Union Station :: Dante’s Apartment
Talk to Dante, then take the spare key from the computer table.

Georgetown :: Captain Jersey’s Kitchen
Take the Scrub List on the table and talk to Jersey. Go through all
the questions and listen to all the informations.

Foggy Bottom :: Entrance To Interface
talk to Karl (the man behind the door) and note the writtings on the
sign. By combining the 1st letter of each word, you’ll have to password. When being asked for the password, enter SESAME. Then go through the manhole to enter Interface.
Now you are inside Interface, to your far right is the exit and the
door to the left lead to Mr. Beautiful’s Office. For now, talk to the people here. You can skip the bartender since he got no informations you can use.
Talk to Scub Stevens (the one who sits in the bar) and recruit him into your party. Then talk to Mindrunner (the one next to Stevens). After that, talk to Sophia Bene (the girl sitting at the far side) and recruit her. Now, talk to Kween Chaos (the one sitting on the staircase) and note what he said.
Enter Mr. Beautiful’s Office and talk to Abonides (the little status).
When being ask the password, enter CONDEMNATION. At this point, you’ll go through a lengthy movie section, feel free to fast forward it. When Mr. Beautiful offers you a job, accept it.
When you arrive at Hell, take everything that’s in your sight. You
can skip talking to the POW for they process no informations. Go to the next room and talk to the demon Sanguinarius.

The Mall :: Voice Of God Radio
Talk to Nick Cannon. He won’t tell you much now, but knowing he’s an audio expert will help you solve one of the puzzles later.

Judiciary Square :: Phreakbeats Hangout
You’ll notice you can take the fire extinguisher but since it serve
no purpose in the entire game, I suggest you leave it alone. Talk to the two people there.

Union Station :: Oscar Drexler’s Apartment
Talk to Oscar Drexler.

McPherson Square :: Gang Alley
This is the Gang Alley. To your left is the Clean Club House and to
your right is Deadly 7 Club House. Upon arrival, you’ll hold a conversation with Chistopher Modesta automatically. Talk to the other people here and note any information you can find.
Go inside Clean Club House and talk to Gracie Lovell.

Gallery Place/Chinatown :: Pap Pap John’s Comix Shop
Talk to Anna Mae and learn about her problem, then activate the
computer. You’ll need a pasword to shut down Locust, pay attention to the 2nd last alphabet of each word. Press enter to clear the screen and enter the password IMPERATOR. Tell Anna you solved her little problem and she’ll give you the comic.

McPherson Square :: Gang Alley
Go inside the Clean Club House. On the lower right of your screen you will see an exit, go there to enter the Clean Meeting Room. Talk to Temprance Lector (the one on the right) and Phrachie (on the left). When Phrachie ask you whether she should run a RAP or not, answer YES. Go back to the Club House and deliver the news to Gracie. After that, proceed to the Deadly Club House. Talk to Electric Sex — she who lies on the couch, twice then go into the Deadly Meeting Room. Talk to Barbara Bacchus and
Languo. Feel free to go thro the door in front of you, that’s Dolph Van Ittey’s room — althrough you won’t have anything to do here at the moment.

McPherson Square :: Cybershop
Pick up the copper tubings on the floor and talk to Dr. Clean. Accept
her picklock implant offer.

Gallery Place/Chinatown :: Aldous Xenon’s Loft
Talk to Aldous Xenon and get the homing device.

The Pentagon :: Pentagon Garage Office
Have Sophia Bene forge you a level-4 pass (select Forger Skill in
Sophia’s inventory and right click it on the pass template). Talk to the guard by the door and offer him your security pass.
Go inside the garage and take the mechanic’s creeper. Examine the
lunch box lying next to the car and note the name.
Go back into the office and talk to the Dispatcher. During
conversation, tell him to page JO BOYLE for you. Now, go back in the garage and plant the homing device in car.

Gallery Place/Chinatown :: Aldous Xenon’s Loft
Talk to Aldous Xenon.

