen appears. Then, hold LEFT and Press SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, START. Now while playing a game, pause
and press DOWN, X, DOWN. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a snort. The game will resume. Press SELECT to display
Final boss: Dr. Neo Cortex
To beat the doc, watch his red and blue attacks. When you see a green one, send it back. Remember, TIMING IS EVERYTHING.
Extra Ending
After you beat the game go back to the great hall.At the start go left and there will be a gem.Jump on it.Then there will be a bunch more you have to jump on .At the end you will see Crashes girlfriend out on the balcony.Go over to her and it
will show you what happened to the bosses after you beat them.
Jump The Fence
When you get to Native Fortress, make your way to the second spot where you have to spin the logs to get up. When you’ve cleared the final log, kill the turtle then hold UP and JUMP. If it worked you will wind up behind the fence that was earlier on your side! To get out out just walk forward until you can’t go any further, then hold DOWN and JUMP and you’ll land on one of those fire shooters.
Make sure it isn’t shooting fire when you land on it! This is a great way to pass some of the harder parts of this level and to get some extra peaches!
To start with half of the levels completed, enter this password:

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle
Circle, X, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle
Circle, X, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle
For access to all 32 levels, both keys and all gems, enter the following

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle
Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle
Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, X, X, X

Crash Bandicoot 2
Boss Warp
To go to the next or previous boss, press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, and Triangle when standing on the middle platform of a warp room.
NOTE: This only works if you’re already fought the boss you wish to visit.Clear Gems
Here’s how to get some of the clear gems!
Level 3
Beat level in the given time. Hint: when you go to the bonus, die right away. This gives you more time.
Level 17
Take the death route.
Level 21
Take the death route.
Level 23
Take the death route.
Colored Gems
Here’s how to get all the colored gems!
TURTLE WOODS (Blue): Get no boxes.
THE EEL DEAL (Green): Go past the dead end in the Nitro box filled room.
PLANT FOOD (Yellow): Get no boxes and beat the timer.
BEE-HAULING (Purple): Go up the stairs of Nitro boxes.
Extra Lives In the second warp room, go to the barking bear and jump on him until 10 extra lives come out of him. This can only be done once.
Hidden Warps
Several warps are hidden througout this game. Here’s how to find some of them.
1. BEAR DOWN: The small ice floe at the end of the stage.
2. AIR CRASH: The 2nd river. Don’t jetski, but jump on the boxes to the
3. UNBEARABLE: When the cub bucks you off, go back until you see him again.
4. HANGIN‘ OUT: when you drop down a hole into some eel-less water, go into the
foreground and drop down the hole. (Pssst….use R1 to make Crash pull up his
5. DIGGIN‘ IT: Near the end there is a spitter plant on a circular platform.
Bellyflop onto it.
6. TURTLE WOODS: When you find the stone face in the ground, belly flop on it to
enter a bonus-type level. Be careful though as you can die in this one.
More Extra Lives
When you are on the 4th floor with the vortexes, get into the level with the bees. Instead of going underground to avoid the bees, hit all 5 of them away.(it
takes practice) If done correctly, you should receive two lives, if done again, one more life will be given. Do this as much as you wish.
Playing Tip for Totally Bear
When playing Level 26, Totally Bear, use the long jump (O or R1 button and X button) when riding the bear. This allows you to jump farther than on regular bear levels like Bear It and Bear Down. Without out the long jump, you can’t get past any of the jumps. Bueno Suerte!
Red Gem
To get the red colored gem, get the Air Crash warp (at 1st river, bounce off boxes to platform.) This should give you a Snow Go gate at the secret warp screen. Jump into it and beat the level to gain the red gem.
Secret LevelsWhen Crash’s sister says „Make yourself useful and get batteries for my
computer,“ wait and a bonus stage will appear.
Right before the first „Check Point“ box in Turtle Woods there is an octagon on the ground with a menacing face. Belly-flop onto the face and Crash will fall right through it into a new level.
In the „UNBEARABLE“ level, when the second bear falls off the bridge, go back and jump into the space where he fell. This should take you to a level with turtles and enemies who shoot at you.
Unlimited Lives
Go to the secret level in UNBEARABLE. At about the halfway point there is a bouncing box and an arc of fruit. Go to the highest step and super jump up to find two extra lives. Get both of them and kill yourself. Return to that spot for 2 more lives. Repeat as many times as you want!
Yellow Gem Time Saver
When trying to beat the clock on level 11 (PLANT FOOD), get to the bonus ? lifter. Start the bonus and fall down the first gap after the boxes and TNT. This will allow you to start at 1 minute, 24 seconds. Continue the level and if you finish in that time which is fairly easy, the yeallow gem is yours after entering the teleporter room that takes you back to the warp room. Don’t forgot to grab it.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Alternate Path: Purple Gem
In level 9 Tomb Time, there is a way to access the Purple Gem path without having the Purple Gem! Towards the end of the level, the last creature you kill is the snake. After you kill the snake, turn left, and you can see a platform.
Instead of going ahead, hitting the exclamation point and finishing the level, do a slide jump to that platform. If you jump perfectly you’ll land. Do another one to the next platform. (HINT : It’s a lot easier to do when you get the Double Jump power by defeating the 2nd boss, Dingo Dile. Then you can do a Double Slide Jump, and it’s easy) But once you do the two slide jumps, you’re at the end of the Purple Gem path! On the path there is a clear gem you can grab.
And to get the gem for smashing all of the boxes, go through the Purple Gem path backwards, smash all of the boxes, then come back around the regular path, and grab a second clear gem at the end of the level!

Apples from Monkeys
When you are playing a level that has the rock throwing monkeys, after you have destroyed the vases that they occupy you can jump on the cowarding monkeys and get free apples.

Beat Dingodile
To beat Dingodile you must avoid the lasers he fires at you.when he is firing he is slowly destroying his shield of crystals.When their is a big enough gap to hit him run up(dont do this when he fires at you!)and hit him with a spin attack.When you do this run away because his little pack explodes!!Do this three times to defeat Dingodile.

Beat Dr.N Tropy
To beat this boss avoid the balls and beams of energy he sends at you.
Eventually he will tire out and make little platforms next to his. When you’re on his platform hit him with a spin attack. Repeat this three times to beat him.

Beat Neo Cortex
To beat Neo Cortex at the end of the game, you must wait until he throws his exploding mines. After they explode, immediately attack Cortex and knock him him into the sewer. Do this three times to defeat him.
Watch out however, for your friend Aku Aku and Cortex’s boss Uka Uka are
battling in the room with you. If you touch them or the lasers they shoot at each other, you will die. Be careful, each time you hit Cortex, it becomes tougher to dodge Aku Aku and Uka Uka.

Beat Tiny
Tiny will send out some lions but if you stick to the bottom of the screen they’re easy to avoid. When he trys to kill you with his trident dodge him and when it gets stuck spin attack him. Repeat this three times to beat him.

Bonus Levels (26-30)
To get to the Bonus Levels you must aquire 5 relics, which you get by beating the time trails. For each level you must have a certain number of relics to enter (increments of 5).

Crash Dash
Here’s a tip, before you try to beat the levels in Time Trial, wait until you beat Cortex the first time, the super power he gives you is „Crash Dash“ which enables you to run faster which will help you get Gold Relics instead of Sapphire ones in the time trials

Easy Motorcycle Time Trials
On the levels where Crash rides the motorcycle, it’s easier to beat the time trial if you wait about a minute before starting so that the other vehicles don’t knock you off the road. Then, you can hit the clock and still proceed normally.

Extra Life on Sphynxonator Level
Walk backwards as soon as you start htis level. There will be 4 boxes and one of them has an extra life.

Extra Lives in Dino Might
If you have the yellow gem already, do a double jump over the yellow gem at the end of the path. Here you will see some steel boxes stacked on top of each other. To get 5 extra lives, hold Circle and press X to jump. At the top of this jump, press X again to do a triple jump. Do this to get over the boxes and get 5 extra lives.

Extra Lives on the Yellow Gem Path
When you go to the end of the yellow gem path, jump over the gem and keep going. You will come to a steel block wall. Slidejump, then do a double jump over the wall and you will see 5 lives.

Find the Colored Gems
Green Gem Level 23 Flaming Passion:
Take the hard path.
Blue Gem Level 20 Tomb Wader:
Take the hard path.
Yellow gem Level 7 Hang’em High:
It shows the yellow gm on this level but you must actually get the secret warp zone and go into level 27 to aquire it.
Red Gem Level 12 Deep Trouble:
To get the red gem you must go to the end of the level and then you must hit the ! box at the end. Once you have done this go back down the tube and to the right
tap the TNT box to set it off and then go through to get the red gem.
Purple Gem Level 13 Hang High:
Get the hard path and take it.