Dupont Circle :: British Embassy
You’ll see two doorways here, to your right is the control center and
the left one leads to Senator Burr’s Office. Talk to Derek Literati, who is reading a report by the door. Talk to Senator Burr.

The Pentagon :: Pentagon Reception Area
Talk to the receptionist and have she direct you to GEN. MANGINI’S
PENTAGON OFFICE. Use the lockpick implant to unlock the large metal door and stand onto the automatic walkway, then enter the entrance — note that you access different parts of Pentagon in the same manner. Talk to Sanguinarius and accept the trip to Hell. After you arrive in Hell, use the hell blade on Krystal Getty (the hostage).

Federal Triangle :: Trangressions Entrance
Unlock door with lockpick implant and enter Jean Saint Mouchoir’s
office. Take the pencil next to the computer and use it on the notepad.
Activate computer by entering access code GOD’S JUSTICE. Informations inside this computer is locked by password. At this point, you still can’t access a few of those areas. At an later stage, you’ll come back here and learn about them. For the time being, the areas you can access are:-

Demons – Unholy Trinity
Pazuzu and Asmodeus
Mr. Beautiful
Dean Sterling
Citizens Freedom Front – Senator Erin Burr (code: FOGGY BOTTOM) CFF
CFF History
Government Operations – Night Of The Titans (code: HELL PIT)
– Randal Singh
Townson Elders
Brett Carew
Eddy Commerce
Artificial Reality Containment
Gideon Eshanti & Rachel Braque
Fringe Operations – Gneo-Gnostics
(code: DEAN STERLING) Psionic League
Eschatology Incorporated Meats
Solene Solux
Acti-Deck – Acti-Deck
Parallex Code

Capitol South :: Gnostic’s Office
Talk to Professor Coronary and go to the next room to talk to
Wickersham Dodge and Daniel.

Georgetown :: Psionic League Headquarters
Go inside the door in front of you and talk to Suzy Toast.

Watergate :: Eschatology, Inc. Offices
Talk to Hercule Rue Des Couers and Christy Abraxis.

Arlington :: Recurrection Unlimited
Talk to the technician there and go through the door. Here you’ll face
a stupid arcade sequence. By use the mechanic’s creeper, your objective is to reach the other end of the corridor by avoiding those security beams. It’s not a easy job, so make sure you save your game before you try. Also, be prepare to spend a lot of time on this one.
If you manage to get through, examine those recurrection untis. You’ll find a body with a latin phase on his chest.

Federal Center SW :: New Corporeal Biologics
There are lot’s of stuffs here, but you’ll only need the electro
magnet, the large beaker and the small beaker. After you got theses items, use the Rig Skill on the copper tubings and you’ll got your own still. Talk to Brewer for informations.

Capitol South :: Menial’s World Headquarters
Take a bottle of beer from the refrigator and use the dream powder in Stevens‘ inventory on it.
Talk to Mick for information, then return the beer to the refrigator.
Wait a few seconds and Mick will fall asleep. Take the collector unit.

McPherson Square :: Gang Alley
Go to Deadly 7 Meeting Room and give the still to Languo. Ask him for informations you need. Go back to the Deadly 7 Club House and talk to Electric Sex, then give her the key to Dante’s apartment. Note the word she tells you. Go into Dolph Van Ittey’s room and activate his computer. The access code is BLOODNET. Read through all his personal files. Go back to the alley and tell Christopher about Dolph’s idenity, then talk to Chastity Bene.

Georgetown :: Psionic League Headquarter
Deliver the collector unit to Suzy Toast and she’ll moderify it for

Foggy Bottom :: Asylum Waiting Area
Talk to the two people here and note any informations you can find,
then go to the next room. Talk to the two groups if you like, your mission is to use the collector unit to fry them.

L’Enfant Plaza :: Fitzgerald’s Speakeasy
Take a bottle of beer from the bar, then talk to Milwaukee Jack — he
is sitting by his own in the corner. Then talk to Splits Magnola who is
sitting by the bar. When asked to create a diversion, throw the bottle of beer to the TV above the bar.
Talk to Splits again to recruit him, dismiss Scub Stevens.

Georgetown :: Psionic League Headquarters
Talk to Suzy Toast.

Farragut North :: Dean Sterling’s Office
Talk to Dean Sterling.

Union Station :: Asmodeus‘ Porn Studio
Talk to Grinda Dove (the girl sitting on the desk), Rutterkind (the
small demon at Dove’s feet) and Asmodeus. After you arrive at the setting, talk to Asmodeus again.
After you are back to reality, talk to Dean Sterling and take the
Psychopomp unit on the floor.

Union Station :: Dante’s Apartment
Talk to Dante. Use psychopomp unit on yourself and enter address:
GARAGE. Talk to Deepthroat.

L’Enfant Plaza :: The Collector’s Room
Use electro magnet on the parchment located at the corner of the room.

Capitol South :: Gnostic’s Office
Talk to Professor Coronary, then go to the next room and talk to
Daniel. Take that piece of note on the computer and examine it. The
information on that note is critical. Go back and talk to Coronary again, note the word Gesticulate.

Dupont Circle :: British Embassy
Go to the control room and talk to Senator Burr and her assistance
Katerina Goertz. Use the psychopomp on yourself and enter address CHARON. Talk to the ferryman when you arrive.

* Beautiful’s Hostage Hellpit
Take the steel cover and the beer mug on table. Use the mug
on the acid pool.

* The Hell Zoo
Take the staff, jar of food, floating beast, bucket of Styx
water and zoo key. Talk to both characters. Use the jar of
food on Machalus follow by using the key on the animal cage
(NOT the one holding those floating beast).

* The Wall Of Flame Hellpit
Talk to Prudence Alala, then put the steel cover onto the vent
shaft — the hole with steam blowing up. Stand onto the cover
and wait.

* The Hell Ice Field
Use the floating beast on yourself to go near the ice block.
Use the bucket of Styx water on the ice block.

* The Hell Music Room
Talk to Alice Trenton to learn clue on this one. By right
clicking on a white square, you can learn what note will it
emit. To free Alice, you’ll need to find all silent letters in
the verse:

Murder the dumb, Torture the meek with the scent of death
and the gnashing of teeth

The answer is: B E C A G. Left click on the correspond white

* The Hell Dentist Office
Talk to the demon and note what he’s doing. Use nerve gas
cartridge on the NO2 tank. Take the NO2 cartridge and dentist

* The Ratroom
Talk to Dingo Tucker and use the NO2 cartridge on the tubes.

Foggy Bottom :: Entrance To Interface
Go to Mr. Beautiful’s office and talk to the gangster there. Talk to
Mr. Beautiful if you want, but DON’T take his head with you. Take the cue stick instead.
Puzzle: First, you need to translate those numbers into letters.
Since R=23 ==> A=6, U=26, V=1. Now, look for a song’s name or
singer’s name that correspond to the encrypted word. Then key
in the code of that song.

Answer: E3 D9 E8

The Mall :: Voice Of God
Give Mr. Beautiful’s DAT to Nick Cannon, he’ll play it out for you.
Note what it said.

Union Station :: Dante’s Apartment
Talk to Dante. Use Psychopomp on yourself and enter address GARAGE. Talk to Deepthroat.

Federal Triangle :: Bureau Of Records
Talk to Mr. Calcutta and Ms. Stinson. Pay attention to what Ms.
Stinson said for it is clue to an computer access code.

Federal Triangle :: Trangressions Entrance
Unlock the door with lockpick implant and enter the office. Activate
computer. Look up the topic Government Operations / Massimo Eddy. When ask to enter access code, use TRIANGLE.
Use Bene’s forger Skill on the credentials template.

Federal Triangle :: Bureau Of Records
Talk to Mr. Calcutta.

Arlington :: Lee Mansion Guard Room
Use Splits‘ psionic skill on the guards, then enter the next room. Use
the cue stick onto the lamp beside the phanter. Go through the doorway and talk to Massimo Eddy. Examine the notes he give you.