Fun with the Bazooka
In the levels GEE WIZ and TOAD VILLAGE there are several fun things to do with N.Gin’s bazooka. Go up to that annoying chicken, aim, and fire! Now wasn’t that nice? Next, go to a wizard. Don’t go within range of his spells, though – aim, fire, and when you blast him his clothes and beard fall off! Don’t worry, he’s still wearing boxers. Blast him again to kill him from long range.

Hidden Boxes in Tomb Time
When you reach the dead end with the picture of the light purple gem in a square border, keep on super bdoy slamming (X and O or R1 buttons) to break hidden boxes.

Level 16 Tip
In level #16, „Sphynxinator“, when you start the level go backwards until you see boxes. They will contain 12 wumpas and 1 extra life!
Secret Level: Epigus Rex
When playing, go to level 11- Dino Might, and go into the gold gem path. Follow the path until you get to the ptridactyles. Pass the first one, and when you get to the second one, jump into it and you will be transported to a level where you ride the dinosaur through the entire level.

Secret Level: Hot Coco
The level Hot Coco can be accessesed through Road Crash. When you see the sign that shows an alien head, hit it and you will be transported to Hot Coco.
Start level 11 and get onto the gold gem, and then go until you start racing.
Get caught by the second pterodactyl to go to the secret dinosaur level.

Spyro the Dragon Demo
At the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Sguare.
It also shows the code on page 9 of the instruction manual.

Turbo Start on Motorcycle Levels
When the second red light lights up on any of the motorcycle levels. Press and hold X and you should do a wheelie. This will allow you to start off faster.

Crime Crackers
Animation Select
At the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Select.
If you entered the code correctly, the word „Start“ will turn to „Animation“.

Debug Mode
At the title screen, press R1, R1, L1, L1, R2, R2, L2, L2, Left, Circle, Right, Square, Select, Start. Now full equipment will be available during the game.
Press Select to skip the current level.

Door Passwords
On the fifth level, there is a door that requires a code. The code 6178 is written on the key that can be found in the previous room. On the ninth level, a code is also required. Enter 2360 at the upside-down triangle in the center of the level. Then, the exit will appear on its back.

Crime Killer
02: O, [], X, /\, X, /\, [], /\, [] 03: O, O, [], X, /\, O, O, O, O, O
04: O, O, [], /\, O, O, [], /\, [], X
05: /\, O, O, O, O, O, O, O, [], /\
06: [], /\, [], /\, O, [], X, X, X, /\
07: O, O, O, O, [], X, /\, O, O, O
08: [], /\, [], X, /\, [], X, /\, [], X
09: X, X, /\, O, [], X, /\, [], /\, O
10: O, /\, O, O, [], X, /\, O, O, O
11: [], /\, [], /\, O, O, [], /\, [], /\
12: [], /\, [], /\, [], /\, O, [], /\, [] 13: X, X, X, /\, O, O, O, [], X, X
14: X, X, X, X, /\, O, [], X, X, X
Ende: X, /\, O, [], /\, [], X, /\, [], /\

Crisis Beat
Secret Area in VS Mode
To access area 6 and 7, select your character in versus mode and when the area selection screen is out, move the cursor to random select and hold L1 and press circle to get area 6, and to get area 7, hold L2 and press circle.

Critical Blow
Play as EX Rickey
To play as EX Rickey, win the game in Hard mode.
Play as Hagame
To play as Hagame, beat the game in Theatre Mode.
Play as Markuar
To play as Markuar, defeat the game in Normal mode.
Play as Sieguei
To play as Sieguei, defeat the game in Easy mode.

Keep From Dying in a Fall
If you miss a jump, pause the game before Croc starts his yell. Press Select, choose Quit game, Then select No. When given the Quit games options, press down, and neither Continue or Quit games will be highlighted. Press X, and you will be given to option to quit the level. You can then restart the level with no lives lost.
Level Select
For access to all of the levels, including the secret island, enter the password Left, Left, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right.

Level Password

Secret Room
In the board „Lights, Camel, Action“ go to the room after the room where you save the gobbo by the monkey bars. STOMP 3 times on the first jello. You should find a secret room with about 4 hearts.
Sound Test
Go to the AUDIO OPTIONS screen and press SELECT.
Warp t0 the End
Enter this password to warp to the end of the game Left, Left, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right.

Crusader: No Remorse
Cheat Mode
Enter the password LOSR at the Passcode screen.
You’ll be told the password is invalid, but cheat mode
will be enabled. To use it, enter one of the following
codes while you’re playing a game.

Press Square+R1 at any time to replenish your health

Press Circle+R1 at any time to get all the weapons and other items.

Corporate Office
With this code you can go to the office of the people who made the game. Even though it looks kinda like a regluar stage and you can’t blow to many things up, you can look at the computers for simple games and messages.

To get to this level, let the credits play through. At the end you will see a code. Enter the code at the Teleport Mission section and you will be at the office.

Hidden Pictures
To view some black and white pictures, enter the password XXXX.


Mama’s Boy
Mission 02:FWQP
Mission 03:PLRQ
Mission 04:SZNF
Mission 05:TD5S
Mission 06:J1BT
Mission 07:K2CV
Mission 08:N3DW
Mission 09:M4FX
Mission 10:X5GZ
Mission 11:C6H0
Mission 12:D7J1
Mission 13:F8K2
Mission 14:FGK3
Mission 15:JFM4
Realtime level:LRTN

Weekend Warrior
Mission 02:GWQP
Mission 03:QLRQ
Mission 04:TZNF
Mission 05:VD5S
Mission 06:K1BT
Mission 07:L2CV
Mission 08:P3DW
Mission 09:N4FX
Mission 10:Z5GZ
Mission 11:D6H0
Mission 12:F7JI
Mission 13:G8K2
Mission 14:GGL3
Mission 15:KMF4
Realtime Level:MRTN

Loose Cannon:
Mission 02:HWQP
Mission 03:RLRQ
Mission 04:VZNF
Mission 05:WD5S
Mission 06:L1BT
Mission 07:M2CV
Mission 08:Q3DW
Mission 09:P4FX
Mission 10:05GZ
Mission 11:F6H0
Mission 12:G7J1
Mission 13:H8K2
Mission 14:HGL3
Mission 15:LFM4
Realtime Level:NRTN

No Remorse
Mission 02:JWQP
Mission 03:SLRQ
Mission 04:WZNF
Mission 05:XD5S
mission 06:M1BT
Mission 07:N2CV
Mission 08:R3DW
Mission 09:Q4FX
Mission 10:15GZ
Mission 11:G6H0
Mission 12:H7J1
Mission 13:J8K2
Mission 14:JGL3
Mission 15:MFM4
Realtime Level:PRTN

Level Select
In the Player Select screen, click New Entry and enter
these 4 names: „STA“, „GE“, „SEL“, and „ECT“.
Then you can select stage at „ETC“.

Movie Test Mode
In the Player Select Screen, click New Entry and enter
these 4 names: „DEM“, „O P“ (Notice there’s a space
between O and P), „REV“, and „IEW“. Then you can
select movie test mode.

Cyball Zone
Alle Stadien und Teams
Markiert bei der Sprachauswahl „Italian“ und haltet L2 + R1 + oben +
[] für ca. Zehn Sekunden gedrückt.

Cyber Sled
Other Sleds
This code will let you drive the other sleds without
winning the game. At the Title screen, press Up, Left,
Down, Right, Up, Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Left,
Up, Circle. You’ll hear an explosion. Go to the
character select screen and you’re on your way.

Level Select and More
For access to all levels, an uncensored game, and easier
settings for Arcade and Puzzle mode, try this. On the name
entry screen, enter your name as „NEMROSIM“.

Here’s a complete set of passwords for your enjoyment.


View Credits
To view the credits, enter either of these code at the Terminal
screen. „_“ represents a space.


Cow Ship
To play as Daisy the Cow Ship, enter the password
„LLLLLLLLLLLLLL“ or press Up, Left, Down, Up,
Left, Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Square, X,
Circle at the Ship Selection screen.

Mystery Car
For a mystery car, enter the password
VVVVVVVVVVVVVV, then start the game. To drive
this car, look on the car selection screen for a vehicle
with no name.

For access to level 2 with the super car and a bonus,
enter the password „4xvhbbbcdbcdbg“.

Play All the Movies
At the main menu, highlight OPTIONS and press
Circle, Square, Triangle, Left, Right, Up, Square,

Good or Bad Endings
At the very end of the game, you will meet your father and he will tell you about your family’s history. After he is finished, you will have a choice of killing him or confronting him. For the good ending, shoot him with your pistol.
For the bad ending, walk toward him.

Dark Forces
Cheat Menu
While playing, press Left, Circle, X, Right, Circle, X, Down, Circle, X. A list
of cheat codes will appear. Here’s what they mean:
Invincible god mode
Coords shows current position
Palmode turns screen to black and white
Supermap shows the full map of the level
Maxout all weapons and ammo
Pogo lets you jump to high places you can’t normaly reach
Ponder turns thinking off
Gamewon skips level

Free Batteries
When playing Dark Forces you will see little box droids moving around on the
floor. Shoot these little droids to get batteries for your fashlight and other
objects that use batteries.
Level Select
To access any level, enter the password „X7P!45QX39“.
The Force will be on your side when you’re armed with these passwords.
Level Password
4 885BVHMCQ8
5 !32ZNJQHT3
7 3X8MJ47R3X
10 00GBNLJ4G0
14 RT2W121V7J

Darklight Conflict
Darklight Conflict

Gebt im Optionsmenü unten, unten, oben, O, links, links, L1, R1, O
ein. Im Hauptmenü erscheint nun die neue Option ‚Extra‘.

Darkstalkers 3
Play As Male Shadow
Go to the character select screen, highlight the ? box and push select 5 times.

Play as Female Shadow
Go to the character selection screen, highlight ? box, then push select 7 times.

Play as Image Talbain
Go to the character select screen, highlight Gallon, hold select and push all 3 punch or kick buttons.

Play as Oboro
Go to the character selection screen, highlight Bishamon, hold select and push any button.

Dead Head Trial
Choose Road GP or Time Attack Mode. Enter the Machine selection screen.
Highlight F D 7, press L1+L2+R1+R2+Down+Select+Triangle
Watch Movie Clips
In Option, choose Video Clip. In Video Clip screen, press
L1+L2+R1+R2+Up+Select+Triangle, Now you can watch all the clips.

Deadly Skies
Bonus Planes
Enter these codes at the Plane Selection screen.
Plane Code
F19 Up, Down, R1, Circle, Square, Left, L1
F117 Square, R1, R2, Square, Up, Square, L2
Cheat Codes
Enter these codes while playing.
Description Code
Use Laser Weapon Left, Up, Right, Triangle, Select, Left, Right, X
Increase Homing Missiles Right, Down, Left, Up, Triangle, Select, R1, R2, X
Infinite S.Skill Right, Down, Left, Up, Triangle, Select, Left, Right, X
Level Select
At the title screen, press L2, L1, Triangle, Up
Play VS Mode in 2nd Boss Stage
At the VS Mode Selection Screen, press L2, L1, Square, Down.
Play VS mode in Boss Stage
At the VS Mode Selection Screen, press L2, L1, Square, Up.

Deathrap Dungeon
Drückt im Hauptmenü L1, R1, /\, /\, [], O, R1, L1. Nun könnt ihr im
„Load Game“ Menü die Level auswählen.
Gebt im Hauptmenü oben, links, unten, unten, links, unten, L1 R1,
rechts, unten, rechts ein.

Defcon 5
Wer eine Runnde Asteroids spielen möchte, muß im
VOS-Terminal die Menüpunkte „Communication Area“ und „Local
Communications“ anwählen. Bei der anschließenden Meldung /\ drücken.

Descent 2
Gebt das Paßwort 2R*8H-9YMBL-3JGCS-NF#WR-WHKG97 ein. Spielt ein
wenig. Brecht Ihr nun ab und startet ein neues Spiel, könnt Ihr alle
Level anwählen.
Gebt folgende Cheats im laufenden Spiel ein.
Energie, Waffen, Schild:
[], /\, O, [], /\, [], X, [], O, /\, [], X
Energie, Waffen, Schild, Schlüssel, Level Select:
/\, [], O, X, /\, [], /\, X, /\, [], X, O
[], /\, X, /\, O, /\, X, /\, X, /\,, [], X
/\, X, /\, O, X, /\, [], X, /\, X, O, /\
/\, X, O, [], [], X, O, /\, [], X, O, [] Cloak:
X, /\, O, [], O, /\, [], X, /\, X, /\, O
Alle Gegenstände:
[], /\, O, X, X, /\, [], X, O, [], O, X
/\, [], O, X, [], X, O, [], /\, O, X, X
/\, X, [], O, /\, X, [], X, O, X, /\, O
/\, [], O, /\, X, [], /\, O, [], /\, X, O
Schnelle Robos:
/\, X, [], [], /\, O, [], X, O, [], /\, O
/\, X, O, /\, [], O, X, /\, X, /\, O, X
[], /\, O, [], /\, [], X, /\, X, /\, O, X
X, O, X, O, X, O, X, O, X, O, X, O

Maximum Charge Dash
Charge two or three levels then cancel with a dash. These dashes can deflect lower level attacks. For example, Dash level 3 deflects level 2 attacks.
Random Level Select
Press START on the level select screen to randomly pick a level.
Secret Characters
Finish one player mode with any character then in the Character Select press start on that character to get the hidden character.

Destruction Derby 2
Gebt als Namen mal MACSrPOO oder ToNyPaRk ein.

Attribute Trick
If you don’t have enough of one attribute to use a weapon, helmet, or armor then put a ring or amulet that will give you enough of one attribute to use it. Apply the ring or amulet then put the item on then take the ring off and the item won’t turn red and you can still use it. Note this only works if the item you want to use gives you points to the attribute you need to boost.

Easy Money
Need cash and equipment fast? Well if you have two controllers this is the cheat for you! All you need to do is start a two-player game and load two characters or load one and start a new one. Now transfer all gold and any equipment to one character. Save that character and start a new game again. When you load the character all you need to do is sell stuff and build a gold pile. Save again then repeat the process as needed.

Phantom Duplication Trick
Note: This trick will work with any item you can place in your belt (potions & scrolls) but the duplicate items are phantoms and will only exist in your inventory!
To perform this cheat, the item you wish to duplicate must be in your belt. You also need 9 items you can drop. Find a location that has an open space at least 4×4 in size and stand in the middle of it. Drop 9 items from your main inventory. This will create a square of 8 items around you with you in the middle standing on the 9th item.
Return to your inventory screen and replace one of the items in your belt with the item you want to duplicate. When you’ve done that, highlight the item in your belt that you want to duplicate, press the X button, then press the triangle button. You’ll be returned to the game screen and a duplicate of the item you highlighted on your inventory screen will drop outside the square of items. Go pick up this item and return to the middle of the square of dropped items and repeat the process until you have duplicated as many items as you want.
IMPORTANT: The item you want to duplicate MUST be in your belt, not your main inventory, for this trick to work.
The items you create using this trick will work just like the real thing and they will sell for the same price as the real thing, but if you attempt to drop the duplicate it will vanish! Also, if you attempt to save your game with a phantom object in your inventory, you’ll get an error and could possibly lose your previously saved game as well, so be forewarned.The best way to take advantage of this cheat is to use the duplicated items immediately. For example: dup an Identify scroll to identify an item and save the 100 gold piece fee; dup Strength, Magic, Dexterity, Vitality or Spectral Elixirs and immediately use them to boost your stats; dup that *Rare* and expensive scroll to make some quick cash!

Shrine and Fountain List
BLOOD FOUNTAIN: Every time you drink, your hitpoints go up

FOUNTAIN OF TEARS: -1 to one stat, +1 to some other

MURKY POOL: Casts Infravision spell

PURIFYING SPRING: Every time you drink, your mana goes up


CAULDRON: Has all the other effects at random

GOAT SHRINE: Has all the other effects at random

ABANDONED SHRINE: „The hands of Men may be guided by Faith“
Gives +2 to Dexterity. (Doesn’t put you above your max-attribute)

CREEPY SHRINE: „Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith.“
Gives +2 to Strength (Doesn’t put you above your max-attribute)

CRYPTIC SHRINE: „Power comes from your disorientation…“
Casts Nova spell in the room you’re in, doesn’t hurt you, but
hurts others in the room (and refills your mana)

DIVINE SHRINE: „Drink and be refreshed“
Restores both health and mana and either one full health and one
full mana or two rejuvenation potions appear

EERIE SHRINE: „Knowledge and wisdom comes at the cost of self“
Gives +2 to Magic (Doesn’t put you above your max-attribute)

ELDRITCH SHRINE: „Azure and Crimson become as the sun“
Potions (heal and mana) become rejuvenation

ENCHANTED SHRINE: „Magic is not always what it seems to be“
Takes one spell down 1 level and enhances others by 1 level

FASCINATING SHRINE: „Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom“
Permanent mana loss (%), gain 2 levels to Fire Bolt (even if
you don’t have it yet…)

GLIMMERING SHRINE: „Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason“
All unidentified items are identified

GLOOMY SHRINE: „Those who defend, seldom attack“
All weapons get -1 to maximum damage (i.e. before 4-8, now 4-7)
All armors go up by 1 or 2 points

HIDDEN SHRINE: „New strength flows from destruction“
Takes 10 dur from one equiped item and gives it to another.