Dupont Circle :: British Embassy
Talk to Katerina Goertz, she should tell you more about the hostages. If she doesn’t, just wonder around town for a while and check back to her. Use the psuchopomp on yourself and enter address CHARON.

* The Belly Of The Beast
Talk to Thelma Bay Chesapeake. Take the stone and femur bone,
then apply stone to bone.

* The Abyss
Talk to Jeremy Verdi and Gack. Then use mug of acid on hell
blade. Give mug of acid to Gack and take the backet of tar.

Federal Triangle :: Trangressions Entrance
Unlock door with picklock implant and enter office. Activate computer and look up topic Government Operations / Night Of Re-Entombment. Access code are JEREMY VERDI and GESTICULATE. Don’t forget to read the memo.

Union Station :: Dante’s Apartment
Talk to Dante and use psychopomp on yourself, enter address GARAGE. Talk to Deepthroat.

The Pentagon :: Pentagon Reception Area
Talk to the receptionist and have her direct you to Thomas Meaculp’s Office. Once inside, active the computer. To gain access, answers are:

Shudder is to fear as Crying is to Sorrow
Fan is to air conditioner as Keyboard is to Decking Unit
Suicide is to death as Embezzlement is to Wealth
Charon is to perdition as Freeways is to Los Angeles

Once you learn the whereabout of Thomas, go back to the reception
area and have her direct you to Pentagon Jail. Once inside, use the EMP grenade on the guard follow by using mini bombs on the cell.

Dupont Circle :: British Embassy
Talk to Senator Burr and Jeremy Verdi. Give the note Massimo gave you (the one with mathematical symbols) to Jeremy, then talk to him. Talk to Katerina Goertz, she’ll tell you the locations of the remaining hostage. If she doesn’t, just wonder around town for a while and check back to her.

* The Hell Steel Mill
Talk to Brett Carew and use the staff on the gears.

* Hell’s Desert
Talk to Walker Dash and Atroxias, then use the dentist’s
drill on water jar.

* The Hell Schoolroom
Talk to Randal Singh and Mr. Maledictum.
Puzzle: To solve this, you’ll first need to establish a base
letter. Any +ve number means counting towards Z, -ve
numbers means counting the other way.

For example, in question 1 the codes are:
1 +1 +15 +9 +11 +5 +10 +1 +15 +5 +11 +19 -3

By choosing „D“ as you base which correspond to „1“,
the codes translate into:

Des Moines Iowa

The other answers are:
Little Rock Arkansas
Helena Montana

* Mephisto’s Throne Room
Talk to Mephisto and fight him. Take his hand after you
defeated him.

* Beelzebub’s Throne Room
Use the bucket of tar on the floor then fight him. Take his
wing after you defeated him.

* Belial’s Throne Room
Use explosive charge on the floor (near the glowing section),
fight him and take his medal after you defeated him.

* Cerberus’s Lair
Go through the doorway in front of you. When you arrive, wait
for the demon to leave and take the brush on the floor. Use it
on Satan’s Gate to paint the words GOD IS DEAD. Enter and kill

Go back to reality and talk to Katerina Goertz and Senator Burr to
learn about their progress. Use psychopomp on Rachel and enter the address

The Pentagon :: Pentagon Reception Area
You’ll arrive here automatically after you completed the above
section. Have the receptionist direct you to The Pneumatic Delivery Room.
After you arrive, take one of the pneumation tubes on the floor and put a gas bomb inside. Talk to Jate then give your bomb-tube to her. Enter address MIRACULUM SEPULCRUM. Exit back to reception area and have the receptionist direct you to Pentagon Chapel.
When you arrive, take the taper on the floor and light candles #6, 3,
1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 10, 8, 9 (counting from the left). After you defeated Solene Solux, enter the hole where Solux appears. Use the Hell bug disk on Hell computer.

***** THE END *****

(online seit 1998)