HOLY SHRINE: „Wherever you go, there you are“
Phasing spell

IMPOSING SHRINE: „A surge of blood interrupts your thoughts“
Gives +2 to Dexterity (Doesn’t put you above your max-attribute)

MAGICAL SHRINE: „While the spirit is vigilant, the body thrives“
Casts a Mana Shield spell

MYSTERIOUS SHRINE: „Some are weakened as one grows strong“
One characteristic gets +5, the others -1

ORNATE SHRINE: „Salvation comes at the cost of wisdom.“
Permanent mana loss (%), gain 2 levels to Holy Bolt (even if
you don’t have it yet…)

QUIET SHRINE: „The essence of life flows from within“
Gives +2 to Vitality (Doesn’t put you above your max-attribute)

RELIGIOUS SHRINE: „Time cannot diminish the powers of steel“
Restores the durability of all your items to the maximum.

SACRED SHRINE: „Energy comes at the cost of wisdom“
Permanent mana loss (%), gain 2 levels to Charged Bolt (even if
you don’t have it yet…)

SECLUDED SHRINE: „The way is made clear when viewed from above“
Gives you a map of the current level

SPIRITUAL SHRINE: „Riches abound when you least expect it“
All empty slots are filled with cash, how much, depends on the
level (If you get this from a cauldron, it’s a lot more than
just those 5-10 at early levels)

SPOOKY SHRINE: „Where avarice fails patience gains a reward“
All others that are playing with you, get their hitpoints back

STONE SHRINE: „Power of Mana refocused renews“
Renews mana and recharges staffs

TAINTED SHRINE: „Those who are last, may yet be first“
Affects all characters in the game. The person who used the
shrine gets a random +1 stat, and everyone else gets a -1 on
all stats.

THAUMATURGIC SHRINE: „What once was open, is now closed.“
Closes and refills all chests.

WEIRD SHRINE: „The sword of justice is swift and sharp“
+1 to maximum damage of all your weapons (i.e. before 4-8,
now 4-9)

Die Hard Trilogy
To use these cheat codes, pause the game and hold R2 while entering the desired
Die Hard 1
Right, Up, Down, Square = God mode
Right, Square, Down, Circle = 50 grenades and 5 bullets
Right, Square, Square, Down = Fat mode
Down, Square, Triangle, Down = Villains float upwards when shot
Right, Square, Triangle, Right = Forward is backward. Backward is forward
Left, Circle, Down, Square = Coordinates
Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Right = Plant scream when shot
10 Triangle’s, 4 Right’s = Skeleton mode
Down, Circle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Down = Silly mode
Down, Square, Square, Right = 15 Bullets
Right, Up, Down, Down, Square, Right = Unlimited shotgun ammo
Enter this code repeatedly to gain unlimited ammo for all your weapons.
Die Hard 2
Right, Up, Down, Square = Map editor
Down, Square, Triangle, Down = Skeleton mode
Right, Square, Left, Circle, Triangle, Down = Lots of ammo
Left, Triangle, Right, and Down = Fat Mode
Circle, Down, Down, Square, X Square = Fergus mode (everyone looks alike)
Die Hard 3
Left, Triangle, Right, Down = Fat mode
Circle, Down, Down, Triangle, X, Square = Fergus mode
Right, Square, Left, Triangle, X, Square, Down = Car floats in air
Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left = Everything is
in flat mode
Left, Up, Left, Left, Square, Down = Slow motion
Circle, Right, Down, Square, Triangle, Left = Sky cam mode
Circle, Down, Down, Square, Right = Very slow motion
Right, Circle, Left, Left, Square, Down = Fuzzy dice in car
Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Down, Down, X, X = 999 turbos
Left, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Right = Infinite lives

Extra Weapons
There are several caches of weapons and ammo hidden throughout this game. Here’s how to find a few:
Beretta and Unlimited Clips: At the start of the first level shoot the
Helicopter and you will get the beretta and have unlimited clips.
Beretta: In the second level after clearing the room destroy the crates and you should have a Beretta as your default weapon!
M16: As soon as the people in the second wave of Die Harder start to shoot at you throw a grenade. The screen should flash „M16“. Now the M16 should be your
default weapon.
MP5: When you get to the church level, shoot the very first guy who has the red circle around him. After you kill him, the screen should say „MP5.“
Level Select, Stop the Clock and More
To turn the clock off in Die Hard 3, Level 1 use the first controller and pause the game. Then hold the R2 button and press Right, Up, Down, Square. If done correctly you will see numbers on the screen. Then on the second controller, hit
START and it will say „Hit Triangle to toggle the game clock.“
To skip a level in this mode, press LEFT or RIGHT on controller two’s d-pad, press CIRCLE to advance to the next bomb, or press SQUARE to reset the game.
Play as an Alien
To change your car into an alien ship, go to the Central Park level on Die Hard with a Vengeance. Enter this password to get there:

At the beginning of the level, pause the game and go to Quit, but don’t quit.
Hold R2 and press Right, Square, Triangle, Down, X, X, X. You’ll then see the Roswell Screen. Return to the game and notice the differences!
Ride a Baby Stroller
To ride in a baby stroller, make your way to the „rain“ level. As soon as you can drive, perform a 180 degree turn. If you did it right, a cop car will race past you. Follow the cop (or the blue arrow if you lose site of him) until you reach a parking lot. Here you will find an extra life, a time bonus, and a baby stroller you can ride!
Ride a Garbage Truck
On the first level, turn around and drive in the wrong direction. A blue arrow will appear. If you follow it you will be able to drive a garbage truck.
Ride a School Bus
In level 9 (Chin2) make it to the first car chase and follow the truck. You will soon come to a parking lot where you can chose to become a school bus.
S.W.A.T. Backup
To get help from the police (or S.W.A.T) in the first Die Hard, pause the game and then hit TRIANGLE 20 times, SQUARE 8 times, and CIRCLE 10 times. If done correctly you should see the S.W.A.T team come down on ropes and break into the windows. This doesn’t work in the parking garage since there are no Unlimited Beretta Clips
If you have a beretta, use all but 1 bullet before you exit the level. As you’re running into the elevator fire the final bullet. If you did it right you’ll have unlimited beretta ammo in the next level.
Upgrade Your Gun
Note: As far as we know, this only works in Die Hard I. Please let us know if it works in Die Hard II and III.
While playing, pause the game, hold R2 and press Right, Up, Down, Down, Square, Right to get the infinite shotgun.
Repeat this process for an infinite machine gun. You can do this code as many times as you want and each time you end up with a different gun.

All Weapons
While playing, hold Select and press L1, Square, Triangle, Square, Square,Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle.
Full Ammo While playing, hold Select and press L1, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X,
Circle, Triangle, X.
Full Health
While playing, hold Select and press L1, Triangle, X, X, Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Square.
While playing, hold Select and press L1, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle,
Triangle, X, X, Circle.

Level Passwords
Chemical Factory S,O,X,O,T,T,X,X,O,S,X,S
Rooftops X,T,S,O,S,X,T,O,T,T,T,T
Jupiter Station T,X,T,S,O,O,X,O,X,T,S,S
Triton X,O,T,O,S,T,X,X,S,O,O,T
Mars O,X,O,T,X,X,S,O,O,X,T,X
Antarctica S,O,X,T,T,O,S,T,X,T,S,T
Reactor S,X,O,O,T,X,X,S,O,T,O,O
Orbiting Habitat S,O,X,X,S,X,T,O,S,O,T,S
Dream T,T,X,X,O,O,T,T,T,S,S,O
Prison O,S,T,O,X,O,S,T,X,X,O,S
Fortress T,T,X,S,T,T,O,X,O,S,X,O

Doki Doki Pretty League
Hidden Character
In International Team Tournament, Save data, when the Save Data Loading screen shows up, press and hold L1 and R1.

Full Guns and Ammo
Pause the game and press X, Triangle, L1, Up, Down, R2, Left, Left.
Full Map
Pause the game and press Triangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Square.
Pause the game and press Down, L2, Square, R1, Right, L1, Left, Circle.
Level Warp
Pause the game and press Right, Left, R2, R1, Triangle, L1, Circle, X.
Map with Objects
Pause the game and press Triangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Circle.
Here’s a full set of passwords, complete with your stats after entering them.
Level Health Armor Weapons Password
2 – Plant 125% 200% All CR!3WDD3DB
3 – Toxin Refinery 200% 200% All 3JJCMK8W64
4 – Command Control 200% 200% All 03LTJ0Y!02
5 – Phobos Lab 200% 200% All H33!1HFTHK
6 – Central Processing 200% 200% All 04MSKZX9Z1
7 – Computer Station 125% 200% All YTTLCXXLXV
8 – Phobos Anomaly 200% 200% All 09SMBY04YW
9 – Diemos Anomaly 200% 200% All 7KKBLD7V53
10 – Containment Area 100% 200% All FM4217GSGJ
11 – Refinery 200% 200% All H!!3WDGLDB
12 – Deimos Lab 200% 200% All 07QPDW26WY
13 – Command Center 350% 150% 1234 6 WTXQ9C3W12
14 – Halls of the Damned 100% 200% 123456 RBR4G!LDLN
15 – Spawning Vats 300% 175% 123 6 WTXQ9C3W11
16 – Hell Gate 50% 75% 1234567 548C7DFWYX
17 – Hell Keep 100% 125% 1234567 JOC89DZPQS
18 – Pandemonium 100% 125% 1234567 JGB9CT0NRT
19 – House of Pain 100% 200% All 9QLTKR0!02
20 – Unholy Cathedral 100% 200% All 78M63QX921
21 – Mt. Erebus 200% 200% All S!61FHVQJG
22 – Limbo 200% 200% All 33QHFTT6WY
23 – Tower of Babel 200% 200% All VBGQPJ!Y46
24 – Hell Beneath 200% 200% All ZYKTLW7V53
25 – Perfect Hatred 200% 200% All 0DJSM4HW64
26 – Sever the Wicked 200% 200% All LS5YPTCRKH
27 – Unruly Evil 200% 200% All ZDJSMVRW64
28 – Unto the Cruel 200% 200% All 1YKTX4QV53
29 – Twilight Descends 200% 200% All XKF6R8LZ97
30 – Threshold of Pain 200% 200% All DJX07Q4HTR
31 – Entryway 200% 200% All C0W1!QNJQS
32 – Underhalls 125% 200% All VM!3V1D3DB
33 – The Gauntlet 150% 200% All W394W2DMFC
34 – The Focus 150% 200% All ZQ58ZKJRKH
35 – The Waste Tunnels 175% 200% All Z758ZKJ8KH
36 – The Crusher 200% 200% All 5C2V3DQBNL
37 – Dead Simple 200% 200% All NCKBLX7V53
38 – Tricks and Traps 200% 200% All 1Q580FCRKH
39 – The Pit 100% 200% All HTMSKZZ9Z1
40 – Refueling Base 200% 200% All WS58ZKCRKH
41 – O of Destruction! 200% 200% All CSNRG2W820
42 – The Factory 200% 200% All WT670JBQJG
43 – The Inmost Dens 200% 200% All DQLTJ1Y!02
44 – The Suburbs 100% 200% All 2N94VFFMFC
45 – Tenements 200% 200% All CQLTJ0Y!02
46 – The Courtyard 200% 200% All WR492GDSGJ
47 – The Citadel 200% 200% All PFFGXH3777
48 – Nirvana 200% 200% All JWCJV2X479
49 – The Catacombs 200% 200% All CJJTM35964
50 – Barrels of Fun 200% 200% All M!T174XZXV
51 – Bloodfalls 200% 200% All 5770MX2CDF
52 – The Abandoned Mines 200% 200% All YJLW3PPCPM
53 – Monster Condo 200% 200% All DKKBLM58J3
54 – Redemption Denied 200% 125% All 7L3!266DJK
55 – Fortress of Mystery 200% 200% All 4680Q7B5BD
56 – The Military Base 200% 200% All T3QP7W26WY
57 – The Marshes 200% 200% All RNSM5YYMYW
58 – The Mansion 200% 200% All HWKB!57V53

X-Ray Specs
Pause the game and press L1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Triangle, X, Right.

Dracula X
Explore an Inverted Castle
If you defeat the possessed Richter Belmond in Dracula’s Keep, you’ll see the ending. But what you may not realise is that this is the ‚bad end‘, and you’ve only seen half the game! To get to the real ending:
First, make sure you’ve gotten both rings from Maria. The first you recieve after defeating the Succubus in the ‚Nightmare‘ stage. The second is past the hall with all the spikes in the Cathedral (you need the SpikeBuster Armor from the Catacombs)
Equip both rings at once in the room with the big clock, and the floor will open. Down in this ‚lair‘ Maria is waiting for you once again. She’ll give you a vital piece of information.
Once all this is done, then go to Dracula’s Keep and meet Richter. He’ll attack you, but you will now be able to see a green orb floating above him. Attack the orb, but _don’t_kill_Richter_ (hint: the Sword Companion will serve you well here) After a bit of attacking, the orb will break open, revealing everyone’s favorite loathesome 18th/19th century warlock: Shaft! (daaaarn right! right on, bruthaman!)
This also breaks Shaft’s spell, freeing Richter from the spirit of Dracula. Alucard will tell Richter and Maria to escape while they can as the clouds swirl and open up, revealing a mirror-image of the Evil Castle! Shaft escapes into the Inverted Castle, and of course it’s Alucard’s duty to chase after him!
But just when you think you know the layout already, you find some crucial elements of the castle have been rearranged, it’s stocked with bigger and badder enemies, and even the music has changed!

Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout
Bonus Fighters
At the title screen, press Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up. You should hear a sound to confirm the code. Now start the game and you should have six more fighters.

Play as Goku 4
At the title screen (with Goku on the right and the instructions for entering the sound test mode) press Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up. You should hear a tone. Next, press Triangle FIVE times, then press X 9 times. If done correctly another tone will sound and the menu screen will now have a cool picture of Super Saiyajin Level 4 Goku.

While playing as Vegeta or Majin Boo, press forward, back, down, up and the fireball button (default is triangle) to perform a self-destruct. This does massive damage to your opponent if it connects and takes away about half of your Ki power.

Wire Frame
For wireframe characters, hold SELECT while choosing a fighter.

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22
Extra Fighters
After the FMV intro rolls, at the title screen, press UP, TRIANGLE, DOWN, X, LEFT, L1, RIGHT, R1. You should hear a tone and see new animation. The title screen will now read „Dragonball Z: Ultimate Battle 27“, and you’ll have five new characters to pick from.

Dragon Beat: Legend Of Pinball
Extra Pinballs
At Stage Selection Screen, press and hold L1, L2, R1 and R2, then press Start.
Now you will begin the game with 7 pinballs.

To double your gold as many times as you like, save your game on memory card in slot 1. Leave your game on, but swap the memory cards between slots 1 and 2. Save your game again. Restart your playstation and go into the TRADE mode. Trade an identical dragon between the two memory cards, but include all of the gold in slot 2 in the trade (yes, you can adjust the gold traded here).
the trade and make sure it saves. Restart your game and your gold total should have doubled. Switch the memory cards to begin the process all over and repeat as many times as desired.
Earn Money Easily
1) Have a memory card in the second slot so that you can get the wild dragons when you go to the memory forest. Make sure you have a dragon that has evolved into a senior (snr).
2) Get enough money from tournaments to buy many knives and pot lids from the shop.
3) Now with your dragon, go to the memory forest to get the wild dragons. Get the dragons with the best weapons and reflectors. (Note: you can get the same dragon as many times as you can, as long as you have enough biobanks in the game.)
4) Go to the biobank. Exchange your dragon for any of the wild dragons that you had just caught.
5) Go to your apartment. Equip the wild dragon with the knife and pot lid. In the same menu, go to the weapons and the reflectors that your wild dragons previously had (not the knife and pot lid). You can sell them off by choosing the „discard“ option.
6) Voila! You’ve earned profits from buying a 10g weapon and 30g reflector. 7) To finish, bring your wild dragon back to the memory forest and release it. Repeat steps 4 through 7 until you do not have any more wild dragons left in your biobank.
Easy Cash at Start
First get a dragon(just for the trick, not to be really used), and get a knife and pot lid(cheapest weapons). Go to the arena nd fight in A Class and surrender immediatly and you get 80 gold. Continue till you get enough gold and then start a real dragon with your hordes of gold!
Fire Dragon
For a guaranteed fire dragon, select the phrase „Armageddon is near“.
Get Evil and Spirit
To be able to raise an evil or a spirit from the cloneing facility, all you have to do is become a WDC Champion. After this they will become selectable on the species list. Alternatively, just have a spirit or an evil traded to you and you’ll be able to raise them also.
Get Powerful Weapons and Reflectors Enter and exit from Nancy’s shop continuously until she says that the junk shop’s owner is complaining that you didn’t visit him. Then, go to the junk shop and he will sell you either a weapon or a reflector.
Powerful Dragons
To get a dragon with stats higher than 120, start with the phrase „The power is eternal.“
For more special attacks use the phrase, „The Rock is Shining“.
For an even more powerful dragon use the phrase „Life is Beautiful“.

At the main menu, quickly press L2, L2, R2, R2, L2, R2, L2, L1, R2, R1, L2, L1,
L1. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound and the code will
be unlocked on the cheats screen.
Long Suspension
At the main menu, quickly press R2, L2, R1, R2, L2, L1, R2, R2, L2, L2, L1, R2,
R1. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound and the code will
be unlocked on the cheats screen.

Miniature Cars
At the main menu, quickly press R1, R2, R1, R2, L1, L2, R1, R2, L1, R1, L2, L2,
L2. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound and the code will
be unlocked on the cheats screen. Note that the game’s collision detection will
behave as if the cars were normal size.

No Police
At the main menu, quickly press L1, L2, R1, R1, R1, R1, L2, L2, R1, R1, L1, L1,
R2. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound and the code will
be unlocked on the cheats screen.

Rear Wheel Steering
At the main menu, quickly press R1, R1, R1, R2, L2, R1, R2, L2, L1, R2, R1, L2,
L1. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound and the code will
be unlocked on the cheats screen.

Upside-Down Driving
At the main menu, quickly press R2, R2, R1, L2, L1, R2, L2, L1, R2, R2, L2, R2,
L1. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound and the code will
be unlocked on the cheats screen.

View Credits
At the main menu, quickly press L1, L2, R1, R2, L1, R1, R2, L2, R1, R2, L1, L2,
R1. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound and the code will
be unlocked on the cheats screen.

Duke Nukem: Time to kill
Beat the Game
While playing hold L2 + R2 then press Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Start.
Cheat Codes
Pause the game and enter these codes at a slow but even pace. If you enter them
too fast they might not work.

* Infinite Ammo — L R L R SELECT L R L R SELECT
* All Weapons — L1 L2 U L1 L2 D R1 R R2 L
* All Inventory — R1 x 5, L2 x 5
* All Keys — U R U L D U R L R D
* Invisible — L1 R1 L1 R1 L1 R1 L1 R1 L1 R1
* Double Damage — L2 R2 L2 R2 L2 R2 L2 R2 L2 R2
* Temporary Invulnerability — R1 L2 L1 L2 R1 L1 R1 L2 L1 L2
* Super Weapons — R R L R R L R R L SELECT
* Big Head Duke – R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 UP
* Little Head Duke — R R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 DOWN
* Big Head Enemies — R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 LEFT
* Little Head Enemies — R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 RIGHT
Level Select
While playing, pause the game and press DOWN 9 times and then press Up and it should say Level Select. Now quit the game and on the main menu you will see a new option that says „Time To Kill“. Select it and press RIGHT or LEFT to choose the level you want to go to. Press X to start playing.
Rogue Trip Video
Turn on the game. When the GT Interactive logo appears, simultaneously press R1+R2+L1+L2.
Secret Areas in Level 1
These are three of the secret areas in level one.
AREA 1: go into the Bootylichus srip club. Go behind the the bar counter and press the action key while facing the cash register. If you did this right a large door will open. If you go inside there will be a pig cop. Kill him to get a COMBAT SHOTGUN. Then ope the closet and should say „OOH, skanky outfit“ and there will be a Atomic Health.
AREA 2: Go into the alley. Shoot the pig cops up the ladders. Then go up to a ladder and hollster your weapon. Hold up and press X, You will climb up the ladder. Once you get to the grab a weapon go into the room and turn left. There is a pig cop, kill him and go up to the toilet.
Holster your weapon and press X. Duke should piss in the toilet. Go to the girl while your weapon is holstered. Then press X, Duke will say „I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.“ then the girl will say „Turn off the lights and I will show you the meaning of pain.“ Then go to the light switch and press X The bed will open and the lights go out. Go were the bed was and get 5 PIPE BOMBS. Then open the closet to get a PORTABLE MEDIKIT.
AREA 3: Go to the silver car. jump on top of it, then run and jump over the fence. there is an ATOMIC HEALTH. To get back out: go back in to the hole were the health was and run towards the yellow and black striped area and jump of it. Super Invincibility Code
In Duke-Nukem Time To Kill there is an Invincibilty code. Not the on that you have that runs out but a one that does not run out at all. Here it is: L2,R1,L1,R2,UP,DOWN,UP,DOWN,SELECT,SELECT. Like I said IT IS NOT TEMPORAY,IT WILL NOT RUN OUT!

Duke Nukem: Total meltdown
Healing Springs
To slowly restore your health, shoot any water object, like a water fountain, or fire hydrant, and stand in the water. While standing in the water, hold the action button and your health will slowly be revived.
Hidden Items
In LA Meltdown, turn on the projector, then fire an RPG at the movie screen.
Enter the hole you created and you’ll find two shotgun cartridges and a jetpack.
On the stadium level, look up and you’ll see a blimp that says „Duf Beer.“ If you shoot it with your missile launcher, it will explode and lots of ammo, health packs, and other helpful items will fall onto the field.
Hollywood Holocaust Secrets
Here are 11 of the 13 secrets in Level 0 (Hollywood Haulocaust):
1. After you fall down the vent, go to the crashed car. Next jump on the box and onto the ledge. Try to go through each window. When you go through one, go against the wall in the room (not the one with the security). Try to open a door. The secret has Vitamin X.
2. Go to the Cinema sign and turn on your jetpack. Try to fly through each window. The secret has a dancing woman, Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, Pipe Bombs and SMG’s (Sub-Machine Guns).
3. In the place where you enter the Theater, turn on your jetpack and fly as HIGH as you can. There will be 2 guns shooting at you. Keep flying until you enter a room in the wall. This secret has a jetpack and 2 boxes of shot gun shells.
4. Enter the theater. There is to openings leading to the same room. In that room there is a cash register. Go up to it and push the Action Button („A“ by default). You should see an opening in the wall to the top-right of you. This secret holds Armor.
5. In that secret ther are 2 switches. While facing the armor, turn LEFT.
Activate that switch. Go back on floor and you should see a new room. This secret holds a fire extinguisher that you can blow up and an atomic health.
6. Go in the bathroom.There are 2 ledges, each above a toilet. The right ledge holds a Portable Medical Kit and the Left Ledge Holds a ventilation shaft.
7. In the ventilation shaft there is a corner. Face the corner and you should see a crack. Shoot it with the Grenade Launcher. The secret holds a HoloDuke.
8. Continue up the shaft. Break the ventilation door. You see a babe, 1 box of shotgun shells and it counts as a secret!
9. When you exit secret #7, go down the stairs. Before you open the door, try to open a door in the wall behind you. This secret holds a Large Med. Kit.
10. NOW go through the door. You should be in the room with the cash register. Turn LEFT and you should see a trash can and an elevator. Jump on the trash can, face the corner and press open. This secret holds Nightvision, Pipe Bombs and a Large Med. Kit.
11. This secret is the last one I can find. In the room where you turn on the projector,jump on top of it. A door should open containing a Grenade Launcher. How Do You Spell Relief?
When in a bathroom, walk up to a toilet and press TRIANGLE. Duke will go to the bathroom and his power will go up 10 points.
Level One Secrets
1. Go up to the room where you turn on the projector. Open the curtains and jump on top of the projector. A room will open and there is a bad guy and a Rpg. Take the rpg and shoot it at the crack, right under the girl’s stomach. A hole will open and u can go inside.
2. Also in the projector room press the button t open doors on the wall next to the fire extinguisher. It will open and you can look around and see what’s inside.
3. Go back downstairs where there is a cash register behind a bar. Click on the cash register and you SHOULD see a door open off to your right. There are two ways to get it, either use your jetpack to fly up or search around for a
little narrow elevator to take you up.
4. Go back outside to the innocent? sign and jump on the box. If you jump staright, you should land on a ledge. Keep trying to jump through the windows and on the third or fourth one you can go inside a room.
5. Also in the room there is a poster that says attack of the bleached blond biker bibmbos. open it and there’s another secret.
6. Outside by the cinema sign turn on your jetpack and fly up to the glowing red sign. There is a row of black windows. try going through each one until u fall into a room.
7. This doesn’t count as a secret but when you walk to the area where you beat the level, turn on your jetpack and fly up as high as you can. There will be two guns shooting at you. One gun is in a small room and in the room is a jetpack and bullets.
Multiple Pipebombs
To throw multiple pipebombs, throw a pipebomb, then hit CIRCLE and throw
another. Lather, rinse and repeat for up to 9 pipebombs at once.
Secret LevelsHere you are, access to Every Secret level that we know about.
Episode 1
To get to the Launch Facility you must go to the last lighted area before the exit in the Toxic Dump level, you will see a cracked wall that hides the secret level exit.
Episode 2
In Occupied Territory when you are half way accross the bridge to the exit, turn and look back at the control booth. There is a switch high up on the column to the right of the booth. Shoot the switch to open the secret area left of the bridge when you face the control booth.
Secret Level 2
In the Dark Side,well on the other side of the obelisk, there is a cracked wall. Inside is a passage to the Lunatic Fringe secret level.
Episode 3
In the Movie Set next to the yellow key card and a sattelite there is a USA sign. Push the sign to access the secret level Tier Drops.
Secret Level 2
In Hotel Hell there is a waterfall that hides a teleporter. Get in the
telaporter and blow away the flaming pots to get to Freeway.
Turbo Kick Mode
To get Turbo Kick mode hold L1, L2, R1, R2, hold all these buttons while
clicking Square. And you can do this while having a gun in you hand.

Dynasty Warriors
Beat the game with Xiahou Dun, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Lu Xun, Taishi, and Diao Chan.
To select him move right off the end of the charecter selection screen.
Play as Nobunaga
To play as Nobunaga first you must get three secret character (Zuge Liang,Lu Bu,
Cao Cao). Then at title screen Press Up, Triangle, Down, X.
Play as Sun Shang Xiang
To play as Sun, go to the Title Screen. Highlight „1P battle“ and the press:
left, left, up, down, triangle, sqaure, L1 and R1. Then go to the character
select screen to select the new character.
Play as Toukichi
To get Toukichi, you must first earn the boss Cao Cao. Next, press Down, Down,
Right, Up, Circle, Triangle, R1, and R2 at the title screen. A chime will
confirm correct code entry.
Play as Zhuge Liang
First, beat the game with Zhou Yun, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. Then on your
character select screen press LEFT until you find him.

Dynasty Warriors
Mit Sun Shang Xiang spielen:
Gebt im Titelbildschirm links, links, oben, unten, /\, [], L1 + R1 ein.

Edge Of Skyhigh
Level Select
Pause the game, press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, then press Triangle, Square, Right, Down, Left, Up.

Infinite Mode
At the „Press Start“ screen, press L1+Start for infinite mode.

Racetrack Mode
At the „Press Start“ screen, press R1+Start for racetrack mode.

Secret Characters
To get the secret characters, do the following:
* Django: finish the game as Jo.
* Koji: finish the game as Lee.
* Clair: finish the game as Yoko.
* Vincent: finish the game as Sepiroth.
* Zax: finish the game as Vincent.

Bonus Ships
If you beat the game on easy without continuing OR earn 15 skill bonuses, you’ll get a new ship to select. It looks like one of the flying cars in the first area. If you beat the game on hard without continuing, you’ll get a ship that has 9,999 for the gunpods it finds or has equipped.
Gallery Mode
To unlock Gallery Mode, beat the game at any difficulty.
Hidden Weapons
Has the rate of fire of a Vulcan, and the power of approximately a normal
gunshot, per bullet. Stage 1 – Gain all three skill bonuses (destroy all gun carriers until neon signs, then destroy red carrier after signs; destroy all neon signs; destroy only bottom saucer section of mid-boss.) When you reach the boss, do not attack him as normal. Instead, wait for him to move toward you (with the side-scrolling
view.) One of his attacks is a gun pod from his back. Once in every 10 or so time, this weapon is the Juno.
Stage 4 – A large boat will pop out of the water. Destroy the body only. The tower will fly off. Dodge and kill this tower before it leaves the screen. It will drop the Juno and give you a skill bonus.
Similar to the Cannon, can kill any non-boss enemy in fewer than 3 shots.
Stage 3 – After spider mid-boss, destroy the large pylon at the top of the screen, and then destroy every item that falls from it. Use a Juno or Vulcan for greater success. This will award a skill bonus and the Flash.
Stage 5 – Take apart the mid-boss piece by piece before killing him. This earns
the Flash and a skill bonus.
Similar to the Wasp, fires missles which are guided by the control pad. A little stronger than the Wasp’s missles.
Stage 4 – At the small maze-like section, move as quickly as possible down the tunnels, and pick up the Spreader on the way. Switch the Spreader to your top slot. A couple of floors straight down will be an enemy and a set of barrels directly behind you. Destroy the barrels to obtain the Mosquito.
Powerful mines, similar to Hedgehog. Very hard to use.
Stage 5 – Destroy large vehicle in the background of the first part of the stage. Must use Wasp.

Electric IRA: IRA Rod Returns
Extra Stocks
At the Mode Selection Screen, highlight 1 Play. Press Right, Right, Right, Right, Down, Down, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left. Then go back to 1 Play and start the game. You will get 5 extra stocks.

Elemental Gearbolt
Open the Libraries Option
To unlock the library, beat the game on normal then go to the OPTIONS menu.

ESPN Extreme Games
Bonus First Race Money
Enter code 229, 013, 066, 016, 000, 000, 000, 000, 031. Then complete race using Paul Dillon. After finishing the race you will be rewarded with $1,110.
Final Race of the Season
Enter the code 254, 071, 216, 094, 085, 177, 113, 104 to warp to the final race
in San Francisco.
Money Round
If you pass through all the gates on a course, you are rewarded with a bonus round consisting of $5 and $10 gates.
Playing Tip
If you want to make a lot of money to buy the best equipment, play in exhibition mode. Then go to the equipment room and turn off all of the computer players.
When the race begins you’ll be alone and will come in first every time. After two or three races you’ll have enough cash to buy the best equipment.
Ride Backwards
If you miss a gate, just come to a complete stop and hold the TRIANGLE button to ride backwards.
Start the Game With Money
To start the game with money, enter the code 243, 255, 063, 000, 000, 000, 176, 113, 012.

ESPN X-Games Pro Boarder
Load Screen Trick
At the „loading“ screen, you can stop the spinning X by tapping UP repeatedly. You must play with the timing to get it right.


Evil Zone
Beat a chracter in story mode to know their Background story by going into the extra option in Option menu. (e.g if you beat Danzaiver in stroy mode, you will know his biography) This will also enable the gallery mode to enjoy some nice rough sketch of the artists.

Congratulations Mode
Beat all modes with all characters, then go to the OPTIONS menu, choose „Extra“ and select „Congratulations“. You will see a special scene of all characters making speeches about their success.

Extra Costumes
To get the extra costumes for any character, beat the game with that character. For instence if you beat the game with Danzaiver you get his extra costume in the vs mode or the 1 player battle mode.

Play as Boss and Hidden Stage
To play as boss and access the hidden stage, beat the game with 3 different characters in story mode.

Play as Ihadurca
To be play as Ihadurca, beat Story Mode with any two characters, then beat it again with Setsuna. Ihadurca will appear on the character selection screen.

Voice Collection
To open the Voice Collection beat Story mode with any characters on the hardest difficulty level. Once you beat it with that character you will be able to hear all of that characters voices. Beat it with all the characters to hear the other characters voices.

Winning Postures and Poses
Each character you beat in story mode will earn you 7 new postures.

Excalibur 2555 AD
Full Health
To heal yourself, pause the game and press Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square.
Full Sword Power
To power-up your sword, pause the game and press Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Square.
Level Skip
Pause the game, and press Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.

Level Password
1 Circle, Square, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle
2 Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle
3 Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X
4 X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
5 Square, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle
6 Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square
7 Square, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle
8 Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square
9 Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle
10 Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X
11 X, Square, Square, X, Triangle, Square
12 Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle
13 Square, Triangle, Circle, X, X, X

Special Moves
To perform a spinning slice, press X, Triangle, Circle, Square.
For a roundhouse swing, press X, Square, Circle, Triangle.

Fade To Black
Cheat Codes
To enable these codes, enter the password Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle. You will receive an „Invalid Code“ message. Ignore it and exit the screen. Then go back into the Password screen and enter one of the following codes.
Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X.
Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle.
Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X.

Level Password
1 Square, Circle, Triangle, X,
Circle, Square
2 Triangle, Circle, X, Circle,
Square, X
3 X, Circle, X, Circle,
Triangle, X
4 X, Square, Triangle, Circle,
Circle, Triangle
5 Square, Square, Triangle,
X, X, Triangle
6 Triangle, X, X, X, X, Circle
7 Circle, Circle, Triangle,
X, Triangle, X
8 Square, Square, X, Triangle,
Square, Square
9 Triangle, X, X, Triangle,
Circle, Triangle
10 X, Triangle, Square,
Circle, Triangle, X
11 Circle, Square, X, X,
Square, X
12 Square, Triangle, X,
Square, Circle, X
13 X, X, Circle, Triangle,
Circle, Triangle

Fantastic Four
Geht mit dem Cursor auf ‚Training Mode‘ und drückt L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 gleichzeitig. Nun sind neue Trainings Optionen anwählbar.

Felony 11-79
Alle Fahrzeuge
Wechselt mit dem zweiten Joypad in den Modus-Auswahlbildschirm und
haltet /\ gedrückt. Drückt nun schnell (!) R1 + L2 + R2 und laßt
nach einigen Augenblicken wieder los (/\ gedrückt halten). Nun
haltet R2 + L2 + R1 gedrückt.

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes while the game is paused. After you’ve entered the desired
code, exit the Options menu and highlight „Resume Game“. Press Square and it will appear. You’ll need to start a new game to enable the options you’ve selected.
INVISIBLE WALLS: X, X, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle
CURVE BALL: Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, X, X
CRAZY BALL: X, Square, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, Square, X
SUPER POWER: Triangle, Square, Triangle(8X)
SUPER GOALIE: Square(5X), Triangle(5X)
SUPER OFFENSE: Square(5X), Triangle, X
SUPER DEFENSE: Triangle(5X), X, Triangle
SHOOTOUT: Square, Triangle, Square, X, Square, Triangle
STUPID TEAM: Square, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, X
DREAM TEAM: Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square, Square

More Codes
Enter these codes in the options menu for your game. After entering them, exit the game and return to the options menu. If you have a memory card in when you go to the main options menu, you will not have to enter the codes again; it will save them for you.
Formal – STXSTTXT – tuxedoes as uniforms
Federation – STXSTTXX – Data and Spock
Dynamic Duo – STXSTTTS – Batman and Robin
Default Color Pallete – STXSTTTX – ?
Invisible – STXSTTXS – just hair, shorts,
shoes, numbers
STXSTTSS – EA CUSTOM TEAMS (The Rod Benders are the best)
Oktoberfest – STXSTTTT

Mess Around with your Player’s Shadow
While in instant-replay screen hold R1 or L1 and your players shadow will start to move around.
Play as the Same Character
While playing press start and go to Team management option and go to
substitution menu. Pick the character you want to double or triple. After you pick him, put him at the Bench. Press ok button. Then unpause the game and wait for the substitution.
After the substitution is complete, go to the substitution menu again, replace ONE character with your chosen character press cancel, then go to the substitution again. This time you’ll see that your chosen character still remains on the bench. Choose another character and replace with your chosen character. You can do this over and over. After you finish changing character, unpause the game, and see the substitution!

Perfekte Spieler
Wenn ihr im Player-Edit-Menü L1, L2, X, [], X drückt, werden alle
Spielerwerte auf 99 erhöht.
Wählt ein Team im „Team Edit“ an und drückt L1, L2, X, [], X.
Wiederholt dies mehrmals und ihr könnt den Geldwert selbst

Never Lose
When playing the game, and the other team is ahead, pause the game and go to controller select, and select the other team. Then continue the game only when you get the ball score in your (the other teams goal the one you want to lose.) net. Then when your real team has enough goals to win, switch back to your team. But make sure you switch back to your team before the time runs out (you will lose.).

Unlimited Bankroll
When you go to TEAM EDIT mode,press
L1,L2,R2,R1,Circle,X,Square,Triangle,Start,and Select.

FIFA: Road to World Cup 98
Editable Bankroll
At the Team Edit screen, press Square, X, Square, L2 and L1.
Play as the Goalie in Training Mode
First, select training mode. Then choose any team. Then first you must be only 1 player. Choose attack and on the training menu, choose training match. on the attack choose how many players you want, and on the defense choose 0. Then when the training match begins the 2nd player must be on the defense. Then he can be the goalie.
Note: Turn on the goalies on the training menu
Toepunt At the team select screen, quickly press R1, L1, Down, Up, Left. The team you choose will have an extremely hard kick.
Unlimited Player Attributes At the Player Edit screen, press L1, L2, X, Square, X.

Fighting Evolution
Bonus Characters
To play as Gomora, beat Arcade Mode
To play as Alien Magma, beat Arcade Mode twice.
To play as Ace Killer, beat Arcade Mode three times.
To play as Zetton, beat Arcade Mode four times.

Fighting Force
Haltet im Hauptmenü R2 + L1 + links + [] solange gedrückt, bis die
Meldung „Cheat Mode“ erscheint. Nun könnt ihr im Optionsmenü
verschiedene Einstellungen vornehmen.

Final Doom
Full Guns and Ammo
Pause the game and press X, Triangle, L1, Up, Down, R2, Left, Left.

Full Map
Pause the game and press Triangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Square.

Pause the game and press Down, L2, Square, R1, Right, L1, Left, Circle.

Level Warp
Pause the game and press Right, Left, R2, R1, Triangle, L1, Circle, X.

Map with Objects
Pause the game and press Triangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Circle.



X-Ray Specs
Pause the game and press L1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Triangle, X, Right.

Final Fantasy
Höhere Geschwindigkeit in Chocobo-Rennen:
um extra Ausdauer zu bekommen drückt Ihr während des Rennens L1, L2,
R1, R2.

Firo and Klawd
Mit CB0BUNAABAASY65X seit ihr den Constuctor-Level los.

Fishermans Bait
Catch a Lunker Every Time
At the lure selection screen, push Triangle + Circle + Square + X + R1 + R2 at the same time. If you do it correctly, you will catch a 10 pound fish or larger every cast.

Fist of the north Star
Level Password

Formel 1: 97
NEAN ALESI: Meisterschaft
OEAN ALESI: Meisterschaft
QUEAN ALESI: Meisterschaft
PEAN ALESI: Meisterschaft
BILLY BONUS: Bonusstrecke
TOO EASY: leichtes Spiel
CAT DOGS: Froschregen
SWAP SHOP: Soundeffekte
BOX CHATTER: verückter Reporter
PI MAN: Wipeout Mode
LITTLE WHEELZ: andere Reifen

Formel 1: 98
To access the very cool Stunt Track (or Grand Prix of Anaheim) you must edit your driver’s name to make it say „Cheesy Poofs“. Then when selecting your track, you should find the new one right after Suzuka.

Formula 1: Championship Edition
To use these codes, enter your name as one of the words below.

* VIRTUALLY VIRTUAL — VR style graphics
* SWAP SHOP — Background music and new sound effects
* LITTLE WHEELZ — Over-inflated tires
* PI MAN — Wipeout mode
* ZOOM LENSE — Helicopter viewpoint
* BOX CHATTER — Murray and Martin sprite commentators
* BILLY BONUS — Four extra tracks
* CATS DOGS — Rain frogs instead of water
* OEAN ALESI — Round 16 in Championship
* TOO EASY — Grants first place on all tracks in arcade mode allowing access to extra track.

Frankreich 98
Versteckte Sounds
Drückt nach einem Tor /\, [], O oder X.

Pausiert das Spiel und gebt rechts, [], /\, [], /\, R1, L1, R1, L1 O
ein. Nun habt ihr unendlich viele Leben. Wenn ihr links, [], /\, [],
/\, X eingebt,könnt ihr alle Level anwählen.

Future Cop: LAPD
100 Extra Torrits in Multi-player Mode
Get on land and change to regular mode then press Circle, X, X, Circle, Circle, X. Now hold Square for 7 seconds. It dosn’t matter what weapons you have chosen to do this code.
After you’ve pressed those buttons change to tank mode then return to your base (still using tank mode) and buy three helicopters. Now you must get killed once. Now you should have 100 new torrit guns scatterd around your base.
Easter Egg Weapons
Enter these codes on the password screen.

* DYPYFASRHR — All missions completed, all easter egg weapons.
* SYMRGOBRRL — No missions completed, all easter egg weapons.
* DYSIFASRHY — All missions completed and locked, all easter egg weapons.

Level Password

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